: Nowadays high-elo meta absolutely revolves on those two champions. They keep getting nerfed but point is they keep getting picked and banned as if nothing ever happened. And more importantly, they keep having a HUGE positive influence on matches as if nothing ever happened. My favourite champion, Kalista, has received the exact same treatment months ago, for more or less the same reasons. And I didn't complain, I could see why the nerfs where done. And besides, many nerfs do not instantly equal to unplayable champion. Kalista is still, after that whole nerf-after-nerf process, a very playable champion with meaningful strengths, and meaningful weaknesses.
Well, what can I say? Thanks for your opinion, but you should probably try to play Nidalee right now and see what happens, because it is not normal to get killed by raptors until you buy your whole jungle item. At least Kalista can still be played, you should ask more Nidalee mains about what Riot has done to this champion.
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: Yeah...the thing is that Satan (Teemo ) exists as well so...yeah....nothing can counter ...that....thing....
True... #GG.AFK {{champion:17}} {{item:3070}}
: > [{quoted}](name=AlexisBlood,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x8j7lflH,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-26T21:03:55.857+0000) > > **Daaaamn**, would somebody from Riot mind to make a new skin for Zyra?**_ Like serioursly, Rito, she didn't get a new skin since 2013,_** just because she is slowly becoming forgotten, it doesn't mean that she is not fun to play or things like these. {{champion:143}} I just fell in love with this champion ffs, I mean, who wouldn't like her? She's pretty OP and mega-fun to play.** So why wouldn't you create a new skin for {{champion:143}} ? This season you really screwed up every skin that you had made, like Elderwood LeBlanc, why?** And btw, why don't you just let {{champion:83}} to be at least once at free week to play... That's annoying, because Yorick is fun to play too. :c **But I still insist on creating a new skin for Zyra, she deserves it, **_**so stop creating stupid skins for champions like Yasuo and do at least one single skin for a nice and decent champion, like Zyra, really, why not?**_ Yeah, he's right. I mean, srysly yasuo doesn't deserve a skin like blood moon, I know th Yasuo mains are gonna hate me for saying this but it's true ,zyra is a more skilled champ and a lot more fun to play than yasuo, I am sick of playing mid vs yasuo everyday, it's rly annoying, I would like to play vs a good Zyra main , like I main Syndra, Cassiopeia, Azir ,Orianna and a lot more champions, and they deserve love as well T^T. So please rito, make a new good skin for Zyra, she rly deserves it, and you know it. Just think how happy will be the Zyra mains around the world ^^. And I think Yorik should be put at free rotation as well , why? Because some players maybe want to play him , try him out for free , not paying 4800 ip, which let me tell you , it kinda takes a lot to make ,depending on how much you play everyday. I would love to play him in pvp or bots , just for fun , because that's what league of legends Is all about. Fun. And nothing else. I hope you will understand me and not hate me for what I just said. But I speak only thruth :D
1. So true, so true... Honored for being decent enough for not playing Yasuo/Zed/Kata, lol. xD :3 Whenever I am on the midlane against a "Yasuo main" it' so annoying just because of his pathetic E... But meh, when they'll be against a {{champion:143}} main they'll know they are dead. #PrayForZyraAndOtherForgottenChamps {{champion:83}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:34}}
: You know I would definitely support this post had it not been rude towards other champs. {{champion:157}} {{item:3070}}
Sorry {{champion:157}} {{item:3070}}
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