d3jn (EUNE)
: Can't login into the game
Appears to be working, now, i entered game and im in queue again.
d3jn (EUNE)
: Can't login into the game
Same issue. Stuck in Authenticating for quite a few minutes now.
: "Something is preventing you from patching"
Damitrix (EUW)
: Already did this a long time ago, because of the same issues ^^
Don't really know what else then. Maybe reducing interface size will reduce the chance of this happening?
Damitrix (EUW)
: Lux Ult in Opposite Direction
You can disable interface clicks in settings. I disabled it because I sometimes missclicked an ability while inputting movement directions with my mouse. It might help with the problem.
: strongest 1 v 1 champion?
Back when 1v1's were a thing, and people would challenge you to 1v1's after every game, my go to pick with 100% winrate was the old Urgot. His Q + E could poke anyone out of lane, and his passive that reduces the enemies overall damage was crazy. Nowdays, if you want to win 1v1, try getting talon, jax, quinn if the enemy is melee, and so forth. Crazy strong duelist with scaling for after laning phase is Kled. Midlane guaranteed lane win is usually xerath, because with him you essentially push and poke only, and even if the enemy could kill you, they can't get close, and they get pushed under tower, so essentially you get more farm, thus win lane. For toplane, another great pick is Akali. Unless enemy has rumble or something that relies on AOE spells for damage, and has a lot of damage early, akali wins every time simply because she cant lose. She has sustain and great damage with Q + auto, and even if she is pressured, her W is a great tool for essentially everything. Some people might say pantheon, but panth is a situational pick. If the enemy has good disengage, or cc, you will get out-traded and kited every time: Ryze, his W has longer range than pantheon W, and ryze can do full combo before W ends, then he just walks away. Quinn, her E if timed right cancels panth W, and kicks him away while slowing him. Even if Quinn uses E too late, she still gets out of range of panth's E and Q. Renekton, even though panth is his 'counter', a good renek player will know that panth Q damage can be sustained with dorans shield and Q on minion waves. Panth passive blocks stun from renek's W, but reneks W cancels auto animation, so you can auto, then immediately W to stun panth. At level 6 renek just destroys panth, even if panth got a kill early. Poppy, her W makes panth cry, her shield is given even if panth has passive up, and her low-health tank stats counter panth's E passive. Also, any mage with disengage and range (velkoz, xerath...) can win 1v1 vs a pantheon, outfarm him, and force him out of lane.
Rioter Comments
: Update: now I can't even login xD
Update: Not only can't I log in, but I cant even try to enter my username and password, the whole screen is dark blue http://prntscr.com/gqk88u
Ursulet (EUNE)
: Still not working. Yet another round of Accept / Lock in / disconnect issues ;)
I could enter Queue at first, but the champion select would not start, even after accepting game 5 or 6 times. Now I can't enter a queue at all, it wont even allow me to enter a game lobby. Friend list is bugged as well, my Icons are not loading, and neither are stories on the client dashboard. GG rito.
Same for me. Update: now I can't enter a lobby either
: Big Problem in s8!
I have an idea: you have to verify your account with a phone number at creation. Botters will either have to buy tons of cards, and even if some of them do, their efficiency will be gutted.
: Minion block
The problem here is that minions mess up riot's pathing algorithm. You get to 4 minions standing next to each other, and wherever you click, you have 50% chance of going in a completely different direction, dying in the process. Minions are not the problem, riot's shit pathing is, and it needs a complete overhaul.
Maiziea (EUW)
: New players that lose to beginner bots should automatically realize they should do intro bots, I personally haven't played intro bots in a while, I'm guessing it's the same for you but I remember it from my own experience a few years ago, you can not lose that. And if they don't do that it's on them, if you can't beat the medium difficulty you turn it down to learn and get better. Though I agree that's the only actual issue with these bots and why there should be something they do to fix it, but I highly doubt this will work because of reasons I've stated before. And yes I'm aware about the match making on 3v3 :/ It's quite sad and part of the reason I stopped playing it after I got placed into bronze and climbed to silver 5, while all my friends were gold/plat after promos and I wasn't able to duoQ with them even though we did our promos together (they played last season and I didn't so I had fresh MMR and they didn't) but for whatever reason they get silvers in their games anyway.
