HokageBoii (EUNE)
: We need Tracker's knife back!
Oh how I wish. I'd go back to playing jungle again. The vision problem in pro play was because of ZOMBIE WARD, not Tracker's Knife.
: Don't stop playing the game, do the same thing I did - transfer to EUW. I can assure you that the community is incomparably better.
lmfao not even close, quite the opposite actually
james2k (EUW)
: Veigar and LeBlanc are basically the only mages worthwhile playing.
LeBlanc is not a mage
Snowbrand (EUW)
: After watching worlds and playing against le blanc, you have to admitt her revert was a mistake
Reworked LeBlanc was a permanent ban in competitive play. People have the memory of a goldfish.
: why is akali still not nerfed?
All she needs is to be revealed by True Sight in shroud. Every other part of her hit is fine.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Revert Rabadons Deathcap build path!
The new buildpath is actually so much better. I build the item a lot more often now.
: Just gonna dismiss this as a troll comment because Shyvana is a champ with a godlike lategame.
No, she has a godlike midgame. Once other champions catch up to her in levels and items, she falls off.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: That's just it. She used to scale badly, she doesnt anymore
She still does. Her teamfighting is very weak.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: {{champion:60}} she actually started scaling pretty well with runes reforged. Problem is, you have to decice, whether you want weak early for stupid high turret pushing power late, or you want her to be midgame powerhouse. On top of that, mess a combo and bb. {{champion:103}} super easy to pick up. Mastering is a whole different thing, as she has so many playstyles. Fighter, assasin, kitemage, dps, tank buster, aoe teamfighter. {{champion:131}} when to pace out your skills and when to combo all for outright burst. Bruiser, assasin, dps, tank. {{champion:76}} Now this has gone under the radar for a while. She is capable of playing EVERY POSITION, but relies largely on her abilities to enchance those positions. {{champion:102}} You don't win against rene or dariuss now, do you? Exept, YOU DO!!! BUT YOU NEED TO consider your whole god damn game in champ select. What runes, what summoners, what playstyle. Snowball shyvana is surprise to low elo, but once you meet people who can kite properly, you're in a world of pain. Not to mention, she is a jungler and very underrated toplaner. {{champion:39}} The better nerf irelia meme. Every season she gets a change. Every season she either stomps in 3 roles(top,mid,jungle) or is bound to only one lane. {{champion:134}} designed as a mage that can solo fend off 5 man towerdive. Now, I've only seen one guy do it and he is ex anivia main.
Runes do nothing for Elise's scaling. She scales badly because of the nature of her kit, not her numbers.
: Shyvana is oppressive AF right now
Shyvana actually has a whole bunch of weaknesses. 1) She gets very low on her first clear, susceptible to invades. 2) Extremely limited gank pressure pre-6. 3) Terrible late-game scaling.
: It's the same case with Karma mid... oh boy that's not a fun lane at all. However, same can be said with what to do against as a top laner against a mid lane champion like Katarina or Ekko?
Karma is straight garbage right now though...
: **this is how the gates of hell open on the rift** just stick to champs that work. challenger players were being autofilled alot of the times, just check streams and they all play 1 support champ atleast in a average way.. either a damage dealing support a engage type support depending on their preference. if you dont like the role there are still ways to do damage and still actually ''support'' your team and adc. autofill but still want to do damage go {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:26}} autofill but want some blood and action go {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:12}} With all the above mentioned champs dont forget to peel for your adc.. aka make sure that land your cc etc on the enemy adc and to isolate the support away from him. USE your exhaust on the adc.. if its a healing support like sona/Soraka use ignite on them. If a jungler is ganking.. use your exhaust on them and peel so that your adc can get out safe. .. if you are playing brand and zyra and karma, while doing damage do remember u do have ''CC". On engage champs like leona - thresh - alistar etc take ignite and go ham on the adc. Ofcourse show presence in lane take a few shots ''not too much'' so that there is space for your adc to farm. Do not seperate too far from your adc as they could 2vs1 you. dont forget to ward. Some champs like {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}} can work but not recommended unless you main them. Do not pick {{champion:17}} For toplaners there are options such as {{champion:14}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:57}} There are a whole list of good meta supports that work, they usually provide something for their team or provide important cc or functions.. atleast do the role right if you will play it only once in a few games and if everyone does that.. than we get better quality games. avoid off-meta.. as a autofill support the little you could do on that role will only get worse.
