: I've only ever had 1 chat restriction in the 8 years I've been playing, and I've been playing on multiple accounts. If you have nothing to hide, post them chat logs. You signed a contract in terms of the ToS and Summoners Code, you broke said contract multiple times, you pay the price.
I think you didn't got the point of my idea . Its not about a single game , and in one of the coments I did tell what I actually would say if I go off limits . What I meant was that I find it unfair . Because only the mistakes are considered and not the good behaviours aswell THIS is unfair . Cuz I got judged only for being bad a few times . And this is the reason why I wrote that "your sistem is trash! " . I'm not inocent but did not deserved to get perma ban , it could've been a temporary or at least a damn chat restric I could understand but this ...
: Give us them sweet logs. All we can do is tell you what we think of it based on your logs. If you want an official answer then talk to support.
Well to put it more simply I called them "idiots , noobs , stupid and even %%%%%%ed rarely" . I'm honest , got nothing to hide , ok ? I'm not innocent nor I want to appear as one , no one is . I'm only mad cuz I got perma ban only for this , and as I said , I don't do this often like many others . I want to talk to someone from the staff but I don't know how , if you can let here a link I would really appriciate it .
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: Sue Rito pls I wanna see this. no offense.
I wouldn't be the first
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