xCillion (EUW)
: As you said, would not work for League. Has been talked about before, there are some interesting posts about it if you are interested in such topics.
First time seeing something like this so just thought it was an interesting idea, let trolls play with trolls :p
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Fae Iza (EUW)
: More than Riven could do?? xD Fiora only has a stun if she ripostes a hard CC, which doesn't scale of her AD, instead AP... Fiora's only dash is on short cooldown only if it hits an enemy champion/minion, she doesn't get 3 of them, with a knockup, that go on cooldown after the very first one is used. Lastly, Fiora doesn't also have a shield/dash scaling of off her AD... Why talk about her ult? They already took out the "Untargetable" from her old ultimate which made people cry so much. x)
And you think your idea for R would be more balanced than her old ult?
Fae Iza (EUW)
: What to change in Fiora? (Main for 2 years)
Movable AoE Heal Circle... do you even think before you type? it's already broken as is. And seriously if they're thinking of buffing her im out, being able to go 1v2-1v3 is more than even riven could do.
Eeten (EUW)
: And of course it is the Fault of the Servers, not your connection to it or something else. The servers.
Please read before you say anything, i alvredy said i checked everything and all was fine, tried starting other games (Cod4, Warframe) worked fine, tried again LoL and got same sh*t where loading just gets stuck either on black screen or 100% loading and won't start.
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Funkyliani (EUNE)
: Riven should be reworked
I only hate it how safe she is by building FULL AD!, like every other champ needs atleast a little bit of tankiness in items, even fiora Old and new one they also went full ad, but atleast fiora was at risk of being easly ganked with no escapes, she could only go all in and maybe trade 1 for 1, while riven can also escape, and do even better job in that ALL IN! on them... so yea damn strong.
: Who are these two?
To me it still and always will look like a freakin bug/wasp/moth..
: Can you draw over it, cause either Im not finding it, or my eyesight has gone bad.
Sorry maybe i wasn't clear enough with "Left", ment left on the pic :p
SkyCrow24 (EUW)
: Your opinion
Try kennen, his Aoe Stun that can easly catch up to 3-4 people even 5 if positioned badly(enemy team), and best part you can always go in first Flash+Ult+zhonya when you think timing is right and get all squshy to atleast half hp and your team can clean up, so yea game changing ult and easy to hit.
: Sleep
I can alvredy see it... a champ called a DreamEater!, only after putting your target to sleep you can use your Ultimate on them or any abilties, and then an ability like Insomnia after putting it on your ally prevents them from being cc-ed, OOOOR!!!... an ability that summons the targets nightmares to attack them, something like yorick's ghouls but can be different summon everytime, like spiders, rats, snakes, goblins or whatevers... k i like it get on it rito.
: Speculations over new champion, seen on the new school splashart
Actually the one of the left looks like a wasp/moth.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Looking for a magic damage top laner
Kennen is.. and trust me on this.. HOLY CRAP BROKEN!... with these changes to Ap items, the fact that you can build zhonya even faster now makes early teamfights almost a guaranteed win if you get 3-4 of them in it, and dmg is.. again.. HOLY CRAP On A Sh*t Som*thang BrokEN!, his ult is even more game changing than rumbles and easier to hit, in lane he's also quite a beast, it's safe to play with him and sh*t ton of poke dmg (max W first), TP+Ult on Bot/drake is always a win, so yea he's good for carrying games if you do it right.
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Eazy AO (EUW)
: Spirit Guard Udyr AND a 1350 RP Skin, OR 3 1350 RP Skins
If you like it then get it, you'll simply enjoy playing udyr even more, and once you get bored of him atleast you'll have a good reason to start playing him again soon.
: Can tahm's W get some risk
Maybe something like after he spits out his teammate he is covered in Tahm spit and slowed by it.
daLias (EUW)
: What just happened to me.... you will not believe
Yea i was being called a retard, bronze, flamed at, and we lost at the end, sure i talked back at him but didn't insult him or flamed, just pretty much laughed at him because it didn't bother me, and at the end i told him he was a bad teammate and that noone should ever play with him.. and then he said to report me for verbal.. even tho he insulted me whole game.. so yea i got reported...... and all that because of 1 missed SS............
