Xêm (EUW)
: Probably due to advantage. If you are playing against a full AP team, you quickly change everything to flat/scaling MR and get bonus 30 MR or something which is a lot
But that is the main point of runes. You can do now the same, just buy 20 rune pages and prepare some of them for full ad, full ap team. That's the point. If they didn't want to give this advantage, why make runes at all? They only add unnecessary hidden complexity on already complex game.
: you can't have it for 1 reason: people still pay with RP for rune pages
I think players would rather spend the money (the ones who spend it on this game) on skins than some invisible advantage that isn't even that noticable. Requirement for many rune pages, which are very expensive, also go against "free-to-play" model on second dimension from limited champion pool dimension. That makes players who don't spend money on game with fewer champions, fewer runes and fewer rune pages than paying players, which starts to smell of those pay-to-win games.
Midna922 (EUW)
: that would destroy the purpose of Rune Pages , we would just nneed 1 then
By this logic, people only need 1 mastery page too. Purpose should be convenience, not pay-to-get-advantage.
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