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: Wtf is happening with the MMR system ?!?!
Hah..As i expected,it is easily to pass the problem and say "learn and examine from better players" .. if i wanted so,i would go and watch guides on the net.Nonetheless i dont want to get high rank or smth like that,i just want to play agains players of my level.Like it wont be a problem if they made a system where diamonds wont be able to join with gold or premade with them.People say that toxicity ruin games,which is not right since you can mute that person but whenever an Ahri player with 1 million mastery points diamond elo joins,there is nothing to do about it,only chance if i have diamond players is my team.You just dont want to do anything about it.If we are to accept everything,why dont we accept toxicity and just leave it there,but then how is Riot going to ban people,so that they make new account and buy more skins.
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