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: Is Lissandra viable right now?
Completely viable in 5v5 (as she will always be), not as much in soloqueue ... i mean, you can play her if you want, not gonna lose games just because of it, but her current state is pretty poor, 47,6% winrate, she lacks both raw damage and burst, she "feels" super weak compared to other champions as you play her. (Still can carry anyways, it's just harder than ever).
: Riven's current state & Potential improvements
Well, as mentioned few times before, Riven is not overpowered, but she definitely has an unhealthy kit, I have to agree with that. I will look at the statistics more than her actual in-game performance, that was already discussed before. As a champion considered as "highly mechanical", she cannot afford to have 50,6% overall winrate with pickrate of 13,24%, that's just insane, her popularity suggests a winrate around 48% with her skill cap (which is surely in top 20, arguably a lot higher). So yeah, the best thing for players overall (both Riven players and their opponents) is a tweak to her kit and/or numbers. However, i don't like your actual suggestion about increasing cooldowns along with her numbers for mutual compensation, let me tell you why. According to you, her cooldowns should be increased, which would be compensated in brawl with the cooldown resets, but would also remove her mobility and make her more vulnerable. If i understand that correctly, you are just amplifying the unhealthy component of her kit (her raw strength), and restricting tools needed to actualy fit in a team composition (safety components/ mobility which compensate her crown-control vulnerability during initiation/fighting). I dont think that's a good idea. I think that her 1v1 should be actualy toned down a bit in terms of early game. The idea about giving her passive additional armor penetration bonus is great, but the ad scaling should be also toned down. That would give her opponents more breathing room and would also enhance your pressure after the "stacked armor" mark. I wouldn't think about cooldownresets and increasing cooldowns at all, that would be over the top. The problem with Riven in soloqueue is, that she has already a lot of counterplay, but opponents are not taking an advantage out of that, so a Riven snowballing with a lane lead is their own mistake, not the mistake of the lane opponent nor her "broken" kit. Riven is one of the easiest carries to actualy shut-down from her lead with a good focus as a team, you surely know that from your own experience. Rewarding good riven plays with increased damage against her current damage output is unhealthy and would only cause trouble, the increased cooldowns in lane are there just to hurt the below average players, because a good riven would make one skillrotation (with larger effect than now) and return with the second after that without any trouble and almost any damage returned (utilizing valor and CC she already has) with pretty much same effect, the cooldown increase surely wouldn't give opponents enough room to outsustain her. Cooldown increase would only hurt her utility in actual teamfighting, which is in bad shape already, and overall gameplay, which makes her different from other champions in a good way. While you, as a Riven player, are trying to adapt Riven to current meta, I don't think Riven should be a meta-relevant champion at all, because her kit is too complex to be played around for temporary effective changes (similar to Heimerdinger, Malzahar, Udyr or any other soloqueue-specific carry). Tweaking her base damage and scaling, or minor cooldown changes, are the right way to go, in my opininon. Maybe very minor alterations to passive or ultimate mechanics (stacking, duration, lowering the scaling, adding armor penetration for compensation, range and cone alteration, and things like that). She unfortunately has to be toned down a little to be healthy at this moment, but that's just a statistical approach. (btw., if you are all concerned about riven, look at vayne's rates, that is some next level bullsheet ... mentioning her only because she has similar statistical problems with different potential balance solutions)


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