If you build damage on Karma you deserve to lose
Tiichu (EUW)
: Trouble with playing Morgana as support
Don't build Zhonya's or those other AP items tbh. Redemption, Locket then whatever. AP really doesn't do much for support Morg. Your damage won't be relevant anyways.
So if it's so obvious this lane is going to get ganked, why are you not counterganking?
kjono1 (EUW)
: I first played Nami during the free rotation that had about 20 free champions and did extremely well with her, a few times even getting an S. I've played soraka for ages now so at may be why I don't have any struggle with her but when I think about it, I don't really think she's that hard to just pick up for one game.
1. normals don't matter 2. I concur that a shitty soraka is better than playing other supports you don't know
kjono1 (EUW)
: I'd say take a support like Nami or Soraka, they are quite good for saving adcs and keeping the lane sustain. another way to avoid autofill would be just to pick support/fill for your first game, then be exempt from it there after.
Don't pick Nami if you don't play support. Hell, same probably applies for Soraka.
: Making the support role attractable.
The problem is not in the role, it's in the players' mindsets.
: Didn't we have enough tank meta's wasn't infinite times played of poppy at worlds enough ?
If someone is playing Poppy and not being aggressive in lane, they should just stop playing the champion lol
Wex0r (EUW)
: erm pretty much for the laning phase, Like it or not but basically yes, supports job save your adc and try to set up kills. Supports role is to essentially feed adc so he can Carry mid to late. Support then changes into team support depending on the champion but normally making the engages or disengages happen.
Hilarious misconceptions right there
Wex0r (EUW)
: erm no its not its what sup do, they provide sup and play alongside, If they wander off and start farming enemy jungle for instance then thats not supporting. thats leaving ur adc 2 vs 1 which is the oposit of support.
Support is not the ADC's babysitter
Wex0r (EUW)
: if they play alongside you and provide support nope, if they wander off and leave you on your own yes
That is a hella narrow and wrong view of how support works.
: Autofill should be an option
Fkin spoiled players smh
I Am Ravi (EUW)
: {{champion:432}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:267}} ?
Those are the supports that allow you to 1v2 lane and therefore don't fit the narrative of the thread, duh.
: > but adc's rely on support to get them to late game. highly skilled adc's barely need their supports. highly skilled support would need everyone always. i know alot of skilled adc's and i can tell you they can win their lane 2v1 and the rest of the team is waiting to get mauled by that fed vayne. just like midlane its a question of mechanics. at some point a highly skilled adc can easily get himself into late game. ''even with the worst support'' hence they can go in soloQ without a duo and still climb. as for the support.. climbing with random adc's and carries is a much more of a pain.
Supports are usually the ones 1v2ing the lane lol
: While not getting instakilled. Mind you, this is a very, very important point. With all the Blitzcranks, Threshes and other All-in supports, it's much safer to be playing the farm game, which, thanks to Soraka's ability to help others on the map, will pay out. I have played a little bit of Soraka (Mastery 7, somewhere mid gold). I think i know where i'm coming from. People have different playstyles but the core gameplay is still the same.
Obviously it depends on the matchup but generally a Soraka lane should be played aggressively.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Diamond master players are really bad.
You only have 1 flex game against a Kayle and you lost that one... I have also failed to find any master tier players you claim to have played against...
: Soraka is a type of champion that doesn't really make "plays". The ADC's know that if there is a Soraka supporting them, the best thing they can do is focus 100% on csing, since no amount of poke can threaten them and there is little-to-no kill pressure. And that is a good thing, really. Especially if the ADC you are supporting is a lategame beast like Vayne. Also, if botlane is just a farmfest, the team with Soraka has an advantage because of her global ultimate. Just because YOU are good at using Soraka offensively doesn't change who she is innately. She will never be accepted as a poke support while Sona/Karma/Zilean exists.
