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: Username update client prompt on pause
Do not put it on pause. REVERT it then EXPLAIN it then PROVIDE INFORMATION about it... Like honestly what's so hard about it? **You **forced buggy and unfinished future on a massive amount of Your player base, **You **caused a lot of confusion. I don't even want to think, in what mental state is your player support division, after going through all that angry tickets... **COULDNT **you see that mails are not delivered? I will say it again. REVERT that circus, and then do it as You should. With all the respect, and pretty low morale ATM _former Tiutlivel_.....
Cowseps (EUNE)
: unplayable
Honestly, it looks for me as a book example of horrid packet loss. Your physical connection (probably internet provider) could be too crowded to transfer it all, and it loses part of the information you are sending to Riot Servers. Normally it is not big deal, because packet loss occurs "naturally". If it is bigger than 10-15% however... it may cause this kind of glitches. The server basically losses You in the crowd. You MAY check your loss packets ratio by pinging proper sites. Because this MAY be the cause of your problems. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/am7es3tY-how-to-test-for-packet-lossping-properly This topic has good instruction and explanation on how to. If your PC actually freezes, (frame on monitor is completely not moving) this may be a short-circuit on some of your boards... but lets check it first maybe.
: Games not starting (ARAM)
Non only ARAM but all the other modes as well.
: Hmm, I think I did a mistake helping someone with a issue while you all other were busy wasting your time and nerves down voting me. I see the point.
See ^ thats exacly what im talking about. U were trying to help someone with problem he had. GREAT man i cant stress out how much i encurage those kind of behaviours. Cudos to you. Now insteed of trying to prove to everyone else how wrong they are about stuffs... just pm him on private conversation and fix his bloody problem in private. And if u can and will do it - great. (Maybe now u trully can see my point)
: No, dude. I'm the only "douche" here, as the masters of pure good behavior affirm. :)
> [{quoted}](name=John Prime,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=tbyHzasZ,comment-id=004b00020000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-28T17:13:57.913+0000) > > No, dude. I'm the only "douche" here, as the masters of pure good behavior affirm. :) Well then, not just a ban, but our ignorance is all u deserve. Thats sad really... end even kind of worse.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=John Prime,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=tbyHzasZ,comment-id=001e000100010000,timestamp=2017-09-28T16:58:27.258+0000) > > I'm glad it worked. > > These frustrated kids that keep down voting me, they think they influence something... Especially, Johnny Dragos' reply, brain damaged, what can I say... They are mad that I post from a EUW account that is permanently banned:)), they are so, so frustrated. Cheers. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Your modus operandi in conversations like these, pretty much reassures me in my initiall conclusion :) Perma ban must have been right thing. Stop wasting our time and nerves of everybody. And if u just dont have anything worthy of saying, keep your sweet silence. And your opinions to yourself. Dont try to be smart with peoples, they dont like it at all, especially when they are iritated. Be... oh please be a grown up.
: What if someone enjoy only 1-2 roles? I used to be jungle/supp main, but now im gambling with jungle/mid even tho i HATE playing mid, or top or adc. Role selection backfired for everyone who used support as backup cause if you want your main role, YOU CANT PICK SUPPORT and cause of that, theres less supports queueing what also increases wait times.
U have a point there PiVoRx. I did not thought about that. But I believe it all goes to the same problem really. If u want diversity u simply cant pick support/fill enywhere on your position sellection.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xenos11111,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KPTg48Wb,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-07-12T18:26:09.903+0000) > > Agreed about role selection. Despite the hate for dynamic queue most of the community seems to like this new feature, but it is in all likelihood the main culprit for long queue times (moreso than dynamic queue). And like you said, it's really a kick in the nuts to people who want to be able to fill without ending up support 90+% of the time. In my opinion it just pushes people away from the support role and forces them to invest all their time into just one or two roles rather than being diverse. Few liked to support before the dynamic queue, few like it during dynamic queue. They need to start fixing supports, so the role would be more diverse. Add items that would make currently off-meta supports viable, for example ad support items. wukong, pantheon, jayce or yorick mightbe fun to play as support, but theres just no itemization options for them, forcing to go for the expensive ad items. Filling must be changed as well, so you wouldn't be support 90% of the time, it has to be adjusted so a person would be forced to only play the same role 40% of the time or less. Meaning, if you filled 5 times and played support twice, you are guaranteed not to play support again the next game. If this was done, i bet more people would chose to fill, therefor there would be more supports, therefor quicker queue times. btw... how many more of these threads am i gonna see? like every time i come to the forums theres a new identical one.
