Chrysies (EUW)
: You wont find a game with as many verbally abusive illogical players as in this one, anyone trying to tell you different are straight up lying! The models and concept is good, but due to the atrocious match making and the above, it isn't enough to keep anyone with average IQ interested in longer periods of time, nor spending any significant sum of money on it.
I believe that if there was an in-game tool by riot like the cursing tool checking for flamers and annoying players,would make a difference. As for example:''[All]:report sup/top/mid/jgl plz thx'' and then follows the ally chat ''Why?''-''bcs ur noob,nb/stfu/idiot/rtrd'' Just a warning message to the the toxic player in-game like:You are being toxic/flamer/annoying to teammates and will have you get punished Its easy just checking the chat for these kind of expressions...every server can store and examine this chat history when the game is in progress....and its happening already with the cursing BUT what can you do?!Just keep playing the best you can for you to train in hard type of situations with ''unsupportive'' teammates not paying attention to useless chat,pings and emotes.This is the nature of human beings...accept it! ;) GL HF the best thought....


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