Boulhya36 (EUW)
: How riot destroyed league of legends;the critics of an intellectual
* 1. Hey bro I wanna season 4 too youre not the only one dont worry :-). I will recommend you not to listen these noobs here. They want s8 cause everything is more easy now. I wanna season 4 beacuse beter and more beutifull client, cooler hp bars and not that champs were broken. Also everybody gonna laught at me but I like old map more. Upvote from me{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Why do I get punished for Riot's mistakes?
Just riot back old client when bugsplat when did not exist.
: 8.13 launcher is telling me to update for the new client that I was using since release.
Maybe they want to back old client if they do im very happy.
: Client is unplayable
Yeah new riot client is shit I prefer old one. Beter looking, beter organised and not have bugs and spikes.
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Boulhya36 (EUW)
: Is rito full not very smart video games company drunk??
Yeah season 4 to season 5 was very cool. Client was good and organised. Healthbars were beautifull and everything was balanced. I actually prefer season 5 beacuse of the new map. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah new client is just shit I hope they realise it and back old leagcy client. Casue if you play on legacy client there are not going to have problems and bugs and lags. Hope they back it.
: Slow client HELP ME !
Or you can mesage riot to back old client. More organised and more beutifull. I hope they back old client.
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUNE[ Normal Draft 24/7 Trial for Patch 8.13
Hey I wanna back old hp bars. How to do it. Please leave a option to back old hp bars it will not be bad.
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: old legendary skins are bad
You put this on Technical Support so we cant downgrade it. Nice move.
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