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: I've also been affected, rip having to change my log in name. I foresee many failed log in attempts in my future.
> [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zttGlFA4,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2019-11-27T18:34:19.687+0000) > > I've also been affected, rip having to change my log in name. > > I foresee many failed log in attempts in my future. Yeah, support is gonna have a backlog until season 11 with everyone sending in tickets to change their name.
Colactica (EUW)
: Can we remove toplane already?
Yeah, sure. While in the real world bot lane goes 0/15 before 10 minutes every game. Top lane is called an island for a reason. Nothing %%%%ing happens in top lane.
Declined (EUNE)
: Not wanting to change your login name?
This is the dumbest shit ever. How the %%%% can the biggest game in video game history %%%% shit like this up this bad.
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: So you're trying to tell me that the D4 Jayce in the game that just ended has the same MMR as a hardcore bronze player?
> [{quoted}](name=HGHam,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nBfFRN87,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-10T00:16:46.859+0000) > > So you're trying to tell me that the D4 Jayce in the game that just ended has the same MMR as a hardcore bronze player? If it is his first draft game then I believe he should be in the silver range.
: Do executes lower your mastery score ?
Play Lux in toplane or as adc(the position, not item wise). Always better to play in "bad" roles to get s- rank
Cypherous (EUW)
: > ARAM needs a better random system I'm not quite sure you understand the meaning of the word random here buddy
Well, maybe he wants a system that does not pick form your champion pool? True random.
Nacya (EUNE)
: It's actually the same over there. Look at their boards.
But they said the grass was greener on the other side...
: Why am I getting gold players in non ranked games when I'm trying to learn new champs?
Because draft uses MMR just like all the other "rankeds" in fact, normal draft is actually the superior ranked as people can´t get fooled by meaningless titles like silver or gold or bronze. Only MMR matters.
: Created new acc, Riot recommended me to pick Yuumi mid
Nah, Yuumi mid is fine. Just max W and follow the jungler around. Anything better than yasuo mains or zed mains.
: Watch Rewards broke
Watching these engaging pro plays should be rewarding in its own, right? /jk
: Open letter to the community and Riot
A lot of good comments, but I think they miss a crucial point. A lot of challengers have mentioned this. S9 is harder to climb. And I think the reason is this, past seasons solo carrying games was more common, pick a hypercarry or assassin and you can snowball out of control. Now, with the bountysystem being way higher, one death can give the enemy team too much gold. This creates a game where 1 player can´t solo carry all the time. But 1 player can ruin the game. Aside from that, climbing is 90% mental. If you are better than your opponents, and "deserve" to climb, the hardest part is handling with the stress of playing with morons and extremely bad players. The 40/20/40 as they say. 40% of the time you win because of your team, 40% you lose because of your team. 20% your performance matters. Not perfect analogy, but in poker you don´t have the winning hand every game. To win in the long run you can´t be bothered by poor play, nor be bolstered to much by winning. It´s a game of chance, this matchmaking. This makes League ranked pretty boring when you are below your rank I think. I think they should get rid of leagues all together. No iron, silver etc. The matchmaking works on a hidden MMR and the leagues are just fluff than means nothing. Either remove leagues or remove the MMR and make you actually fight silver 2 40 lps if you are silver 2 40 lp. Leagues are just a shiny object in front of a cat. Without giving us the MMR no one can know if the matchmaking is fair in any way.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: when you couldnt do any missions? because i did at least one mission every single day... the only thing that was bugged is the progression, but if you did the requirements you got the mission
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=uUkx4goo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-31T16:47:40.060+0000) > > when you couldnt do any missions? because i did at least one mission every single day... the only thing that was bugged is the progression, but if you did the requirements you got the mission That is incorrect. More than the progression is bugged.
: Riot should add more time to Trials missions timer.
Just give us the rewards. Not that hard. If they %%%%ed up, just give everyone all the points.
: This new change not only is annoying but enables trolls
How about people that have died at least once per minute don´t get a vote? Solves your problem perhaps, XD
: Riot, What do LEC/LCS Passes actually give us?
Since the missions aren´t even working, who is stupid enough to buy that?
mezewezo92 (EUNE)
: Missions is not working properly
: I compleated all missions but didnt get all rewards trails 2019
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Loves (EUNE)
: So will anything actually be done about the missing tokens?
They should just rejoin EU West and EUNE... This shit server is so scuffed all the time.
: Is there another hidden April fools joke in matchmaking?
It´s been april fools for years then?