Same applies to intro bots, imo. Sad to hear about your troubles with 3v3. But climbing is pretty easy. I main Kayn (rhaast ofc), games are pretty free regardless of the enemy team comp. Always ban Yi, and Xin in silver/bronze, ban taric, soraka, poppy or mao when higher. List of OP champs for low elo in 3v3: Garen: weak until he gets cleaver. Too tanky to be bursted, %health true damage on auto, Q, E, and execute on R make him incredible vs tank, and his sustain + ability to chase and deal damage while stunned just let him stat check everyone to death, and the only way to beat him is high-damage team comp that can kite forever. Warwick: easy to play, goes full tank, %max heal damage, insane sustain, can even get a few damage items if the enemy team is too tanky, does not need boots. Jax: easiest build is bloodrazor and bork, then tank item and finally rageblade, but standard build (titanic, trinity, gunblade) works when enemy has squishies, or when you don't int until you finish gunblade :D Xin: any on-hit build works with him, get a tank item as 3rd item to survive bursts, and you're good to go. Renekton: SRO build works best (BC, titanic, bork or DD, rest is tank). Illaoi: super tight lanes means that enemies can't dodge your Q or E, as well as your tentacle smashes. Short tower range also means that she can poke squishies out of lane very reliably. Zac: can jump over walls for incredible ganks Rumble: generally outclassed by long range mages, he is amazing because of his Q waveclear, and R (since all lanes and corridors are narrow) Anivia: after level 6 she is a crowd control sustained damage monster that peels like 4 tanks because of her Q, W, R (short corridors). Always start with tear on her, you are afk farming until you finish 3 items anyway. Her R gives her the ability to waveclear constantly even when enemy is far ahead, and her passive and CC along with high attack speed of inhib and nexus towers allows her to stale out games and allow her teammates to scale. Ziggs: like anivia, but less CC, less sustained damage, but long range waveclear, and global presence because of his R. Also can long range waveclear and stop enemy from pushing, which in turn allows his team to catch up. Kled: Best to pick him when the enemy team has 2 or more squishies, but still viable vs tanks because of high health, item synergy, and Q and W % max health damage. You pick kled when you want to try and dive anivia. Skilled anivia can still stop his dive, but any other champion is dead when kled goes in. Brand: %Health, stuns, high aoe damage, waveclear. J4: he is viable because he has a great burst, and still high sustained damage, along with armor shred, and can still retain his burst and sustained damage with only 1 or 2 offensive items. Maokai: Crazy sustain, unkillable, with decent damage, unreal single target CC. Olaf: If you want to solo carry with him, you need to get bork and another damage or utility item, the rest should be full tank. He is immune to CC and has sustain and can chase. But mainly his immunity to CC is why he is strong. Sion: lanes are so narrow that the only way for enemy to dodge your Q is to run back. If they are in range, they are taking damage and are stunned. Yorick: %max health damage when he ults, and sustain on Q, with cc/path blocking on his W. Trundle: tank buster sustain tank with attack speed steroids and stat stealing + pillar is like anivia wall since there are so many choke points. Need i say more? Master any of these, and you are guaranteed to climb, because most of these on the list here, especially the first ones, can win 1v3 fights against the enemy team, and solo carry. The thing you need to watch out for is support meta. In higher elo i see it rarely because counterjungling %%%%s the whole thing over, but in gold and plat you need to ban taric, and yi. Xin + shield support is also very strong, but xin can be kited, yi can't. When you get to play with your friends, you might consider trying support meta. These are the basics: - Carry takes smite + flash, support takes heal + exhaust, or ignite instead of heal in some scenarios. - Support takes upgraded gold generating item on start, carry may take relic shield, but not encouraged. - Support follows carry into jungle and helps them clear faster, does not take any jungle farm. - Support does not take any lane farm, carry takes all. - Pathing is: wraiths, then wolves if enemy toplane is not pushing, go straight to lane and shove otherwise. Repeat with other camps - Carry goes full damage, support rushes censer or redemption if the supp has no shields - Carry must be AA based, on-hit carries are the strongest atm. - Avoid fights with enemy jungler and toplaner until support gets level 3. The greatest strenght of this build is that the carry reaches their item and level powerspike a lot faster because of combined jungle and toplane farm. It is preferable to farm it out until carry gets their 3rd damage item. After that force as many fights as you can, since the carry deals insane damage, and supports primary role is to keep the carry alive. Getting and early vilemaw is easy at this point. This strategy works best with long range mages that can also peel for carry (velkoz, anivia, ziggs). Lategame depends heavily on picks. If you have yi+ardent censer support that can peel (janna, lulu, taric) then you win in lategame. If you have cc support and the enemy has tanks or bruisers, you also win. Any other configuration of your and enemy team usually means you losing lategame because the enemy team has more gold at this point, and they can usually focus down the carry pretty effectively. Best of luck on the twisted treeline! :D
zixus (EUNE)
: Well we have one last big rune to go, hope for the best
That last big rune is supposed to be inspiration rune, so idk how that will assist sustain damage mages?
