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: Here are some articles you might find helpful. Read them carefully and you will get some insight into what you could potentially be doing wrong. [How to really improve at League of Legends (not just tips)]( [Climbing the rankings - how to improve as a player]( Best of luck!
Thanks so much all im actually in hot streak x5 lets go to 6 i carry my adc and team with zilean its the worst supp ever 80% win rate :D
Cupcakè (EUW)
: you want boost little man?
i want just get out this elo XD
: A good K/D/A is not equivalent to 'playing well'. A bad K/D/A is not equivalent to 'playing bad'. There will come a time in your life where you ~~grow hair in certain places~~ realize the fundamental mistakes you make. We can point out things or offer tips but in time you will realize. Good CS. Good communication. Good map awareness. Good logical analysis of the game state - minions pushing, logistics for their jungler to react to a baron rush, am I safe where I am, where's wally, etc. You can only control yourself, be the very best like no one ever was, to climb is the real test, elo is the cause. Rankéd ladder! I wish you the best :)
Thanks you dude but its hard i playing league of legends from s4 and im gold euw s5 s6 plat but i finish season gold i dont know s7 is meta broken not for me maybe...
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