: DJ Sona for me. I got so excited over it, I forgot how boring Sona is for me to play. I think I did a single game on her.
before i bought dj sona, i had 200+ games with her only, i finally got the skin, played 2 games then i became a thresh main, not touching sona for 5 months :D
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
: Potato PC detected
maybe not,man, i updated to new client today and my fps is 30-40 lower (excuse bad english), i also get fps drops when recalling and respawning in pool
Ionut CID (EUNE)
: Cont banat
prietene, la absolut toate posturile de genul asta s-a clarificat o treaba - este vina ta pentru orice problema legata de cont, n-ai avut grija de el.
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: yea lol xD If u check your Match history, you can see that those "Bots" are actually real players... from where therefore we can conclude that those were normal people but riot changed their names in loading screen AND in game on "Bot" (same goes for u to your enemy, they also saw your IGNs as "Bots")
well, i wish i would've realised that before playing "with my eyes closed because bot game" ...
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Alex2102022, I'm not sure what you're asking for exactly, but my concern is that you've spent maybe a minute to type out that thread in it's entirety, but what you're asking for could easily take hours. It's not just about looking at your match history, it is about teaching you the principles of the game which is a serious effort. I'm just not sure if you're motivated to actually improve :/ If you had shown some motivation in this thread I'm confident I wouldn't have been the only one to reply. So... I'm going to give you [this](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mr8E2Vxb), and let you figure out for yourself how motivated you are. A word of advice, edit your opening post to reflect your motivation.
yes, man, you are right. I am not motivated enough to learn a big amount of league. I am just tired of games with same experience/scenarios/toxicity/and so on. It's like it doesn't matter what role/champ i play. Everything goes exactly the same.
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drymonkey (EUW)
: mate i think i know what the problem is i hated the sup role why cus it was just like you were a slave that no matter what you did your "master" wuld find something to wine about soo i left the botlane alone for a wile then my friend said i wana main sup and she was bad and the adc flamed her alot then i said il be your adc (i was a bad adc) so we culd suck togeather and playing of of eatch other we inprooved alot fast we knew what the other one culd and cudn't do made a stategy and went with it we faled soo dam mutch but we were a team and had fun doing evrything and we grew up to be a verry dam good team in the end (on my elo XD) the point here is mate you nead an adc that respects you and knows that the sup is the real carry of the early game and know that if he gets fed and owns the late game its all thanks to the sup that carried him on that high horse you mate nead a duo buddy XD
I do have a friend who's Platinum 2 . He mains support too(the one I mentioned at the beginning of my story) yet he plays adc great with me being his support. We rarely lose lane when we play duo(we're not that good but since we skype and we are used to eachother's play style we are decent). Usually we get first blood at lvl 2 or 3. But we still lose more than we win. I can't protect him from 3 or 4 people at the same time. I get the feeling that nobody cares about keeping the adc alive.It's like "You support, you protect, we mess around.I tried climbing with him but it's the same result. more lost than won. So we usually play Cancers(blind picks) and just have fun. Well, not so much anymore :(
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Anime recommendations? :D
https://kissanime.to/MyList/306381 - Scroll down until you see the watched ones. chose any title from there. I recommend you : Tokyo Ravens - Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural http://kissanime.to/Anime/Tokyo-Ravens Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural http://kissanime.to/Anime/Umineko-no-Naku-Koro-ni Ushio to Tora - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Shounen, Supernatural http://kissanime.to/Anime/Ushio-to-Tora-TV Season 2 http://kissanime.to/Anime/Ushio-to-Tora-TV-2nd-Season Tasogare Otome x Amnesia - Horror, Mystery, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural http://kissanime.to/Anime/Tasogare-Otome-x-Amnesia Shingetsutan Tsukihime - Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Super Power, Supernatural, Vampire http://kissanime.to/Anime/Shingetsutan-Tsukihime Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners - Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Seinen, Super Power, Thriller http://kissanime.to/Anime/Gekijouban-Kara-no-Kyoukai-The-Garden-of-Sinners
: You didn't said sth about the 5 mins where Leaverbuster ;)
yes, it is my fault, i wasn't being clear on the problem mate ;) in my head it was cleary enough :D. Sorry
: 5 mins ? how sad :DDD Sry, but I can't take this serious, in higher elos people wait like 30 Minutes :D Do you want low Queue time and autofill or longer time and no autofill m8 ? ;)
dude, i wasn't the one who dodged the game yet i got the 5 mins waiting . leaverbuster for a game that i didn't dodget.
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: Crap. Riot has been trolling us with the new queue and they ban this guy for playing singed support. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
dude, they fucked it up so hard on this one. All these changes and shit they made are one but banning someone for "not playing what the team wants" is too much.
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Weelah (EUNE)
: Try Ziggs just as broken
Infernape (EUW)
: The bots are coded to group. Humans aren't. All a Brand player would have to do is press R and it's an instant penta. He made the mode far too easy. Humans are less likely to group up around Brand because of his AoE damage.
I respect your opinion but I thing Brand should be disabled from bots as well
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XIII Suzuya (EUNE)
: Ping issues
me too, i checked my internet connection and everything is ok. 280 and is not coming down. EDIT: I played a ARAM and no ping issues at all... Stay away from All for one!
Almighty (EUNE)
: URF is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS game mode!
You guys should try Tahm Kench . It helps a lot after you lost a urf where you had almost no fun playing
: favorite off-meta builds
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