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Omnus (EUW)
: As a main {{champion:107}} jungler, (where are your torches and pitchforks?) I fully agree. I always buy this enchantment, and I always end up selling it for a Phantom Dancer or Trinity Force in the super late game, even before my boots. However, whatever they choose to add to it needs to fit with the identity of the item. Cinderhulk is for tanks, Devourer is for AA/on-hit champs, the old Magus was for pure AP carries, and Runeglaive is ideally suited to AP-scaling champions with AA enhancers (which is why it's so incredibly broken on {{champion:81}}). Warrior, however, is the AD caster/assassin item with its cooldown reduction and armour penetration ({{champion:62}} , {{champion:91}} , {{champion:121}} , {{champion:107}} and so on). A Sheen-style effect would've been a perfect fit for the item's identity, but that's already taken by Runeglaive, sadly. Regarding the true damage DoT that was mentioned previously, I don't feel that it's the best fit for the item (AD casters and assassins want burst, DoTs don't help much with that - then again, Riot already changed Magus' identity by reworking it into Runeglaive, maybe they're planning the same thing for Warrior, but I hope they won't, because that will do to assassins in the jungle what Runeglaive did to Fiddlesticks), but I have to admit that other than a unique Sheen proc, I can't think of anything better.
The stats the items gives now is just a bad version of {{item:3142}}. A regular sheen proc is not gonna do it for me. I think it should stay the same item with some manipulation in the stats so it doesn't become mental but with on-hit true dmg based on champ lvl or some sort of bonus % dmg on first aa with a several seconds cooldown.
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