: Kled Teleport + Jousting bug
Please be accurate with your descriptions, this is not what you call a "game-breaking" bug.
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: The real question here is: Who uploads to vimeo?
I googled "video upload" and it was the first one in the search results. didn't want to upload to my Youtube though.
: Hit or miss I guess there you miss _-_ You actually miss there with a 2-3 pixels.
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Abdu Nabil (EUNE)
: Ranked score 19-8, 70% winratio, 7 consecutive wins, AND i get +16, +17 LP for winning :/
Just lost a game after all these wins, and lost -20 LP... wtf this system is a joke...
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: By looking at the probabilities. If the person has 30% win rate over multiple games on said champion, then he only has a 30% chance of winning that game with that champion. He doesn't know if they are going to lose that match, but the probabilities are pointing heavily towards a loss (70% chance to lose). It's a risk not worth taking.
banning his champ will not increase that chance of winning.
: Remove damage reduction for ranged champions from red smite.
Norrise (EUW)
: GUYS, I GOT A FIX... ... Don't play Riot games.
this comment should get more downvotes as soon as possible! or just get deleted by an admin
bLackPajama (EUNE)
: Client BUG
same here
Abdu Nabil (EUNE)
: Possible Yasuo Windwall bug vs Hextech Annie
also make sure you look closely at the last basic attack from Annie going through the wall.
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