: I honestly never had any problems against vlad ''counters''. If you pull the wave at level 1 you can easily set the wave to slow push towards you. Since they'll want to push you can just freeze your lane easily near your tower. You can just tank a few minions and since you're usually starting with cloth and 5 pots+sustain from q you can afford that. If they want to push to the tower they'll just take a lot of free damage from me. The only time I'm having problems is against riven. Against other mention I can just go for rylais after my wota+zhonya and kite them forever. Before that I can just play the sustain game which I always win. Honestly I still have no idea on how to counter vlad (since I don't play riven).
Im just telling you from my experience, but you could try Irelia, if you start with Flask + her inbuild sustain you'll have no problem farming and surviving, and with his pokes you'll always have your stun ready, after you get Hexdrinker you shouldn't have any problems going all in on him and getting a kill, and even later in game Irelia is a tanky beast and if you just manage to catch him in a stun after he goes in with his full combo, he can get bursted down easly, aaaaaaaaaand goodluck.
: Vladimir
From what i learned while playing againts Vlad's is that they just can't farm under tower, he has long cd on his skills early and his basic dmg is just awful, so it's quite easy to deny his farm, and even if you get ganked early 1-5 lvl, vlad can't do much except throw his Q-E maybe W and rely on his jungler to do rest of the dmg, and if you find yourself 2v2 top you're guaranteed to win, unless he has some insane jungler, and he has so many insane counters on top it's risky to even play him without feeding, Riven, Xin, Irelia, Darius, Rene Etc, and even that item HexDrinker it's like it was made to counter Vlad, and those champs that i listed there for counters, with all of them is best to simply freeze the lane near you tower, whenever he tries to farm just go all in make him waste W, back off, and if he tries again to farm he will either burn flash or you get a kill.
Kouèn (EUW)
: Silver's Ego
Wow i just had same experience with a Silver, after we killed my opponent, after a while i forgot to SS and then this mid started spamming Report Top!.. like 5 times, and for the rest of the game i was being called bronze and well flame, at the end i said he was worst teammate ever and he reported me for verbal... xD
: ur forgetting ryze and id suggest rumble cuz rumble is cool trundle is an idiot! and victor aint that good top
A Valid Argument My Dear Sir!, but gona agree on 1st and 3rd, i Kinda like Trundle, and noone is playing him anymore so + On Surprise MotherF*ers Im B(lue)ack!!
: If everything fails, {{champion:17}}
Succumb To The Satan.. Sell Your Soul.. Receive The Power To Defeat Those That Are Called "Broken", shatter their nervers to Pieces!.. MAKE THEM CRY In The Agony of Being MiND F**Ked!!... Their RaaaaaAGGE Will Fuel Your Desire To Further Use This Power.. For a Happier LoL Life... Nah ill pass.. sounds too good to be true.
TTekkers (EUW)
: It happens when anyone with a skillshot ult misses {{champion:69}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:85}}{{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} to point out a few, I'm more worried about getting respectable cs scores - he has no AA damage and his waveclear doesn't do much for last hitting early.
Well i agree with some of them, but the most flame will get only those with a Game Changing Ult like Rumble, Fiddle, Etc..
: Swain is not meta top. Heca, Nauti and Lulu are all 3 meta top picks ;)
Gona try that Lulu top but no idea what the build is since i always played her support and LovEd it!
Róót (EUW)
: > Viktor for top why
: So: {{champion:48}} is a solid pick that scales really well in late game once you got BOTRK. He lacks mobility but his movements buff and his pillar both makes him a vicious stalker and protect him by ganks. Plus, he got the sustain you need to survive against early aggressors. {{champion:112}} is immobile and is very vulnerable to both ganks and hard engagers, expecially in a long lane like the top one. You can defend yourself with W but you will not be able to always stun someone with it. Most often than not, it acts as a zoning tool. Early, too, he is pretty mana hungry so you may struggle a lot against champ without resources. {{champion:68}} is resourceless and a lane bully. Problem is, he's not really mobile nor tanky and ganks are therefore really effective against him. You are really likely to use his slow to harass/farm, or to be catch on overheat while the jungler arrive. His ult can be a gamechance but if you are not ready or skilled with it, you may ends up wasting it totally. Rumble works like a charm in the top lane but not if you are too cocky.
So rumble definitely needs to be mastered in every aspect, as for Viktor i only watched gameplays of him and liked the insane damage output, and trundle i liked him because of his Ult, can make someone like irelia get bursted down easly, if i got that right..
