: Just saying, in aram you cant be level 1 XD. Anyway, we wait you next Monday.
is something happening on monday ?
: Cry us a river pls.
QQ ... that will have to do.
D1nzu (EUW)
: rage quits league cuz no URF. You, sir, are a lost cause
did you actually read it. Rage quit cos cheaters that wont ever be dealt with + Riot screwing over its fan base + no urf and when people get pissed of cos no urf they just shit on them and throw out ascension.
Infernape (EUW)
: They said they were going to release URF twice this year. God when are people going to stop complaining about it?
Urf was the final straw and not the whole reason. The main reason is how Riot is screwing over its player base and then shitting on them. and yea, the say "urf twice in 2016 as part of rotating game modes" which means twice this year for a total of 4 days.
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Phorce (EUW)
: To those who are still crying about URF (and Riot)
Well to answer you comment about being disappointed. Not everyone reads the patch notes or every note riot ever release. Basically we have better things to do than study a game we play for fun. Secondly, April has been (for the last couple of years) a time where people got to relax in league and have a lot of fun. This beats the standard grind of trolls cheaters and scum we repeatedly have to deal with all year round. Lastly, "The League of Draven" was a bad joke. It started out funny for the first match where everyone looks derpy as hell. After that however its just annoying. People keep mentioning how it doesn't affect the game etc. Well it does, its a grate pissing reminder that the game mode you were waiting months for isn't happening, therefore every time i see those stupid no effort heads in a every game it just pisses me off. I'm just gunner say this, I have to go back to Uni on the 11th, if there is no URF by then I'm just un-installing the game and finding something better to play. I think i have put in at least £100 to this game and its just not seeming worth it anymore.


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