: League of Legends App
Even though lol's system requirements are low, phones don't have nowhere near enough processing power to run a standard lol client (which is used for spectating). If you want to spectate from your phone though, you should try using remote desktop from your phone (many apps for that), running lol on your PC, and then streaming the picture from pc to phone.
: There is no security that there isn't a Vayne and an Ivern jungle
There are bans. In flex 3v3. You could ban things that are viable there.
: I've just realized how much Fun the game is without the botlane
Maiziea (EUW)
: I'm fairly certain they already do this, the thing is botters just update it to bypass and then Riot has to go back and fix their program to detect the new ones. Bots are currently being banned in waves, and I'm very %%%%ing sure they do not manually go over each account lol. The current system is fine, I don't think anything suggested on the boards would improve the game, probably make it worse than it already is, the only suggestion that could work is making these ban waves more frequent, but then again I do not work for Riot, so I can't say this is even possible without putting more resources into it, it probably is. But then again I honestly do not think it's that big of a deal, personally I have over 1000 co-op vs ai games played and I've never struggled to close out a game within 20 minutes by myself. Then again not everyone is equally good at this game so I do see how this could be an issue for newer players but at the same time I'd say it's good practice, and in the end it's just a loss in a botgame, why would they really care.
You are a new player. You do not understand how the game works, and are learning how to play. You get placed into a match where most of your team is just running mid and dying. You can't win the game. You can't win even the easiest of games available, and you quit playing, because there is no joy in losing, and you don't know why you lost. This is how it looks like to a new player. It's not a problem for any player with little experience to win 1v5 vs bots with adc soraka even. It is a problem for new players that just give up on the game. If this trend continues, the game will suffer more and more, because no new players are playing it, and eventually, its community will shrink, wither, and die. It is a big problem, and riot not talking about it as much is what worries me, because they either don't see the problem for what it really is, or they can't solve it. Either way, this is THE thing that can kill league. Not Overwatch, not Lootboxes, but this. No new players => shrinking playerbase => longer Q times => more disparity between skill levels, longer wait time => more waiting for less quality games => less satisfaction => playerbase shrinking faster. If you want to see how league would look like, go play 3v3 flex alone. I'm d5 in flex 3v3, and I always play solo. Queue times are 15 minutes, sometimes even longer and sometimes you wait for 30 mins and you don't ever get a match. In a team I usually get silver 1s and 3s, while the enemy team is premade and gets 3 gold players. Thats right, diamonds play with silvers vs golds. Since its 3v3, you pick a strong sustain bruiser and you go 1v3, and the enemy team is raging because they see that 2/3 of my team are not good players, and they taunt them, because im carrying. Or I get another diamond and plat player in my team, and the enemy team has a rank 5 challenger, and two plats. I love 3v3, but the skill disparity between teams and players is incredible, and ruins games for many. The only way to play this is to find equally skilled players, and play with them at the same time (not premade, just go into Q around the same time) and you will meet them over and over again, in either your on the enemy team. This is why so few people play 3v3. Its basically 100% different meta, where you need a completely different playstyle and a different mindset. People go into 3v3 flex, start learning and experiencing new things, and get placed in silver (while being diamond or plat in SoloQ). And suddenly, they get someone like me who just roflstomps them, and they can't do anything about it (because they lack experience in 3v3). You never see these players again because who would want to just keep losing the game while not being able to do anything about it?