I for once slightli dissagree there with You good sir. On the first part i mean. i do not mind playing support, i really dont. But i dont want to end as him whenever i dear to pick him as secondary role/fill. If i would have this guaranted, that whenever i pick support as secondary role, game will put me 60% times on mid/top/jungle/adc and 40% on support - there u have it. I can go with that, and i mean it. But as we all know well enough, it will end up with me getting support in +- 75% of games and well to be quite honest with u, it suck. Riot is surprised that smaller number of players than they estimated is playing support right now. And my believe is, thats because players who used to play support up till NCS was moved to live servers, ware those who liked to play diffrent rolle every time, like me. And, ending as support 75% of times is not quite what i would call "refreshingly diffrent experience of every game". So it does come to what Xenos11111 said in his commeint. Does it make any sense? How do you think?
: Your post is so .... Dumb? Nost the points you have made are irrelevant to DynamicQ , long Q times are not because of DynamicQ but because of the new champ select ( which is liked ) 2nd no one wanting to play supp also has nothing to do with dynamicQ 3rd badges did solve the only problem soloQuers had that is relevant to dynamicQ and its that soloQ players werent being recognized or differentiated from dynamicQuers , 4th each company is split into teams , people who make skins are the creative team people who balance champs are the balance team and people who manage DynamicQ and ranked are in a team of their own , there are shit tons of more stupid points you have made but i couldnt care to point them out
I already have adressed those in replay to mr. Tarolock :). I feel thats the same missconceptions :) And a slight lazzines on my part with naming a title of topic.
Tarolock (EUW)
: lets see what we have here: 1. queue time is not dynamic related, you get long queue times because ppl are not playing supports, no supports = no teams to make a match, and 10 post about ppl hating DQ is not a majority, so saying that players dont want DQ is wrong, i dont have anything against DQ its pretty cool that you can play with your friends 2. solo/dyn/team emblems, again nothing to do with DQ, it just shows ppl that looking at your profile/ladder what is your preference in queue, if you like going solo like me you get solo emblem, if you are going with 1-3 friends you get dynamic emblem, and if you are going as a 5man team mostly you get team emblem 3. role selection, once again nothing to do with DQ, its the new champ select and i think this is the best idea for a long time in LoL history, so finally ppl can choose their strongest/favored roles and dont have to fight for them with trolls/firstpicks etc, and the fill option it works as intended, you get mostly support role if you go as fill since THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH SUPPORT PLAYERS, and thats not the system fault 4. supports doing more dmg than adc: i dont know whats your problem here, mid/top/jungle can do more dmg than adc too after reading this nonsense, i cant think of anything else but a player who is QQing that he is not challenger yet and dont even know what is dynamic queue ps: i hope one day i can read a post about why ppl hate dynamic q and it will be really about dynamic q and not champ select etc
PS: Thats easy to explain. We hate DQ because it is highly abusive system that allow the others to queue with 4 smurf "bronzies" who are in fact platinas+, and boost their Elo. I hope that side answer satissfay you. And as for your main concerns: I used a word "dynamic" once in this entire post. It is clear for me. And it should be clear to you aswell. It does cover current state of League that im not happy about. And i believe im entilted to voice my opinion on this metter. We are free peoples afterall. I cant see where i wrote any nonsence, and about QQing... well i stayed silent for 6 years of game changes, i believe i had enough. Im not easily triggered, but everyone has theirs limits. If a title of this post buggs you enough that u call bull**** on what i wrote there... well thats your right to do mr. Perhaps it would be better if you think of it as "Dynamic queue and other similar problems". There, better now?
: I agree on everything but 2 things. First, creative team has nothing to do with queue stuff so new skins etc really aren't the reason to bound to bad state of the game as they are developed by different people who weren't going to work on anything different anyway. Second, your rant about karma and zyra really has nothing to do with all the rest, has it.. ? I suggest removing it and opening a post on which start a discussion about the balance state of these 2champions in the support role if you wish so.. These statements here just throw a bad ligh on the whole post, making it seem like a "cry post'". Anyway, I don't think they will change nothing for now.. I hope they are developing big changes for next season though, because they really fucked up this one.
More than Karma/Zyra especially, i was adressing RIOT well known "ballance issues" that seem to increse from season to season. But anyway. The same can be said about a number of champions i will not adress/ nor mention them because that never ment to be so called cry post :). Thx for reading and sharing your opinion :)
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Frostïe (EUW)
: no luck :(
Frostie i had exacly the same problem (mind u, it occured in diffrent game). Symptoms u have describbed generally means that your "graphic card x graphic driver combo" process game frames incorrectly. If you want, u could try to downgrade your graphic driver as I had done. And as it worked for me, who knows maybe it will work for you. AMD surelly have older drivers packages to MSi R9 390x. Try a few of the leatest. Allways uninstall drivers b4 u try new version. Use that application for driver uninstallation: http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Othervise they will probably uninstall incorrectly and can cause other issues. Display Driver Uninstaller will aswell prevent your WU service from automatic upgrade of a graphic drivers. That way u can decide yourself when (and if) to try the leatest possible drivers. Hope it works, let me know. Sorry for crappy english... ddnt had it in school when i was young XD

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