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: All I want to know is what app that is it cooperates with For in-game checking it's a lot better than, but for overall stats is better
: It's a normal game, who gives a shit ? Ranked MMR=/=normal MMR, so there. You can get matched as B5 with/vs challengers. You want ranks similar to yours ? Play solo/duo ranked. No other way. Same on aram..I'm mid Diamond, get matched with unrankeds and low bronze.
> who gives a shit ? I didn't really care for the win, but it is not fun to just get shit on for 20 minutes. Just a waste of time, without ever having a chance for the win.
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: i want one vs kled. PLEAAAAAASE
I can sure try making one in weekend
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: Nice mate, what program did you use and how did you do it? Is it free? I would like to learn :D
I used Aseprite, it cost $14.99. If you want free program you can just use Piskel, but Aseprite have much more options like layers and other things. Piskel: Aseprite:
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Akintos (EUNE)
: OK
Btw, you hate this game, but you still buy expensive skins like spirit guardian Udyr
Avenger28 (EUNE)
: Why i hate this game
: Lol, that is actually pretty good and definitely worth more than 9 rp. With a bit of work and coloring, u might actually even make it into the fan art showcase:
Maybe, but i don't know where it is now
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paja999 (EUW)
: I'm good now :(
If i kill my entire family, but i am good after 3 years, does it mean that i can get out from prison?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Nice job =)
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