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: bot with 12 deaths have almost as much farm as you.
oh, so, a bot has ALMOST as much farm as full tank rammus roaming all lanes TO HLOD WHAT THEY %%%%ED UP? you dont say...
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I checked that account Genocide whatever, there is no record of that match, and it has barely any activity on it
check Genocide Poiand cuz i used capital i
Lázár (EUNE)
: very edgy names for summoner name and picture name
aw thank you i had to thought about the name like, 10 seconds, sadly someone already took it so i used capital i, like "poiand" with big i
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Ok nvm it was a normal game not coop
as you can %%%%ing see with your %%%%ing eyes this account name is AngelTKD, the account that played the game was GenocidePoland, watch the %%%%ing names, i was on another account, pvp 5v5.
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