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: endles sjharass for melees alot of Cc escape waveclear kill potential safe can be built tanky engager goddess at teamfights. why not!
Good point there, only played her when she was free and was quite fun, too bad back then i didn't know how to self cast the ult so i kinda always ended up screwing up and ulting the enemy, mostly enemy tank :3... you learn from dumbest mistakes...
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: You could try {{champion:75}}, play the "I don't give a f* about my opponent" strategy and stack your q while assuring your team a good tank for mid-late game. Don't be skeptic about this champ, I have a friend who plays him in plat-diamond, he's interesting.
I hate the Too much Sustained Doge, But love when i manage to deny his farm and make them run to the jungle with tails between their legs... nasus has a tail... right!?
TTekkers (EUW)
: Join me in learning to play the mechanical menace :D {{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:68}}
he's definitely the one im considering the most, but i can alvredy see the Flame when i fail my ult gona Burn more than the actual Ult.... burning enemies...
: {{champion:85}} Most people consider him useless, but I have no idea why. He has great poke in lane with his Q-W-AA(with w proc)-E. This will chunk down an enemy and is spammable due to his energy. Then, after the laning phase, when teamfights break out, Kennen has his game changing ult-zhonyas combo. This can cc and damage an entire team, and a friend of mine calculated that a kennen with 600 AP (not a big ask) could deal over 2300 damage to the entire enemy team with a rotation of his abilities.
He was one of my fav champs before but i seriously sucked with him, in terms of using his kit to full potentional, and that was just when i started the game, i never payed attention to how his stun works, and everytime i went ham into a teamfight i activated my ult but noone was getting stunned and i was so god damn bad i didn't even know that zhonya worked that way with certain abilities, and mostly forgot about him since seriously noone plays him.. but definitely gona consider him later on.
: Rumble is great vs your problems, but he is very difficult to play. So it will take a long time for you to get used to him. Viktor top aint to good, lane is to long for him and he can do great job on mid. Ryze is the OP top lane flavor of the month. Other good top laners: Lulu (I hate this bitch soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard) Nautilius, Swain (it will make Riven and Irelia cry) Hecarim also wins melee match-ups on top lane.
Played Swain and i simply despise farming with him, even more after the fiasco of singed at level 1 going behind the second top lane tower and killing minions there, while my team didn't want to help me kill him and i was forced to farm under tower and losing almost all minions at level 1, and when i finally got help he was at 30 farm and i was at 2, and he even got an execute... worst lane phase of my life but irrelevant.. never played Heca or nautilus since i sticked to "Meta" before and never thought about playing them top, and yea Lulu my fav support :D.. but never tried her top so could be a good idea, thnx for advice ^^, and no comment on ryze, simply broken now.
: Trundle is a very niche pick (if you aren't against an AD in lane and they don't have a super tank then thing won't really go well for you) but in those situations he is a solid pick. Victor can definitely work and he is a nice flex pick as you can take him mid, but you might come under fire from meta sheep who doesn't think that Viktor top can work. Rumble takes a lot of practice to get results but a good rumble play is an huge threat and can easily solo carry a game. Best idea is to try them all out during free weeks and see which one you like the best, but it you need it now then I'd say rumble... put some time into practicing him and you will reap the rewards.
Im really considering rumble, not becuase of spammable abilities, or because of nice dmg boost, but that game changing Ult, seems like a champ worth mastering.
: I am not top lane main, but if i have to play top lane, i just go Yorick (into nearly anything). When i read which champs you mentioned, then you should be able to beat any of these with Yorick, it just requires you to understand your strenghts and weaknesses and how to play earlygame. Yorick doesnt have any kind of special mechanic, but its kinda easy to mess up and become useless. Other choice is Malphite, that SHOULD be able to beat any of these (ofc unless you fail). Another thing that u might try is Shen - this guy should deal with any of these aswell since you become really tanky, though from my own experience you get outscaled into late and for example riven is just wrecking ball, while you are just moving wall - (aka wall will handle some pressure, but wont cause any harm to wrecking ball and its just matter of time until you get "wrecked" - H3h3). But overall shen is pretty decent pick into a lot of top lane matchups, you can farm up and roam with your ult and just win other lanes with that - and in that case you wont need to be afraid of getting wrecked. :P P.S.: What i just said is from MY OWN experience, that is based on MY OWN playstyle (it doesnt have to mean that it needs to work with your playstyle). Tho if you feel like that, you might give it a shot. Good luck!