Completely wrong, if you're being supported by a Soraka you want to be trading as much as possible
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=superrobot1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MumlT1vR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-11T23:50:22.947+0000) > > So you are saying i could potentially gain +50% heal and shield power from buying Crucible, Ardent and Redemption :O You could... Question is whether its worth it.
Duh, of course it is
: Jungle. She was really strong back in the days of Cinderhulk meta, however now she just falls off in the terms of game tempo and doesn't really bring much to the team. You can try of course, however it can be hard to main late game oriented champions in this meta.
: Guaranteeing your role when joining a queue
: go titanic into cinderhulk and when you auto reset correctly you can basicly oneshot adcs. go full tank afterwards
: Those pings aren't just for the mid laner... the support should also look to respond to it plus if there is a ward nearby a top laner should think about a tp... mid might be the closest but they are just one option and if there is a chance for a turn a rotation from some of your other team would be worth it. Also you can't just blame the jungler, a first pick kass before you know the mid lane match up is asking for this to happen... plus everyone has wards at the beginning so if you see a shaco on the enemy team it's your whole team's job to have ample ward coverage as its way too obvious what a shaco is about to do plus gives you an opportunity for other teammates to collapse on him.
TPing from toplane at level 2 would be disastrous...
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=14xxlIxm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-09-08T06:25:23.767+0000) > > Luck does play a part in individual games, but with enough games it becomes a non-factor. a lesser factor
A non-factor if you play enough
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: And you know this how? Is this account your smurf? Is your main in master/challenger? Is any of your friends playing in master/challenger? Up to diamond 1 opening mid nor even afking is not happening. Yes players are giving up mentally but are not opening mid if they screw up early and very very rarely they surrender pre 30 minutes. Surrender itself is rare, happens in 2% games. Maybe in master/challenger the situation is different, but I don't think so. BTW, im plat2 right now but I was d3 month ago and I played with d1 players.
EUNE doesn't count
: Is Lich bane/sheen good on Lux
If you're in range to AA in a teamfight, you're doing it wrong.
Doomley (EUW)
: seems like i know a lot more than you do. I'm a 5500 rated solo player in dota so i do have validity in my claims. Dota has no client and lol is getting a new one this year and then they can add other features like sandbox and replay. Dota doesn't require more general mechanics than LoL, not even close. It does require more micro thanks to many controllable units. Features like replay do not make the game better and are invalid arguments. In dota you aren't server locked because of the small playerbase ( LoL has 3 times more players in a day than dota has in a month) and it is not good that you aren't server locked because of great variance in pings and languages (and russians keep coming out of their holes). The pro play is incredibly boring to watch. Sure you don't need to grind but that is the burden of knowledge which is worse than grind for a new player.
You are exactly like a Riot talking head it's hilarious lmao
Doomley (EUW)
: No people just go afk. EDIT: open mid not even close to as common thing as you seem to think. I should know. I am a high elo player.
You're plat 5 LOL
Doomley (EUW)
: you will get abused more in DotA tho and it also has no surrender feature. It's not that lol is easier. It's easier to get into because it is better designed. LoL has simple instructions and interfaces when everything in DotA is made complex via bad design. Meaning they made things complex without them needing to be that. for example the shop is terrible in DotA. LoL has a lower skill floor but higher skill ceiling. DotA also has a burden of knowledge on new players by having every hero unlocked from the start which discourages most players. In LoL you can basically only see 10 different champions in your games early on which makes you learn and when you level up yu begin to see more and you can learn them when they appear when in dota you can have completely different heroes every game. The games in dota last too long and make it discouraging to play more if you lose. The difference in player base has very little to do with difficulty. Also how do high elo players always get back there if they have no power? because they have power, that's how.
Holy fuck you're brainwashed as hell. High elo players open mid all the fucking time because they know the game is over 10 minutes in. That NEVER happens in Dota.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: That does not mean that the snowballing issue hasn't gotten much, much worse recently. In other words, they've taken lol to the direction of dota. Whilst forgetting, that most people play it mainly because it is (or at least was) different from dota.
Comebacks in Dota are much easier than in League, depending on your teamcomp. In League if you get a 10k gold lead the game is over. In Dota you can still have a VERY GOOD chance to win.
