: *"I lost not because I am bad."* *"I lost because I had some very, very, very bad luck with this "matchmaking"."* You are wrong. http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUN1/204525382 Look at your match history: * You don't have main champions. * You barely ever upgrade your trinket. * Some of your builds are quite simply hilarious: Zhonyas Hourglass on Rammus. Boots of Swiftness on Riven. Volibear Jungle without any tankitems except cinderhulk. Archangels Staff as 1st item on Ryze.** BotRK as Braum! WHAT? :D** * Some of your picks are also simply...wrong...Jungle Jayce? I mean, yeah, lets break the meta, but JUNGLE JAYCE? * You have 155CS in a 42 minute game. As the teams ADC! * As support Bard you placed 5 wards in a 41 minute game. 5 WARDS! You would have provided more vision, if you just used your trinket on cooldown randomly. I could go on, but you get the point. No mate, you are not better than the people you are matched with. You fit into these teams perfectly. Stop blaming your teammates, or the matchmaking system for what is going on and improve your play.
I guess you watched every single one of those matches? I don't have to have main champions. I don't have to upgrade my trinket Zhonya's on Rammus, yeah. Sometimes you need it, when your place in the game is comfortable and you could get a hefty boost for your damage. Boots of Swiftness on Riven. Yeah, I sometimes build that, This item is very important for my style of play. Helps me a lot. Volibear Jungle doesn't NEED anything else, heck this champion is buffed up, all he needs is a bit hp from this and that. Archangels Staff as first item on Ryze, Of course. He needs the shield so it's better to rush the mana income. ( 8>4 just for your info) Jungle Jayce one was misclick. Don't judge over that. BotRK on Braum, I did it, Don't remember why, but it was good. 155cs in 42 game. Again, I bet you watched that game too? As support Bard, Yes, I placed 5 wards. I am Bard. I am a living ward. But then again, nobody even knows what potential Bard has. You should go on, but unless you watched every single game there and pointed out how a different item would be more benefitial at that moment. If you didn't. No point to even state that. And yes. I am better. WAY better. FAR FAR FAR better. I play normals with diamonds and find my place right there. Adaptation is a key. No use to be the Messiah and use wards constantly in an elo where wards barely exist. But then again, you must be an expert. As you DO use wards and always tend to build exactly what's recommended. Well done. Boring to me.
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Immolatorgr,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gBZ8790Q,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-03-15T20:39:15.081+0000) > > Now I nearly coughed trying not to say something about bronze etc. > Remember this and never deviate from It: A support ALWAYS must build a sightstone, either as the first or second item. Especially so in Gold and lower since nobody wards. I can understand full damage supports I really do. But without map coverage you will lose the game. The only exception been if the enemy support is equally....Well blind. > > I havent played him still but given his mobilty I believe a coin might also fit him better. I dont really think you need SS with bard that much, ie. OP resonings. While adc will play defensively close to his tower or under tower while you roam so he doesnt need a ward in tri/drag. + you roam so you walk around these places and provide living ward. Also at lvl 9, new upgraded trinkets are essentially replacing sightstone. -1ward for a space for dmg/utility item? So its only the time from 1-9lvl thats a problematic and for that, buying one two wards + if adc buy one, should be enough. His dmg early isnt good, early all he can do is wander from place to place, put shrine for adc/mid/junger from time to time and most of the time he will be escaping enemy jungler trying to chase him for easy kill. In such situation I would definitely bought boots of mobility/swiftness as first item. If he can leave lane and roam then speed is essential, and after boots, i would probably started building lich bane as its part grants movement speed. And before you can do this, you will be already around lvl 8-9 so buying sightstone after that would be probably waste when you can upgrade trinket. Of course, that would be in perfect world where you can leave lane, where you can roam with little risk and where your teammates will ward and upgrade trinkets. Does such world exists? :)
Finally some one understands what I am talking about, thinking out of the box is a truly rare trait eh? Also about the world that doesn't exist.. Sadly it doesn't, but his Magical Journey shortens his roaming time greatly, especially in the earl game where Chimes are sort of designed to spawn near bot lane
Iridya (EUW)
: gl with that build in a decent elo. rip
Looks like assumptions are the thing now, try before saying things like that, it can deciphered as a rude and rather blatant comment
: Bard is basically Gandalf.
Bard is one of the most relaxing champions to play, his whole theme, voice over and play style. I just love him!
: Was gonna read this thread but Chims in Jungo. {{champion:432}}
Indeed chims in jungo my friend! {{champion:432}}
: No offense intended, but this only works in Bronze or if you are playing a normal lane. If you are getting camped or the enemy has an exceptional ganker like Lee Sin, you NEED the sightstone to have any measure of safety. Otherwise every ward that gets swept leaves you with a 60-second gap in your defense. Bot needs a minimum of 2 wards (Drake/River + Tri) to be safe. Of course Bard lanes have the "advantage" of the ADC being forced to play defensively anyway, which improves resistance to ganks (Unless they dive!), but there is a very good reason why Sightstones are used.
One thing is always right, and you are completely correct, however this build is a recommendation, and I forgot to mention that everything is always situational in LoL, you won't be roaming from the lane if you are getting camped, that's basics.. And thanks bout' the Bronze :)
: Horrible build. Offers no support items at all. No sight stone, No locket, No Mikels...you don't have any resistance what so ever which means you going to die instantly to any decent damage from magic. This alone is bad but if you are going full AP support your way better with Sona, Zyra, Morganna or Lux.