Appreciate the advice but i don't really like playing tanks, Gnar is an exception since even if i do go full tank i can still do decent damage, but in most cases my team just feeds someone and even tho im full tank i still get melted and feel useless, malphite sure has nice utility but i still don't like no dmg part, unless ap i guess, as for yorick yea i never had a chance to try him, which sucks, that's why my previous picks were all bit tanky but still nice dmg, still thnx ill give some thought about yorick ^^
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Ezlas (EUNE)
: vel koz is a master of defensive play to be honest. he can easly stop whole team dead in tracks
Well as i said his laning phase againts those is true hell that you need to survive, but later on in teamfights if you position well.. he's the one that brings hell.
pidgeot72 (EUW)
: Vel'koz or Cassieopia?
Vel'koz is fun in terms of Poke and early insane dmg if you hit your combos, but i wouldn't recommend him on mid, i only played him as support, he just gets screwed by pretty much any champ on mid with a gapcloser, and there's alot.. Zed, yasuo, Lb, talon, Fizz, most played ones, if they go all in on you, and you miss your E(Knock up), you're pretty much screwed, your other abilities won't save you, either you hit your E follow up with full combo and burst them down as quickly as possible, or miss it and watch you.. well feed, and i say other abilities won't help you because they can easly avoid them and still be in your face, even if you hit Q(Slow) and W, and ult, they can jump behind you and kill you easly those mobile f*ks... not sure about cassiopeia never played her, but that's just my experience with vel'koz, he's a full skillshot champ so not the easiest to play.
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: everyone in game just lagged out
Leauge of Hackers.. ive never seen whole team getting dced.. but i had this happen in few matches where at the very begginng around level 1-3, i get random Attempting To Reconnect and i get killed, seems to me that some people actually use this to get an early advantage, it can't be a fking coincidence that i get killed even under my own tower after i dc, and yea that early advantage means alot, especially at that level when you miss sh*t load of minions because of that..
: Most anti-fun champs?
I can only think of Ekko.. any brainless *** can play him, i swear i played againts an ekko that was so retarded (With offense) and obnoxious for playing ekko, he made sooooooo many mistakes and yet managed to own, he jumps on me while in Mega gnar form and i just R him stun him and kill him, and he kept doing those mistakes but could still survive tanks to his ult, and kill thanks to his insane kit and burst, i admit i never played him, but just saying his mistakes are too forgiving, and ekko players think they're fking gods.. same as riven and kata.. so yea, opinion. EDIT: maybe a bit off topic.. so back on topic, ekko is boring. :3
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: Do any of you feel like LoL has gotten worse?
Quote from another thread "**People are getting desperate to win**", and this is the reason atleast for me that i can't enjoy this game anymore, im playing againts diamonds in normals which is fine, but even they are insanely tryharding to win and saying stuff like easy and not just at the end of the match, or even at some point one of them said Retards.... easy, even tho noone said anything whole game, and yea i checked he was diamond, i get it it's a competitive game, but as soon as you play badly here, or make a single mistake, you'll get wished you had cancer... i see that every single game, there's just so much pressure to win your lane, and to do everything right, you just can't enjoy the game anymore :/, and that's NORMALS!!.. i can't even imagine the pressure in ranked games, honestly it must be true hell there, that's why ill never play it.
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: Mystery champion
I just hope it won't be same as last time as with Mystery Skins.. because i swear i was the last person to receive the skin, i waited like over a month and still nothing, then i forgot about that for few days because i couldn't play then, and even then still nothing, so in the end i sent a ticket about it and got Woad Ashe.. skin for my worst role so yea... not looking forward to it.
: A change of attitude
I Neever Flame! :3...... i just tease them and make poor little bastards cry ...and i accomplish that all by POSITIVE! attitude, no flaming, no insults, if everyone was like me we would simply have a clever word play argument instead of f**king each others moms even if they don't feel it im sure they don't like it.. Just sayin!!... Stahp.
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: New champ, btw if you haven't seen the video, there's a new video up. I think it's Dr rath
O thanks didn't know about that :p
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