: gud 4 u
: Damn we will miss you lul
i will miss your sexy ass u lil cok saking macine
Tayroar (EUW)
: See you in a few days {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
xD i am leaving 4 ever...i just came to flame idiots that said i wont be a loss you see, this community flames those who leave ;P heheh nice nice, rainbow six siege player here....mic chat and %%%% you all little pussies writing 24/7
: I'm truly sorry to hear this. Your absence will be a huge loss for this community.
sak ma dic idiot <3
: What a horrendous shame, you seem like the sort of person I'd love to have on my team. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
sak ma dic <3
: As I said, I have reinstalled windows and League and there was no improvement I'll contact player support maybe I'll get some answers there, appreciate the help though
appreciate it ....but u wont ever give it back to me, since i quit lol...gg wp go play this game that takes all your time money and brain cells and makes a sallad of money
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: Can you link the video? I have Windows and League on my SSD and everything else on my 3 other HDDs
last reccomendetion i can give you is to try reinstalling or fixing league client...it was the case for me having 15 fps max while i could go up to 80 with a a6 and r2 ;P
: Ssd, but that wouldn't matter with in game performance I'll try to find his video, thanks for the help.
no, i am saying bcs he had both ssd and hhd and he did a thingy where he went wiindows from hdd to ssd but he left them there too..he had 2 times windows and pc was doing everything windows wanted twice...
: I've had a Phenom II x4 b55 which is almost the same and I ran league at high above 60 fps on 720p, if you've got a 1080p monitor I'd recommend you go for medium/high for 60+ fps, your gpu is plenty for League. I have never played overwatch so I'm not sure about optimization, you should be able to run most games before 2012 at high above 60fps but I'd recommend lowering settings on newer games. I already have the latest BIOS updates and drivers :/ (h170 pro gaming mbo)
thanks for that, i think brofresco or some youtuber had a problem like you, you have a ssd and a hdd?
emiliusboyy (EUNE)
: Looking for mutual gifting
εισαι scam 100% λες οτι εχεις rp να δωσεις δωρο rakan, γιατι δεν τον αγοραζεις στο δικο σου acc.? παιδια μην το κανετε ειναι κλεφτης!!!
: severs
Go play on na or brazil :P people are boosted and please damn say it server! {{item:3632}}
: Not getting over 60fps (6700k gtx 970 8gb)
ahm have you updated your bios drivers etc...???could not work with lol, you got a rly high end pc so your drivers may not expect lol and not be estimated for it!!! btw can i ask you something??? -> Is a pc with AMD fx 4300 gtx 750 ti asus 1/2gb gddr5 and 8 gb ddr3 good for lol and some light gaming (possibly some overwatch even on low)???
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