Larkreck (EUNE)
: That is weird, I also used to play a lot of jungle till a month ago but climbed to honor 5 pretty quickly regardless. And as a comment below also reports: > [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BTnFHdwl,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-09-24T15:20:42.143+0000) > > No need: [Honour FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148-Honor-FAQ) > You’ll only drop if you receive a penalty. A chat restriction knocks your Honor level to 1, or 0 if you’re already at level 1. A two week suspension will drop your level to 0 (even if you were higher). > > Only punishments have impact. Only punishments should affect your honor level negatively. Could it be possible you just didn't play enough games yet?
I played 8-10 games a day until a week ago.
Larkreck (EUNE)
: > But i'm sure that reports diminish your chances to get honor upgrades or even make you drop your honor for no reason. They do not, only way for your honor to be lowered is if those reports are confirmed. So just /mute all and go on with your games.
I'm pretty sure I get reported every second game or so (jungler main problems). I also get at least one honor per game on average. I've been sitting on honor level 3 since few months ago. I think that reports diminish your honor updates.
: Save league, don't be a premade asshole
This is the exact reason I haven't played from april to december last year. Riot removed soloQ, and forced me to go into ranked flex, where I got abused 24/7 because I almost always play solo. Today, even soloQ is like that, because riot allows two premade pairs on one team, so often if one player starts blaming, his premade joins in, and if you dare say anything back, the other pair is quick to join in on the fun. Started using /ignore team a lot more this season.
Maiziea (EUW)
: They do a pretty great job about banning bots FYI. The part that's complex about it is that they just come back. "look at the damn replay." I'm just going to quote you as a reply to yourself here... "Use your fkin head" They don't look at the damn replay to begin with, how many people do you think work at Riot? a couple thousand just sitting around looking at chat logs and replays to get people banned? Of course not, they use a program to detect flaming, that's why you get banned for flaming someone else who flames/trolls, a program detects you are flaming and thus you get banned. Doing anything else is inefficient.
Not being able to discern between players and bots with a program is just lazy imo. It's not that complex, make a program and train it to discern between human and bots based on, idk, mouse movements? Click efficiency? Screen interaction and movement? Ability presses? Reaction time? There are many ways riot could go about this. Hell, give me a week and 1k bucks and ill do it myself.
Redfield (EUW)
: U should add mision - win a game having silver/gold team against ex-diamonds/plat......
Also make it repeatable!
: Why is everything immune to knockbacks now?
Poppy is a monster, and I would ban her every game if she were more popular. I play J4, Kayn and Jax jungle, and she makes all of these want to cry. Her W stops Kayn Q, Jax Q, J4 QE dash, and counters him pretty hard otherwise. Zac, Lee, Nocturne, Yasuo, Orn and another 20 or so champs suffer greatly because of poppy. Her W is pretty overpowered in most cases, and I would like to see it changed, or removed.
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN: A Peace of Mind _Le Blanc comes to botlane._ Hello, my name is LeBlanc, and welcome to jackass. _Proceeds to die in an attempted 1v2 towerdive._
: Does anyone have any mental problems?
Maybe it's not really an illness if its self diagnosed.
: Average game of a Tank toplaner and a kayn jungle
I main kayn, and usually get rhaast. How similar situations look from my perspective: {{champion:141}} : Top don't push im ganking you first. _Top pushed into enemy tower. Gets ganked, but it's ok im here for the countergank. Top dies, I get a double kill._ Botlane: Kayn gank us we need help. {{champion:141}}: Ok guys coming (bar would not fill even if i get another double). _Botlane pushed into enemy tower, lane is warded, can't even lane gank, meanwhile toplane dies._ Toplane: Kayn stop wasting time gank me you noob I carry this. {{champion:141}} : I'm going top again, bot I warded river, please take care of the enemy jungler. _Bot dies to a gank_ Botlane: GANK BOT YOU STUPID JUNGLER REPORTED /all REPORT THIS NOOB BRONZE CANCER KAYNE. {{champion:141}} : Ok guys don't rage, I will try, stop pushing. _Botlane pushing, dies again before i manage to take red buff_ {{champion:141}} : Coming mid please watch out for my pings and react accordingly. _Midlane start fighting too early, goes back after barely escaping with their life_ _Top gets ganked and dies. Botlane loses a tower_ Top: OMG THIS STUPID JUNGLER GANK ME!!!! Bot: OMFG REP THIS KAYNE MAYNE I CANT EVEN OMG???!??!?!??!?! Midlane: Pls one gank, just ONE GANK IN THIS GAME KAYN!?!??! it was 8 minutes into the game. We lost with 6 - 23 in kills, my score 4/3/1.
