boonhuhn (EUW)
: I just made it!!! Promoted at the finish line!
: Tryndamere so bad champ
Tryndamere mid, best pick I've ever done.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Can I post non-league related content?
Well it's off-topic, so why not.
: Lux Elementalist Champion Border
Haha wut. Didn't even know there was a border. I don't even know what I'm paying for anymore!
TayIcknay (EUNE)
: Who came up with Camille needs to rethink his carrer path
Didn't know it was even remotely possible to be so triggered by ability names..
F1 Rammus (EUW)
: Can you buff god damn Kalista?
Ye please, then I can level my acc with her on my west acc again :0 {{item:3599}}
: Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play
It's always been like this though. I just don't see much of it, at least not in normals, since I play with mah buddies.
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Not reaching gold
Hmmm, I was one win from plat, lost then went tilt(or somehow my winstreak turned into a lose streak at the very least). It's my fault though, I chose to play while it was too late, if I had just started playing a bit earlier I would have enough time i suppose. Either way it's disappointing being that close. ;P


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