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Xhyr (EUW)
: Back after two years...
Queue times are horrible. Im lvl 26 for blind pick it takes about 4 minutes to find a game and for normal draft it takes 6+ minutes
Rendath (EUW)
: Yay! Oh wait, you're being sarcastic, right? :)
No i`m not being sarcastic. Watch videos on youtube about new client. Im not joking
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Have you tried exiting the game and logging on again? Sometimes the amount of IP you have doesn't show properly.
I tried and it fixed, but still it is annoying to log off and than reconnect. I mean it`s not game breaking bug but it still an annoying bug
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TTekkers (EUW)
: Can we determine how many people here actually want SoloQ back
Riot doesnt care about EU players. All rito care is about NA servers :/
: That is not true, I always get an s or more with sona on farm 10 or even 3.
Lol supports dont need farm. Anyone but supports need to farm
Zovers (EUW)
: Good players have 100 farm at 12 minutes. And I really really don't have a plan how the system works. In over 100 jungler games I got the S garde only 1 singe time. I played Jungle Rengar, was 7/0/2 and the enemies surrendered at 26 minutes. We had 1 drake. {{champion:107}} {{champion:64}} I really struggle at getting them lvl 7 {{champion:268}} {{champion:41}} But them I got lvl 7 within 3 days.
on {{champion:64}} go mid, top, support. If you`re support lee if you get a lot of kills you will get izi S grade, in top and mid is harder, but you just need to have few kills and A LOT of farm
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Wukongz (EUNE)
: How Pool Party Taric was supposed to look like
That pool party leona skin came out before taric was even reworked. ?????
Roblord (EUNE)
: Resize
New client is coming, it will have options like this
The Don 121 (EUNE)
: screen problem
Have you trying fixing files? Enter the league client, click in the right upper corner the small question mark (above the region select), it should say help and than click - Repair
LovroLox (EUNE)
: What champion do you relate yourself with?
{{champion:76}} cause i`m a bitch and a pussie hehe xd
: Friend List
Dude new launcher is coming in season 7. They fixed those problems in new alpha client. Watch videos about that new client you`ll see
: omg people is so ragey
Maybe some people had a bad day. Sometimes i have a bad day and i`m also ragy.
FieryDash (EUW)
: I know that sucks, I have had a game like that before, but I only stated the remake conditions to you, as you asked. Of course that your team being 4v5 decided to do it, they can't possibly know the reason why you disconnected and hope you come back. And thinking about if you have a disconnected player on your team is nice to be able to do something about it, instead of playing 4v5 an entire game. I understand that the system still might have some flaws but is a begining and there's room for improvement.
I`m sad cause i`ll need to waste 1 hour 40 minutes overall wating for that leaving que :(
: Choo choo
My nightmares....
FieryDash (EUW)
: Hi, remake can only be done if a player is flagged as disconnected for at least 90 seconds before the 3 minute mark, he can still come back and remake will still be possible and he can even participate in the vote, first blood can happen, the only way remake doesn't work when there's first blood, if the player gives it up and then afks. In your case you definitely were afk for the amount of time needed to trigger the remake feature, you coming back doesn't change it and as I said before you can even vote, so nothing wrong here, there's not bug.
So my game crashes cause riot cant fix bugsplat and I GET PUNISHED?
: Still RITO Bug of connect to chat ( cant connect to chat/friend list )
Same, i`ve send ticket to riot support, and they told they are fixing. They prob dont know what is the problem. Riot cant fix their game
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench, you look kinda different.... try this link. In this link everything is normal
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Eufor (EUNE)
: Remake bugged?!
Rito changed it. It doesn`t matter if you got first blood or not
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 27
1.{{champion:28}} Her kit get`s outclased by others, it isn`t special, it doesn`t feel unique. All she does is spam Q. It`s boring. There could be so many cool think that you could do to improve her kit. 2.{{champion:105}} This guy... His W is so random, it doesn`t even match his kit. Fizz needs a rework cause he is too weak or too strong. With him you can build whatever you want, tank, burst mage, everything. Q should be also changed. If he snowballs he is way too op, if he is behind he is useless. There isnt a neutral possision for fizz. 3.{{champion:38}} nobody plays him. He is useless early. Kassadin is like old poppy. If he snowballs early or gets a lot of farm he will be out of control, if he gets put behind he will be useless af. Thank you for attention :D i wish everybody luck winning free skin! Cya lata hehe xd
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Chainaxe (EUW)
: PVP.NET HAS STOPPED WORKING - Googled for hours :(
Contact with riot support. I dont think boards will help. Send support ticket
: > I trashtalk a bit Just don't. Problem solved forever!
LOL for 1 game a bit of trashtalk u dont get banned
: Im silver and I know what freezing lane is -_-
You may know what freezing is, but if you know what it is you won`t get higher rating.
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Rayz01 (EUW)
: Nerf Fizz
Fizz is balanced and is very hard to play. He has 2 skillshots. Kappa xD Fking 0/8 fizz Q`s and E`s 18/0 Tristana and Tristana dies. Wp Rito. I honestly hope they will removes Fizz E, reworks whole champion, and if not, nerf him to the ground. 0/50 Fizz - FISH FISH - R W Q E 50/0 Full Mr tank Sion gets deleted BALANCE
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: Banned for laif
I got 3 permabanned accounts, Fells bad man
: Keyfragments on champions you don't own
That`s a great idea! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
Top: {{champion:86}} Garen cause whenever i play top i pick squishy/assasian. He melts me down when i have no armor and i don`t do any damage to him since he gets really tanky Jungle: {{champion:203}} Kindred cause her ganks are really strong, her E slow is soooo anoying and she scales very well. Mid: {{champion:105}} Fizz cause ITS A FU*KING FIZZ. I hate this champion. First of all his face pisses me off so hard. In game he is a douche. E dodges everything, it`s gg. When i play squishy champion Fizz just E W Q and i`m dead. If he hits R there is no escape it`s gg. Well fk that champion :D ADC: {{champion:429}} Kalista cause if i face skilled Kalista she dodges everything cause of her passive, does a lot of dmg, kites really hard and destroys me. Support: {{champion:117}} Lulu cause i play a lot of assasians. If i jump on adc, she R`s adc, silences me, slows, shields and its GG. Idk i can`t do anything against her.
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ModMayhem (EUW)
: well this is crazy!!! Im also still waiting!! 3 days later!! :(
yeah. but you waiting 2 days later :P kappa
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