: Adjusting the Mutefunction
or just pre game setting that turns off chat and after that you cant turn it on while in game
Quantum Q (EUW)
send ticket,this post wont do much for the ban
: Dark Star Jhin being too loud with his recalls
if only there was in game setting that allows you to turn the volume down as much as you like
: so shouldn't that have a better ping than EUW for african players?
well i dont know maybe try it,make new acc,but Turkish server is bad as every pro and streamer bash on it,and alsodo you speak turkish?
: trock3j be like
isnt it trick2g?
: server africa
not gonna make server for 1 mill people or less
: they are advertising the possibility to go to that server for 1 rp so...
it alredy is
: also, i'm not asking for riot to remove her, just to tone down her annoying quotes (maybe put some positive quotes in there?) they have time it's going to be 2 weeks before she comes live after all. I'd really like to get her because her kit is COOL :(
ah i would be happy if she never gets released
Br0nnie (EUW)
: "she is a very bad person" -- by your logic you should ban 90% of the camps all the time. "i dont like that new civilization thing and being older and stronger then shurima" -- you don't have to like it, other people like the lore so there's no reason you should be toxic to others in game
she promotes it and displays it more and better than others i like the lore i just dont like her addition to it im not but what she is saying is ok but when player types it its for ban
: Atleast they fixed surrender vote thingy.
yeah cus it really was a game changing problem oh boy im glad they did it
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CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=IIIrd Bishop,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=enVxb4vX,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-06-11T23:29:54.510+0000) > > It's fine making a %%%%%y stuck-up champion that acts like an asshole to everyone but then clamp down hard on _players_ emulating a similar personality in game. > > How can you advocate one and not the other? Hypocrisy! And Riot will _still_ blame a "few" bad players and not the game design itself for the toxicity problem... Pretty surprised you got downvoted, was probably one of the emmissaries.
well we can always upvote him
: Man stop with these troll threads. This is your third thread already. Just stop it. And don't talk about "The players" Correct your post to be "I don't like Qiyana" which is fine, but to say "The players don't like Qiyana" Seriously. Just don't play the Champion then. You can't force everyone else to dislike the champion because you dont like it. You're 1 out of 80 million players.
but if there are 3 players out of 240 mill it makes the players(plural) so he is not the only one as there are more duh so um shut up
: This needs more recongnition !
looks great but can you change it so that the weapon color changes instantly into other colors,this way it looks like lamp turning on and off,but regardless amazing job
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Also, you can be arrogant as much you want but if God comes down and tells you "hey, just so you know, HELL is going to move war on us and you could really be helpful in this situation" you don't answer with "FK it! i'm superior, let everyone die" Its not about them being arrogant and saying no, its about their arrogance thinking they are the best which is likely why they were never chosen, if you have something super important you go to the people who might actually care about being asked rather than the d-bags who are simply expecting you to ask them :P > (besides, if they were there BEFORE shurima there was NOBODY to be superior to they would have been the only choice) Not always, there is a saying that might help you "Pride comes before a fall" https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pride_comes_before_a_fall It basically means that the arrogant will often overlook something because they deem it inferior and of no consequence, now, do you want your army lead by someone who knows their limitations or an army lead by someone who thinks nothing in the world can touch them?
Cypher i see you in every post you are so annoying and ignorant just dont answer to posts anymore you clearly see people dont agree with you and its not well maybe he is right,no you are not,just an ignorant child,be mute
aizekor (EUW)
: I'm physically incapable of winning
why post in technical support? and dont play support if you dont duo,play carry roles(not that supp cant carry but if team is trash there is nothing u can do)
Smerk (EUW)
: > You know very well most if not all players have at least 2 accounts Where do you get this data from? I have only one account and most people that I know also have either one or few, but all on different servers, so they would have to restart client either way.
good job on comparing few people to millions of others players
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: deaths dance and black cleaver
you told me absolutely nothing
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Because you specifically mentioned having issues with flash lol Your post is literally about screwing up the timing when using flash, and i have helped you by telling you to wait that fraction of a second longer, this is literally a problem we all have to overcome, i had the same issue when i started back in season 1, you get used to the timing with experience and the issue goes away, i mean you're calling it "useless stuff" but there is literally nothing riot can do about end user timing issues
Cypherous (EUW)
: So make sure you actually see flash activate before pressing the skill, never just "assume" that everything is working perfectly, any kind of packet loss or a quick route change for data will cause all sorts of issues, latency is king in games like this and even a couple of milliseconds can break the order of things
u keep talking about flash like its the only thing i said in post,if you cant help me stop %%%%ing commenting useless stuff
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its about the timing, you need to make sure you wait long enough for the flash to have completed before you start spamming skills
thats not the problem ive dont that combo over 100 times without problems,now my skill activates and 1s later flash and i know i clicked f before qwer,but thats not the main problem my qwer skills are not activating even after 5 times i click on them
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: When are you planning to nerf Jax E CD ?
