: No one uses that three letter combo like that, at least not in this game.
Well it's not my problem if they don't use it in this game.
: >not even a swear or anything it's purely nonsence Homophobic slurs and telling one to kill themselves is incredibly rude. Don't try to say it was "just some nonsense".
i didn't tho i told them ''%%%'' which can be interpreted in different ways it doesn't necessarily wish for someone to commit suicide.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Telling a person to commit suicide, and homophobic slurs, are both cases that on their own escalate you to a direct 14 day ban. It's classified as extreme verbal abuse. The intent is to punish players after just a single game displaying such behavior, so everything is working as intended here. --- > I'm banned now for hurting some random persons feelings over the internet. Does it matter if it's a "random" person? Does that make the person any less of a person just because you can't see them?
i mean I get that but there are probably other cases that have been like this that haven't even gotten a slap on the wrist of course it's not justified but still... I felt that it should have been a 5 game chat restriction cause it wasn't that heavy of an insult considering the fact I said ''%%%'' could mean i meant kiss your sister.
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: I stopped reading your points after a few sentences, I did not mean to offend (I do not think I did) but you just make no sense. I really think you just want to argue with people for no reason, because you agreed with my post and you are still trying to prove me wrong. XD
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: Riot reward
No cause that's literal child pornography and you should go to jail idc if this fker is thousands of years old {{champion:142}} she's still 12 imo
: The shop won’t just select champions who you play, but also champions with similar playstyles to the ones you play... it’s a way to try and encourage people to expand their champion roster. So your friend got those discounts because the system thinks they would enjoy those champions
The system is wrong tho haha
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0462 (EUNE)
: I want to complete the Buddy Missions, but I have no one to play with
Seems like you don't have any friends here either... *Feelsbadman*
Psychoziz (EUW)
: how to play yasuo?
I mained yasuo back when he came out and my recomendation is DON'T PLEASE
Klomisder (EUW)
: Azir, Lissandra or other mage?
I see you said other mages. I personally suggest orianna cause I like her and she can be hard to manage with her ball but she is still pretty strong even against assasins
nomadian (EUW)
: LoL has gobbled up 14.7 GB
That's one big lol... Better nerf {{champion:39}}
sakatory (EUW)
: frer rp
*wRkS 1005% TRuSt Me iI Em NotttT a Botot?!*
Kartakus (EUNE)
: Demoted after win
Why didn't you just win the game after tho? maybe you woulda got lp
: Is this a normal thing Riot?
They are actually lvl 24 not 25 The more you know {{summoner:2}}
: My way back to League.
Cool man,but believe me you don't wanna come back here.


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