Doomley (EUW)
: And in LoL it's possible to make a comeback when in Dota it is very hard. That's a minus point for dota. Good things always have the other side of the coin. The fact that a team that has a leaver will get increased gold income is simply retarded and unbalanced. The interface in dota is terribly designed. While in LoL the worst player loses, in dota the best player wins. The system in LoL is actually better if you think about it. Dota requires a lot less mechanical skill but a bit more knowledge and the skill to use multiple items with actives. For a team game dota puts too much emphasis on single players skill as an individual and not as a team player. Dota has worse punishment system and worse matchmaking. You know that a great majority of players in LoL are above the age of 20 right? Tired of people whining about "kids" in this game. You said everything else sucks compared to dota when all you talked about was the difference in snowballing. I listed some actual differences and there is a good reason why LoL is 7 times more popular than DotA 2 is.
LMAO Dota has much better comeback mechanics in league. Especially in pro play. Dota requires more general mechanics rather than champion-specific ones. Also has much harder micro Dota has built in replays, sandbox mode, you are not server-locked, the client is miles and miles ahead of League's, pro play is a lot more interesting and fun to watch, you don't need to grind for anything etc etc. You basically know nothing about Dota based on your post.
: > [{quoted}](name=The7thSeal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aNqwLj2r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-09T19:49:45.661+0000) > > I wouldn't really call Nasus outdated. His issue is that low levels players don't really know how to utilise him effectively and high level players know how to play around him. > And Mundo is on Riot's rework list. Even with nerfs to lane swaps (having standard lanes) soon enough every game, Nasus is still not going to be even remotely competitive pick. And yes, it's because he is outdated - his E is the most useless spell in the game. Nasus' tankiness should be alright, damage as well (if given time to stack), meaning that his utility needs to be increased. I have recently proposed for that spell to provide 'grounded' effect on that AOE, or even transfer slow from W to it and give him a new (useful spell).
Nasus is never ever going to be even remotely viable in pro play unless he gets a complete rework that removes his stacking mechanic.
: @Riot How about you stop buffing Poppy and take a look at other top laners
Poppy's been trash for ages now, she definitely needs buffs. Now I don't think buffing her W is a good way to do it but alas I'm not on the balance team. Nasus is terribly designed and should be reworked. Mundo could use some love, the GW buffs and direct nerfs left him in an awkward spot. I think he's still decent into a lot of matchups (unlike Poppy) but his lack of CC and kiteability really hurt him.
I'm instalocking Poppy and there is nothing you can do about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aladyyn,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2t9OOGsJ,comment-id=00020000000000010000,timestamp=2016-07-26T18:59:45.475+0000) > > Riot cares because those players actually know how to play the game and pro play is the best indicator of which champions are the strongest/most oppressive? they also play the game very differently to the vast majority.
Because vast majority of players sucks donkey penis at this game. You can't balance this game around monkeys, which we pretty much are.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aladyyn,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2t9OOGsJ,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-07-26T11:07:24.330+0000) > > She is literally pick/ban in professional play. Nerfs are deserved. figuratively at best, and who cares, they're less than 1% of the playerbase.
Riot cares because those players actually know how to play the game and pro play is the best indicator of which champions are the strongest/most oppressive?
: If I play her, I play her as a support, and tend to max my shield first sometimes. Now it's mandatory to max the shield first..
You put 3 poins in Q and then max E, that's been the standard for a while.
: I am bad because I don't enjoy simple champions
If that's the case, you should enjoy being able to outplay your opponents, right? Maybe you're just not good enough.
iDarkWind (EUW)
: She isn't undersplayed. In fact, she was just too strong with her AoE Shield. If you had ever faced a Karma mid / support with some AP you would notice that. And she isn't a support. She is also played at mid lane with good sucess.
She very much is a support. That is the role she is played the most in, by far.
Infernape (EUW)
: Probably because the amount of casual players far outnumber the amount of pro players. Riot have to balance the game around both casual play and professional play.
No they don't. Balance literally doesn't matter for casual players.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I like how 'Balancing the game for everyone else' got interpreted as 'Balancing the game for Bronze and below'.
So you think only Bronze players are terrible at the game? lol
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