: honor enemies option
tho i thought of it many times like this enemy player played really good if i could i would honor him,1s later he types gg ez noobs lol play bots... so i dont think it should be implemented,imagine honoring a guy and you all happy oh i lost well at least it was a fun game and the guy you honored types whatever and ruin your mood,so dont trust the guy if he is friendly in chat,i didnt know this was a thing back then but i understand why it got removed and should never be brought back
Zoë (EUW)
: Why am I playing with bots in my team in a Co-op vs AI 5v5?
the worst thing in those games is Annine that follows you
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JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: I made it, 1k movement speed as nunu
yomuus,fast boots,dmp,and ardent is how i did plus scuttle ms boost
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: Client lag (Nevertheless the internet quality is 100 % good) [with Solution]
SRB Nemke (EUW)
: ha ha ha
i feel you my Serbian brother
Rioter Comments
Shamose (EUW)
: There are a shitton of threads and discords for this exact thing.
i dont have time for that
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Reyoku (EUW)
: ~10 years, 800+ € and a lot gaming hours later
take this as a sign to stop playing this game and focus on life even more
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which level 18 enemy champion on 6 items do you fear the most and why? :)
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Susan?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: i would be afraid more of the new kayle mechanics ,her aoe range in basic attacks is insane , not even as adc i can't trade damage against him so much range he have on basics + insane damage I would add to this list and trynda i don't know why but he is kind of hard to be killed and strong as he can push a lot and have really good map presure ,wawe clean , and acces to stay alive and kill enemy weak back line.
: Login permanent issues
its a bug i guess it happens to me form time to time
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot were testing some changes to E and a reworked ult. Although those changes have been reverted already.
damn,thank you for replying
: Well I was thinking it would be an optional button in the settings, and most players probably won't use this option and don't care how many games they play, probably only the minority of players will use this game-number-limiting option so I don't think queue time will be heavily affected really
well i doubt they will add in game button toggle,like you said no one would use it,so if they add that feature that locks your acc after certain number of games it would affect i think,but they can add like you play 3 games and get 1h block(break),you play 3 more then 2hrs,3 more 3hrs...
Rioter Comments
: Riot should add a feature where you can only play x number of games per day then account locks
it would lead to longer q time as there are like i dont know 100mil players and a LOT of them play 20+ games per day so imagine like half of players on each server having their acc locked for couple of hours i think that would be a mess,tho i agree but either go out and hang out with friends or go see a doctor
ImSpray (EUW)
: My honour level
why people cant learn how to spell? its honor not honour
: It litterally got put on the pbe immediately before I put that comment. Namely damage of Q up, cooldown set at 7 at all ranks, and his ult has been changed to remove the revive and instead make it so that his Q has no cooldown. It’s all early testing and isn’t set for next patch but it shows riot is looking into doing something more major with him than urgot hence the longer delay.
Aatrox [All changes reverted to live values!] Surrender at 20 lol they reverted it
Hansiman (EUW)
: You can create your own PBE account [here](https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/pbe). The only requirement is to currently have no bans, and be honor level 3 or above.
yes i know that but i dont have time to make another acc and play that much and get to lv 3
: It litterally got put on the pbe immediately before I put that comment. Namely damage of Q up, cooldown set at 7 at all ranks, and his ult has been changed to remove the revive and instead make it so that his Q has no cooldown. It’s all early testing and isn’t set for next patch but it shows riot is looking into doing something more major with him than urgot hence the longer delay.
im not on pbe... wish someone can give me pbe acc just to see how it looks like anyways your comment made me so happy,if this is going to be the end result of the testing it will be hard to get used to no revive and riskier turret dives so in a way nerf but they are compensating with other skills cd and dmg so yeah so far it looks good tho no cd Q while ults sounds fun its like Nasus tho but no cd on Q on Aatrox sounds better then on Nasus since he alredy has low cd,but ah its ok i would like for those changes to be the final version well thank you my friend i really appreciate your comment im so happy now and cant to wait to see what they gonna do about him
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