Meliodas (EUW)
: kayn's ultimate CD bug
Not just an issue with kayn, can happen with all champions. I've had it happen when I die before my ultimate animation is done, but the ult is triggered. For example: ulted with brand, died mid cast, but the projectile still went and dealt damage, bounced around, and behaved normally. It said that my R was available, but it was on CD. Sometimes the ult is completely triggered but you die before you notice it: For example: ulted with malza onto an enemy cho, he started the animation, but before i saw the purple beam, i died, and ult went on cd correctly, even though it dealt no damage
: "if NOT support main, play: Janna, Soraka, Lulu. -Why? - easy to play, effective in current meta" 1st They is one of the "Hardest champions to play" Easy champions that support is {{champion:223}}, {{champion:37}} and {{champion:25}}. 2nd They ain't effective in the meta when you can't trust any one to deal damage. Especially with That Kayn build, you build. "It's the hyper-carry meta. Whoever has the better botlane, wins the game. Simple as that. " Wrong It's Teamfight Meta. Meaning the best Jungler/midlaner is the victor. "I've had games where I get midlaner, toplaner, and myself very fed, while securing objectives, counterjungling, and pushing. It feels like you're ahead, and in terms of score, it is usually 12/3 for our team. But then when people start to group, you realize that you have a Jhin with 0/2/0 and -40 farm compared to his lanemate, twitch, that is pretty much unreachable because of janna on his team." Then it's not your support's fault. It's yours, since you are the assassin/Jungler.
Sona is very hard to play because it is defacto the squishiest support in the game. 6 auto attacks from enemy adc and you're dead. For sona to have gold, you need to poke enemy laners constantly and put yourself at risk. Morgana needs to land her Q to be effective, which is hard in some matchups, or if the enemy uses minions correctly. Tahm might seem easy to you, because his W can save people, but for him to effective you have to be able to read every fight very quickly, and balance your offense with your defense, because if you eat an enemy, you don't have anything left to protect your adc with. If you just eat your adc, you don't have your main CC ability. To be effective with J/S/L, you might as well stand behind your carry and shield them, while ancient coin gives you tons of gold and mana sustain without putting you at risk. >"It's the hyper-carry meta. Whoever has the better botlane, wins the game. Simple as that. " >Wrong It's Teamfight Meta. Meaning the best Jungler/midlaner is the victor. I mean, maybe in silver. If your adc fails to scale as fast as the enemy adc, the enemy adc and support will dominate and dictate the teamfight, and win it for their team. What use is 10/2 zed, and 5/1/10 jungler when the enemy twitch has 7/1, and 3 items at 25 minutes? Your whole team could try to get to him, and his support (janna for example) will keep him long enough for him to massacre your team. Even if he dies, you lose the teamfight. When tanks were strong (dealt decent damage, while having cheap items and scaling way faster, and at the same time penetration items were weak) it was the tank meta because no matter how fed an adc is, a tank can just walk up to them, and murder them. Now, assassins are very prominent because they sometimes are able to shutdown an enemy adc. Mages are all but forgotten because having an assassin and a tank is better than having a mage and a tank, because assassin might delay the enemy adc, and for AOE long range damage, you just take twitch or jinx. It was assassin meta when assassins could oneshot everyone with one item (duskblade a few patches ago). Now its hypercarry meta because lategame hypercarries are hard to kill, can build insane penetration or mixed damage, and are very safe behind their team and support, and you see entire comps oriented around the hypercarry. >Then it's not your support's fault. It's yours, since you are the assassin/Jungler. I'm not actually blaming anyone here. I'm trying to illustrate how much impact botlane has in the current meta. I will assume you read my post, so I will try to illustrate further below: I play rhaast usually, but even when I play shadow assassin, getting to the backline is very hard and unforgiving. Having 5k gold over the enemy team, and having 3 of their players behind should mean a significant advantage for your team, yet, enemy botlane having 1k gold advantage completely mitigates everything you've accumulated, because of how strong adc's are in the current meta. ADC is a long range damage source. Hypercarries are ADC's (don't have to be, but i'm taking about them here mostly) that usually have longer range, some steroid (attack speed, range, %max health damage, all of them, crucial ability resets, etc), and scale very well with certain items into champions that deal the most damage per second than any other group. These damage sources were in past easier to reach, because of different reasons. They also didn't deal as much damage as they do now. And they didn't have as much synergy with their teammates, that buff their damage even further while ensuring they stay alive. The combinations of the factors above means that a team that can protect their scaled hypercarry and allow them to deal damage, wins on average against any other team composition.
