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Abishua (EUNE)
: All about balance..
Ok, just so you don't get me wrong.. I main supports.. leona.. blitz etc.. and I like playing support.. I'm not talking about that.. or myself.. I am talking about a global comunity of players and a balance issue that has arisen between the roles.. there are many players and they are the ones who make or brake a game.. because you can make a perfect game, but if the comunity does not want to play it it's usless.. same thing with lol.. lol should adjust to player demands in order to grow.. so this is just an advice.. because support is the limping leg of this animal at the moment.. so boost it.. because it's holding the entire thing back.. from speeding up.. progressing.. its very plain.. the role of support can be maintained without making it the least kill potent role in the game.. can supports make or brake the game? sure.. this is not what I am speaking of.. I am just telling you that there are ways to balance this issue out, and make the game even greater than it is now.. we just need to step out of the box for a second.. why couldnt a support do everything it does now, and be evened out with other roles as far as kill potential goes.. maybe you dont get me.. but this issue is real and is not going away by itself.. pick jungle and mid roles.. you are going to wait for a game for 10mins or longer sometimes.. higher elo even more.. but pick support u get a game in 5sec.. there is a serious balance issue and it is heavily making the entire game limp.. and there is no reason for this other than some pride issues with certain people.. just my 2c
: Stop just saying its not balanced EXPLAIN HOW IT IS NOT BALANCED. #Buzzword
It is not balanced in role apeal to players.. I wrote it many times... do you not know what this means? Think about it.. I even wrote why its not balanced with other roles when it comes to apeal.. because most important thing in lol is winning.. second most important thing is kills.. other roles are well balanced when it comes to getting kills.. this is why they are prefered.. supports are not balanced in this aspect of the game.. and there is no valid reason for that.. this is a diagnosis for this problem the game has.. and the cure is to give the body (player base) what it needs.. and that is more kill potential on support roles.. so they are atractive to players.. so we get balance
Infernape (EUW)
: Or maybe, people just dislike playing support?
well.. this is the balance issue I was speaking about.. the balance problem is in the role apeal.. the role needs to become more atractive to player base.. lol is about winning.. but it is also about getting those kills.. many will pretend like they dont care about kills.. but people dont play supports and dont like to play them because they want to get those kills.. so if we put 2 and 2 togeather.. this is the reason lol is out of balance game.. why que times are huge.. because supports are created to be way more inferior roles when it comes to kills and there is no reason to make the game that way at all..
: Instead of coming up with an invented reason for a problem. Maybe just use deductive reasoning? What you are doing is pointing at Q times and yelling "support unbalanced" You are not even pointing out how supports are not balanced.
If supports are made more apealing to players in general remember that both teams have them.. I dont claim to be a know it all.. there are much smarter people with more lol exp and time under their belts.. I m just pointing out the obvious.. that lol is a game of balance.. and the reason supports are not played this much is simply because they are NOT balanced to the rest of the roles.. like top, mid jungle.. bot.. so like I said before.. we can turn a blind eye to this and pretend everything is A ok.. or we can balance things out.. if we make supports stronger.. make exclusive items for them like for jungle.. remember again.. game stays balanced because both teams have supports.. maybe this would be a general direction to go to.. maybe not.. but if lol wants to be a growing game instead fading away I think riot needs to deal with this balance isue ASAP.. when things start spinning to fast and are out of balance something somwhere is gonna blow..
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niri108 (EUW)
: Remove the Surrender feature in ranked.
Not a big fan of surrender.. feel like there were many games that could have been won.. and lets be honest.. the best games and the sweetest wins come from a "impossible comback".. and this option completeley ruins that.. you just don't get those because people rather tend to give up then man up and fight if they have that easy out option.. having that option makes people give up sooner than they should.. and have that "surrender mentality" from the get go.. I think surrender should be removed or at least the vote should be 100% in orded for the surrender to work.. real champions never surrender.. thats what makes them champions.. beating aginst all odds..
: Main account permanently suspended for account sharing
that sounds bad man.. 500 euro is lots of money.. they should at least investigate this matter and give us a response here..
FadingLife (EUNE)
: Once upon a time, there was a game called League of Legends
I agree.. toxic people will not start reforming if you don't hit them FAST AND HARD where it hurts.. If we want to see a significant change for the better we need to man up and sanction people who bully others.. this situation just makes it look like riot is powerless.. and they are not.. they need to be that stealth champion hero that works from the shadows to protect us where we can't. Please riot.. it's time to HIT HARD and make this game more fun than ever. Power is nothing without respect!
Balaks (EUW)
: Saying you want somebody to get cancer is not 'cool'
People who say such things should get banned.. no excuses. There are signs of complete toxicity and this is one of them..
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