I don't see the reason you call this stupid, obviously you didn't try it, sometimes opening the mind and trying it before giving feedback about what is politically correct in theory. And yeah your options for ap supports are solid and strong, but once again, I just spontaneously added Bard into the list of the full ap "supports", i think I mentioned that in the post itself.
EliseOP (EUW)
: wall of text
Yeah, took me quite the time and research to do it, hope that's detailed enough haha
: i think AP items on him are stupid
That's what many thought about AD Fizz, AD Akali, and still think AD Elise is stupid. Have you tried it before saying it?
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: Im not sure this helps. I dont remember a champion with 33% winrate and only 6.5% popularity at the release...
I can understand what you are talking about, but I got the grasp of Bard, and that's why I posted this. I posted this to help promote this champion as it's overally underestimated, or misused, this is meant to help understanding Bard and tweaking with his unique mechanics. I see huge success with Bard, maybe you should try doing it?
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Wow, at first i really thought u were talking about Support Bard... U even said "support" but then you suggest a full AP build, without sightstone. Going full Ap with Bard is the worst thing u can do imho. He has only one real "damage" skill, which has such a short range that you need to go in "melee-range" and it has a really bad scaling... Lichbane is also a bad choice... U call it a core Item, but Bard has only 500 AA-range, which puts him in great danger if he always tries to poke. And when will he get enough AP to deal damage with it? I would recommend a tanky build with Items, that will help your ADC or Team, like Mikaels or Frozen Heart.
Let's face a fact there, Bard is not always on the side of his ADC, he roams and a lot, the build that I am giving is a pure ap build because I said right from the start that my Bard build recommendation is the kill support style. What we are talking about here is theory, of course theoretically, Bard can be caught off guard, and be bursted down but then again he can theoretically be destroyed by anything at any time once he doesn't pay attention. I really think that one of the most important things when commenting about something is to read everything. Lich Bane's effect is useful to Bard thanks to his Cosmic Binding, from experience, Bard's damage and utility combo can overwhelm the enemy team in team fights, it's a matter of precision, and smart plays. Let's clarify it once again, this is an option build that I recommend for those who like it deadly, and heavy, like me for example. The summery itself focuses around his potential regardless of your build. Thanks for the feedback :)
: I intentionally left most of the numbers out, except for completely necessary ones, like his ult, which nobody would have any idea how powerful it was unless I noted down the numbers. However, the cooldowns and damage I leave up to the balance team, because I don't want people to like the concept, but disregard it because I typed in the wrong numbers.
I don't think people just disregard champions just cause of numbers, if that was so we would already witness Kassadin's demise, back then in s3 But what ever is your choice haha :P
: All hail the memes. {{item:3284}} Chims in jungo {{item:3284}}
{{item:3009}} {{champion:432}} {{item:3009}} All Hail!
: Any support who doesn't benefit enough from sightstone to buy it, isn't worth playing IMO. Even though you can always upgrade warding trinket to totem at level 9, I'd rather have Sweeping lens, since it has much lower cooldown than vision totem, and allows you to deny timers on drake and clear wards for your jungler to gank. If the enemy can clear your wards which isn't free sightstone stacks, you will be at a major disadvantage regarding vision control. {{item:2049}} is power, {{item:2049}} is life.
I happen to disagree with you, Bard can gain much cover of the maps just by collecting chimes, and he has sustain to check and even facecheck brushes, buffs and epics. There is a reason I left it out, even though he's a support, try it. :)
: Exactly what this scrub says :P Every week you have a free rotation of 10 champions. Play them all in bot games, find out which one is fun to play and enjoyable, then pick him/her up and start maining. Izi :)
Also I personally get "bonded" with champion, mostly connecting and relating through their personality, play style and dynamics. See whom do you like for their attitude, someone that is fun to you :)
: Edgard, the Master of Psionics
He is an interesting champion, reminds a bit of Riven but with mana. The question is what are the cool down? In a kit like this cd is more than dominant, that's one of the things that might differ the champion between underpowered and overpowered. Good job!
: Nasus Q and Stop command
I think it's a thing of practice honestly. I don't have this problem for a long time now, since mostly I know how to calculate when I'll manage to last hit or not
Zambit (EUW)
: Rengar so good in soloQ
That was that very game, don't know what you built, but I guess the enemies didn't really bother warding a lot, or using a pink ward. Anyway don't get too full of yourself and of Rengar, it might bring you down. But overall Rengar is a hyper carry assassin.. And also a jungler, pretty much a solo queuer's dream. Hehe
Jokeriz (EUNE)
Bard is not underpowered, in fact I am afraid that currently he is a bit unstoppable, out of about two games out of ten were a loss for me, that makes it 80%,and mind you he isn't long enough around the rift to be completely mastered. Think of how far this wanderer can go {{item:3115}}
: {{item:2045}} ????
That's a great question, I forgot to mention the warding totem, make sure you upgrade it. Honestly after the trinkets were released, I stopped buying sightstones, Besides, the stats it gives are too low and mid-game like to use on Bard. You can buy it for the Earl-Mid game, but don't keep it for the late game.
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