: Playing a simple champion that doesn't need some Riven-level mechanical skills or landing lots of awkward skillshots to play well is quite a no brainer when you are autofilled. > unless you are a diamond player with 200+ games on thresh or alistar, or rakan, PLEASE for the love of god, PICK Janna, Lulu, Soraka, or even LUX Support, Your wording is pretty bad there.
Sorry about that, I posted a clarification above the text. I went on to explaining why I think that, didn't emphasize it I guess. My bad.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I just play ranked for the end of season rewards. After i finish placements and get placed in gold V i generally stop. Honestly i couldn't care less what my rank is so long as i get the free skin.
Nothing wrong with that, that is your choice and I respect it.
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Peace of Mind,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rWTNWLJO,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-09-15T20:56:42.070+0000) > > 20 games on thresh means experience. But what if you get a dude that has 0 games on JSL and 0 games on thresh? Would you like them to pick thresh, or JSL? Neither actually, i would offer the to swap and went support myself. I'm no support main but it is my secondary, that and every AD should know at least in theory what a support is supposed to do since they play with them so freaking often.
Man, we are talking in general terms here. In a situation in which they were autofilled, and you ask : Hey does anyone want to swap, and they just don't see or don't want to swap. They have very little experience on support. Statistically speaking, which gives you more wins per 100 games? Them picking thresh, or them picking JSL?
: So your comment in a nutshell: "Unless you pick a boring(what is boring and what is not is completely subjective mind you), low skill champion that is OP ATM, I'll consider it a troll pick cuz yo all s--k a---!!!!" By this logic I could consider your Kayn a troll pick, and demand you to use an OP noskill bland tank jungler because that's what is relatively "close" to foolproof. Also{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} 's shield is pretty bad and mostly unreliable. All she is good for is to root, slow, and "secure" kills with her snipe-ult so she is a mix of the CC support, and the abominable support-carry.
Please read the whole post. I'm saying that if YOU DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE ON SUPPORT, PICKING THE EASY ONE IS THE MOST LOGICAL CHOICE. Why is it the most logical choice? Read the post, and other comments.
Wen294 (EUW)
: That is if you care enough about winning to force unenjoyment on another player for an extra... what, 2% winrate? I mean if he's bored out of his mind obviously he's going to perform worse, it's a champ he's unfamiliar with so he's gonna perform worse in a role he's unfamiliar with. All of that making him more likely to tilt. He sure as hell ain't gonna get that average 56% winrate just because he's playing janna.
M8 its ranked. If you want to play purely for fun, you go to normals, aram, draft normal, whatever. But when in ranked, it is assumed that you put winning first. I mean, I don't like playing 3 champs all the time, but thats what allows me to climb, so that is what I do. When I want to have fun, I don't play ranked. So yeah, if the player is 'bored' out of his mind why is he even playing the game?
Fajerk (EUW)
: I disagree promoting shielding supports over playmaking ones since they are significantly weaker. If you agree on that then yes.
I'm promoting picking easy to play supports when players have no experience playing support. Madlife can carry a game alone. But when you get a dude that has played 20 games of support out of his 5k games, it is better for him to pick a shield/heal bot, because they are easier to play, thus you have statistically higher chances of winning. On top of that, shield/heal bot supports are strong in the current meta, so that's a bonus. I wasn't trying to argue which support is stronger or weaker, I'm just saying that if you have no experience, pick something that is easy, it's the logical thing to do.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Mhm, as a counter argument i would just like to point out that in lower ranks (like my own) META doesn't really factor at all, and if i'd have to chose between someone with 20 soso games on thresh vs someone with absolutely no game ever on JSL, i'd rather pick the thresh.
