: >Did you do anything wrong? Look again at the game bar and make sure I didn't do anything wrong. The game has the greatest number of dupes these days I didn't do anything No, I didn't do anything wrong BUT YOU DID! Only 5 cs in 20 minutes and only 885 dmg made to enemy but you still managed to die 19 times!? You are clearly intentional feeder and this is so not deserved punishment. YOU DESERVE PERMA BAN RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT HERE!!!! Live long and prosper! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
this is the problem ? I have never been fed by a fool like I was with him for three months You deserve to perish, O lament
: The kill-map of your last match raises some suspicions on if you ran it down. I mean, you are not trying to tell us that dying once every minute and having 5 cs total in 20 minutes is normal right? On the killmap you also died a lot close to towers, even though I'm just guessing here - no towers were killed by your team and looking at the time you died it doesn't seem like you were sieging on towers.
I did nothing wrong If you do not review what I said in the first match you will understand why I did I fed the opponent because they didn't understand the game I don't want to be stopped for a certain reason Why? Someone took my place in the game. I complete my tasks
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