Rito PI0x (EUW)
: Because you're acting like a child right now. Take responsibility for what you've done and live with it. Look forward, create a new account if you want
did you read the post ?
Rito PI0x (EUW)
: Greetings. I've read your post and decided to make some things clear --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Yes i was toxic , but its not like i was using racial slurs or hate speech or anything just regular toxicity There is no so-called "reglular toxicity". You were toxic, that's the only thing that matters. That's why Riot also doesn't care about why people flame. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > I really want to know what I did that warranted a permanent ban right after a chat restriction while other people talk about getting banned 3 times before getting permanently suspended --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The thing is, your account actually is not yours. I know this sentence is weird but its true. Honestly, Riot Games owns every single account. You're just allowed to use them. That's means that Riot can do whatevery they want with your account. If they feel like your a pretty toxic person who deserves to get his permanent suspension, they will ban you forever. There are free with their decisions to skip any punishments. Less toxic people get those other punishments as a warning. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > to ban someone directly after a chat restriction with no previous bans and only one chat restriction seems a bit harsh That's not harsh, like I told you in the Quote above. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you're now smarter about why you got suspended. Take the responsibilty for your bahaviour, you can't change what Riot has done. Sincerely, Your Tilted Toast ^.^
Regular toxicity as in the kind of words and insults i was using. And yes it is regular becasue every single game I am in somebody is saying the things i got permanently banned for SO YES THERE IS SUCH THING AS REGULAR TOXICITY. " I realize that I was toxic and I realize that riot can ban anyone whenever they want" your second point is irrelevant considering i addressed that. Did you even read the whole thing? And yes is it a bit harsh considering people get sometimes 3 bans before getting perma banned. AGAIN: it is not like i was toxic enough to receive a perma ban i would completely understand a perma ban if i was truly as toxic as you try to make me out to be there have been mistakes made in the past and i will get this mistake rectified also. thanks.
Viavarian (EUW)
: For serious cases, punishment stages can be skipped. You can go straight to a 14-day ban for your first offense and you can apparently also go from a chat restriction straight to a permanent ban as you have now seen.
Well as I said, its not like i was using racial slurs or anything i was just calling people noobs i didnt use any hate speech or anything like that. If i did i would completely understand being banned permanently that is obviously perma ban worthy but i did nothing like that, i hardly even cursed. That is why a contacted support too, i asked what was it that i did was so bad that warranted a perma ban, but i got a automated or copy pasted response that didnt answer the question. So i dont think this would be considered a serious case especially considering the fact that ive seen people rage entire games while using hate speech and not with no repercussions.
Adabo (EUNE)
: Permanent Ban With No Previous Bans
can you please tell me why you are down voting this
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