20 games on thresh means experience. But what if you get a dude that has 0 games on JSL and 0 games on thresh? Would you like them to pick thresh, or JSL?
Wen294 (EUW)
: Well i just pick whatever i feel like playing. I don't care too much about my rank so long as i get end of season rewards honestly. On the other hand if i get queued with someone that plays whatever they feel like playing i don't really complain. Since many people don't like playing janna (i do actually, allthough ardent can go take a hike) i can well imagine certain people just not feeling like playing her. Also one thing is i've seen plenty of sorakas/jannas with horrible positioning. I'd rather have a zed support that at least knows how not to feed his ass off than a soraka that comes way too close to the enemy engage support while trying to land a q.
We are talking about scenario with statistically highest chances of winning when you get an inexperienced support player playing support. In that regard, taking easy champions is the way to go, and those easy champs being meta is just a plus.
: As a matter of fact out there is full of people that pick squishy AF supports and fed horribly just because "people tell they are OP now". So, all in all, to advice people to be metasheeps won't do them any good if they are already but without any actual experience in what they are playing. Which is exactly what you adviced them not to do after all, just without the metasheep part :D.
Player with no experience: Difficulty/Meta Best scenario is Easy Champ+ Meta Worst case scenario is Hard champ + Not meta. Picking thresh when you have no experience is inferior to picking janna/lulu because they are respectively easier to play, and stronger in the current meta.
: "Skip waiting for stats" = LP not being given
The LP display has not been refreshed probably. I refuse to believe LP would be clientside implemented like this, people would just change their numbers and become diamonds in a few seconds. Your LP is there. Wait 10 minutes, play another game, or just restart your client.
Fajerk (EUW)
: I have met numerous Janna players that were feeding their ass off because they were unable to position properly, mind you dead Janna is no more of use than bad Thresh. Majority of midlaners should have preference for playmakers since that's what they do most of the time anyway. Only support that I would currently rate as "easy" to play is Lulu, but then again I would say Alistar is as much difficult.
I appreciate your input, but you've done very little to dispute my point. Does that mean we agree on something?
: Step telling others what to play? Lol
Stop telling others what to tell others? Lol
Savrak (EUW)
: As a support main without an ADC I regularly play with, I really do have to say that Janna / Lulu / Soraka really fall down in effectiveness when it turns out your ADC can't position properly, last hit effectively or tries to play ADC in the front line of all fights. I have no real way of knowing how good the ADC is going to be when I'm in champion select, so although I might like to pick one of those champions, I will often pick something that offers more than just utility and shields. A useless ADC with buffs is still largely useless and I will have much less impact in the lane as well because my success relies heavily on their competence. However, if I pick a champion that enables me to make plays myself, offers utility (in the form of crowd control / shields / healing) as well as a higher amount of poke in lane (e.g. Morgana, Sona) then it becomes much easier for me to bully and zone our lane opponents while relying on my own skill, while our ADC farms more easily. That way if the ADC is good, we get some kills as well but if the ADC is bad we don't lose out quite so much because the lane is much easier to control. Edit: I suppose I should clarify by saying that while I do play almost all supports, I main Morgana / Sona for the reasons above, so it is likely I am better able to take advantage of their strengths than people just picking them up.
I understand, and I commend your choices, glad to know you found your own way of maximizing your impact on the game. But sona is even harder to play than thresh IMO, because she is just so squishy and enemy champions like alistar can really punish an inexperienced sona to no end. But I am saying that in soloQ environment, where you often see autofilled supports, picking the easiest and strongest (meta) supports is the way to go, because even if they are bad, the champions are easy and strong, so they can contribute to the team more. If both the adc and support are bad, then you are just %%%%ed pretty much, and the game is lost. That is some RNG and you can't control who you meet in game :D
Fajerk (EUW)
: Only answer to that is, DO NOT PLAY SUPPORT. Support is very valuable role and play making supports are the best if you want to climb since you can literally carry your whole team. If someone wants to play support so he can afk and spam shields he should just play karma midlane.