: Lol ingame graphics are looking really bad
90s graphics LoL sounds legit. Anyone made Dota in Warcraft 2 editor? XD
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Why do we need a representation of our MMR? Why not just show our MMR? It seems so pointless. Because the MMR would feel "pointless". To humans, going from 1400 to 1500 MMR wouldn't really say much, nor provide us with any real goal to stretch for. It's just a number that doesn't mean much in itself. But we understand ranks, and divisons. Things like Gold, Platinum, Diamond, all stand as a very clear goal to set our eyes on and reach for. Getting Gold for the first time would feel way better than reach 1200 MMR, because the Gold ranking simply speaks more to us. --- > Also you still do get a sense of progression by seeing your MMR move up and down. Yes, but again the MMR number doesn't really provide us with a proper sensation of progress, something visible rankings do.
Just show both. Gold rank and MMR. But that won´t happen as Leagues weird matchmaking will become apparent then. Just the old MMR showed how crazy uneven teams MMR can be.
Arrcros (EUNE)
: they say nasus is fine.kite him,pick this into him pick that
Sivir, Caitlyn, Vayne, Tristana, Ashe, Corki, Ezreal, Kaisa, Kalista, Kennen, Kindred, Lucian. 12/20 champions on Riots list of marksmen can easily kite Nasus. Jinx could probably as well with chompers. Xayah with ult and root. Most of the times its just a superfed, superstacked Nasus. If you were against a 12 0 Garen it would be %%%%ing annoying as well. And cc completely shuts down Nasus. I think the problem is that a bruiser with a lot of health is hard to kill when you have 3 assassins per game as per usual in low elo.
: Can we talk about how minion aggro actually works?
I think it is about server side information and your client showing different things. Basically for any game to function your client will make "assumptions" to not overload server capacities. 99% of the time the assumptions are right. But sometimes the server disagrees and changes things.
: I hate this new "AFK" "leaver" BS
Just fix your computer/internet or play offline games.
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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Add an option to disable aiming an abilitiy through the minimap
: This is why leaving Bronze is a nightmare!
Won´t comment on your skill level, as I know nothing. But your match history shows almost only Sona support. Nothing wrong with that. But if you want to climb you should aim for lanes and roles where you have more impact on the game. Becoming a healbot basically leaves you to be carried by your adc.
: [Update from Support] Having a "tough game" is now the new definition of "Intentional Feeding"
Dying once a minute is inting no matter how bad you are, not saying that you died that often. But if people played 1000 of hours of a game and still doesn´t realize that they shouldn´t initiate fights when 3 levels down and have already died 7 times the same way then they should be removed from the game. Playing reckless and dying is losing the game for everyone else. If you just died, and went back to lane. Don´t fight unless you KNOW you will win. Its not rocket science. Should be figured out before being lvl 30. Edit: To clarify, this isn´t really aimed at you. But at the typical people that get this sentence.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Apologies for the late notice on the cancellation - we've been working through the night with pretty much every team and system that has any interaction with Clash to try to resolve this issue. We left it this late as we had hoped to have it resolved before the EU launch (and earlier) - but we were unable to meet that deadline. We're continuing to work on it both in hope that we can make later launches globally today (Other regions are still planned for later in the evening) and having things up tomorrow for EU. The reason we specifically said we hope to have the issue resolved is we don't want to say with certainly it'll be fixed, just to update tomorrow that it won't be. NA hasn't actually had their launch yet due to timezones, so you are correct they didn't have the issue - but they may if we don't get this issue fixed by the time of their launch. We tested Clash numerous times in numerous regions (EU being two of them!). Right now we're looking at any changes made between our last test and now that may have impacted this, and once we've hit that cause - work on a fix. Overall, we're extremely disappointed that we didn't meet both your expectations and the launch of Clash, but we're working tirelessly to fix things up ASAP and continue the launch for future regions and days. Edit: I just wanted to clarify also, this issue is not EU exclusive. We had launched in Japan, Oceania and numerous other regions today - with varying degrees of problems that we've been working on. This was one of the factors in our decision to cancel for EU today - with the issues we've seen so far, it was an extremely poor experience for those players)
Be honest, Riot. Is it the EUs fault? GDPR ruining our fun? hahaha
Freebs (EUW)
: The League of Legends ranking system seems broken
A 51% winrate player will still climb. Watch his Maybe you can figure out what he is doing right? Maybe he engages fights good but dies after, then his team cleans up. Too little information here.
Arzzo (EUW)
: What's lately going on with this community, just me or did the toxicity rise in the last week?
Trias000 (EUNE)
: How do I level up my champion?
Watch replay and see where you lost minions. Typically when you die and the enemy laner shoves the wave to tower. Actually very easy to get ahead in levels even when not winning lane per se. Backing at the right times (for instance when a cannon wave is going to hit your tower you have a few seconds more to get back to lane without losing to much.) But most of the time its best to punish the opponent. This is accomplished by pushing the wave under tower when he has backed and doing this quickly. If you back right after pushing it in you will get back to lane in time without losing any minions, supposing you are an efficient buyer. 10 seconds late means losing minions and xp.
