blunk (EUW)
The champions you wrote are not the OP ones, buddy. If you would like to be champs like these banned, there would be no champion left to play in ARURF. The only OP might be Kassadin since his R in lvl 16 is just too much. But there is plenty of stronger champions in ARURF. I have played -+ 50 games of ARURF yet and NO, there are not the same champs in every game. For example, I think I met Veigar only twice. The frequency of strong champions is higher since there is the new ARAM feature that allows you to swap champions, but still, it doesn't cause the same champions to appear too often. If urf feels painful to you try playing it with friends, I find it more relaxing. (PS. My most favorite champions in ARURF are LeBlanc and AP Lucian. I have played six times both (thanks to the new feature <3 ) and lost only once with each, every game highest dmg dealt and (almost everytime) the most kills. OP OP)
Kieru (EUW)
: League Of Legends is totaly broken, not playable for enjoyment unless you pick meta champ.
Man, I loved the previous patch actually. Those first few days in was the greatest. I felt like I was playing the game for the first time again. Fiestas everywhere, troll picks everywhere and yet no one was flaming those first days. I LOVED it. But now, later on ... meh. But I strongly disagree with the statement: "not playable for enjoyment unless you pick meta champ" that's not right. You can discover new good and enjoyable picks right now especially with premades.
2jjjjjjjjj (EUNE)
I am happy that this behavior coused you ban, because when I meet players who behave the way you did in these games, I always worried whether my report will have a chance to get that player suspended. Now, thanks to you, I have a proof that the banning system is functional and that makes me happy :) Honestly sorry for your suspension, but maybe try not being so offensive in game to avoid it in the future.
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: Fair enough, you should still find a way to tone it down when people start to believe you're faking it, or when they feel annoyed by that. It's simply most effective if you seem like a genuinely nice and happy person ^^
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to look like. I have never been able to be toxic, which frustrates me tbh. I was always the quiet guy who never writes, or only apologizes for missplaying. And this helps me too as I feel like I have a bigger impact on the game. I am a support main for 5 years now btw :D
: All you need to do is be authentic! Being positive is **always good**, but the fact that people reacted so negatively, especially by calling you cringey, indicates that you overdid it. When you don't seem honest, being positive is pretty much pointless. --- Be polite, spread positivity, and have fun with others. That's the best way to do it, you don't have to force it, people will notice that.
You know I just feel like it is the fact I overdid it really motivates people. They start to play differently whether they're upset or not by what I wrote. That extremeness of my words makes people change the playstyle that was causing our team to lose the game. And when you're losing the only way to turn it is to change your playstyle in that game IMO.
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Pasistais (EUW)
: Are you shure you didn't block that player earlyer?{{sticker:fiora-cool}}
No I am not, that is the thing. I just dont know if it is a bug or not. As others write, the person might be just talking to someone in voicechat or the other may write through messages. I wrote the thread to find out if anyone else has experienced it. Seems like no bug so far that makes me happy :)
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