Well what about players that get autofilled? I main jungle so I basically never get autofilled. What about mid/top mains tho? Should they pick Thresh, because he looks cool, he has potential for some nice plays, and because pro players play him, or should they pick janna, who might be boring af, but can be effective even if they play with 2000 ping?
: Easy to play but not effective in all situations. If you need a front line a soraka ain't gonna help, if you need lane pressure a janna is the worst pick, if you need engage a lulu ain't gonna help you. A braum on the other hand has the strongest level 1 of all supports thanks to his passive and can protect better than most other supports, a thresh is versatile allowing you to make picks or disengage which single minded supports can't, alistar has one of the best engages of all supports thanks to a malphite ult on his basic abilities. Blindly picking janna, soraka and lulu will lose you more games than picking champions you enjoy... Because if you enjoy a champion your gonna do better on them, that's a simple fact your more willing to do well and more willing to learn mechanics when your having fun. That's what your argument doesn't get... the meta is frequently a trap, tricking people into playing champions they can't play nor can they enjoy... which will lose them more games than a champion's strength can do to win them games. This goes double for janna and soraka (and lulu to a lesser extent), they are niche champions... Because their play style is considered mind numbing to a lot of players... falling asleep at the wheel is gonna cause you to lose games, not understanding how to play a janna when your used to Leona is gonna lose you games, being used to tanks and then trying to play a squishy is gonna lose you games, playing aggressive champions a lot then playing janna will cause you to use her ult to insec people... then lose you games (trust me I've done the research). This works in reverse as well, playing mainly passive champions then going on something aggressive will cause you to be too passive and lose, playing squishies a lot then playing a tank might make you bug out too soon causing you to have a disadvantage, playing a peel support a lot then playing an engage support might cause your positioning to be off. Bottom line... playing what your comfortable with will always get you more wins than playing something your not comfortable with or just playing something because it's strong... Because firstly your gonna cause your team to lose, and secondly your not gonna have fun... And as this is a video game fun should be one of the priorities, if it wasn't what's the point.
No dude, what I'm saying is, if you don't play support, pick the one that is easy to play, ESPECIALLY if they are meta. Sometimes when you need a frontline, or an engage, or more damage, Janna soraka lulu might not be the best picks, but when I see an autofilled guy picking thresh, I'm going to dodge, because statistically speaking, im going to lose that game because of him. I main jungle and midlane, I play support from time to time, and I understand the importance of comfortable pick versus meta pick. But when you are playing support, and you haven't been to botlane since last season, its best to pick what is both easy, and strong. And, like i've said in my original post, this does not apply to support mains who know what they are doing. So in general, while I agree with most all of your points to some extent, you also missed the whole point of my post. If you don't play supp, take the easy champ, especially now when they are meta. Otherwise you're more likely to lose a game.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, I guess it was success after all, just the wrong target
Yeah well, you got me there.
: As a support main i can tell you that supports like janna, lulu and soraka are extremely boring to play (in my opinion) and in the current meta they are banned 24/7, thats why i prefer to use champs like thresh , braum and bard witch can pressure the bot/mid side of the map and control those areas better with ganks
Braum and Bard are still more viable and safe when played sub-par, unlike thresh. But, you are a diamond support main, and like i've said, this does not apply to you as much. Unless you are smurfing and playing duo with me, I'm going to dodge when I see enemy has Janna + Sivir, and our botlane is Thresh and Jhin. Imagine, on top of that, thresh is autofilled, and does not main support. The point is that JLS take way less skill to be successful with, and they are also stronger in the current meta, and scale better with their respective carries. Having a JLS on your team, means that you are statistically more likely to win, than with Thresh, or Alistar.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Currently best support is Rakan, followed by Alistar and Taric. Saying anything else would be a lie.
What good is rakan when the guy that plays him doesn't know how to play him? Rolls Royce is one of the best , and most wanted cars out there, doesn't mean shit when the driver hasn't learned to drive with manual transmission. Janna, Soraka, Lulu are easy as hell to play, compared to thresh, and rakan.
Smerk (EUW)
: Trolling?
Rioter Comments
Smerk (EUW)
: > Report calling is considered as negative attitude. You did that multiple times, so obviously that was enough for a ban That was my first comment in this thread, I know what I'm talking about
>Community thinks that telling someone to shut up is flaming and so you was banned for that. Oh so what is this?
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