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Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE] Emergency Platform Restart
Have tried to join a game for almost an hour. 5-6 queues that ended after all champs were locked, one before all was locked. Finally gave up when I pressed Accept and it said that I failed to accept... Gl try again...
: Player flames me for ending laning phase. Someone please constructive criticism I don't know how to
Yes and no. Anivia can definitely get %%%%ed by a short laning phase. But if you take first tower mid, just ask to swap with bot. With Anivia R you can just afk farm the wave as it crashes to tower. If no one wants to swap, you can try to take raptors on either side. Your jungles wolves if desperate. Seldom is there nothing to do or nothing to farm that early. Of course writing an essay ingame as this person did seldom helps...
: Katarina and Warwick
" But... I don't think this is the case. Even if you farm safe under your turret, kata will not care about tower diving, since she can get out so easily without ever having too think about it." Why is kata turret diving? Kata gets shit on early game. Just auto attack her when she tries to farm. If she wants to Q farm zone her with your spells. If you are getting outpushed by Kat you are doing something seriously wrong.
Lightbird (EUW)
: You could control salt by putting it into a ‎salt shaker. No for real this should help you: Step 1: unbind chat key by using AutoHotKey script which presses enter whenever you do to insteandly close chat AHK code: $Enter:: If (A_PriorHotkey=A_ThisHotkey) Send {Enter} return Step 2: cant chat Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit
Gets banned for scripting instead. :P
: New honour system lacks respect towards enemy and vice versa
I too want to be able to honor opponents, although the best way to honor them is to send a friend request and start playing with them.
: EUNE ping has doubled almost permanently since 7.14
Oh, wow. Horrible ping, is it even playable at that ping? Feel for you guys. My ping has also increased the latest months. Used to be between 30-40 every game. Now always around 60. Not so bad as for you, but definetly has changed.
Krymons (EUNE)
: "Why no help?" *Solution*
If I do a mistake, for instance miss a jungler fight in the river and am to focused on farming when I could go and help I just apologise and say that I was to focused on CS-ing. If I did not make a mistake, for instance someone on my team engages a fight I am too far away from and they start to rage I just label them in my mind as meat shields to carry and just mute them. Pinging where they should go is really good. I think people use the "anonymous" blue ping way to seldom. Best communication tool in the game. Much better than missing or assist.
: I have encountered a truely infuriating behaviour. kinda a horror story
"So low" I have started to see this as well. Is this particular phrase a new meme i´m missing or what kind of english is it? :P In my experience it is the worst players that flame the most. Probably just blaming others for their own mistakes.
whyrawr (EUW)
: Lefthanded league
The weird thing with Master Yi is that he is holding it like you should hold a katana. Basically you have your right hand top, left hand bottom. Right is for "steering" the blow, left for power. Even left handed people hold it the same. So his in game stance makes no sense, although of course it is a fantasy game and they can do whatever they want.
: How to transition a huge gold advantage(being fed) into ending the game?
In my opinion champs that don´t scale well or have bad teamfighting need to end really early. If you get a big lead with an assassin like Diana I would say you should try to really camp a lane hard. Preferably a lane with someone that has a good late game. When you reach a certain point with an assassin you also should stop farming and focus on creating pressure. Only farm when there is nothing else to do or if it is to risky. When you can one shot the squishies, no need to get farther ahead through farming. When you hit the sweet spot you must constantly apply pressure. Either by ganking, pushing with your laners, split pushing if it is safe. Don´t overfocus on dragons. Infernals are good, but don´t take risks on taking a cloud dragon if there are other things to do. It can be a hard balance to constantly apply pressure and be that guy that just runs around in the enemy jungle trying to get a pick and instead getting caught. I believe it is a question of map awareness mostly. And being aware of what you don´t know. Make mental notes of where people are. For example: look top, top laner is gone. I can´t see enemy jungler. Top enemy jungle should then be off limits unless you can 1v2. See enemy jungler top with enemy top. Counterjungle or gank bot or mid. Sometimes it is good to collapse or countergank, but a lot of players just start to move in the direction of a team fight if they see it, even if they could get a tower instead.
: This New Client Sucks.
A lot of you say that people´s computers are too old if they struggle with a simple client. But what kind of client requires more resources that the damn game itself?
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VenomReaper (EUNE)
: What is the current state of adc's and critical chance in general?
No one but the players is forcing a ranged adc meta. Think of it as a assurance of constant dps source late game (crit build). If you think tanks are better than adcs then team up with some friends and try your theory out. Might change the meta completely?
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