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one for all is coming in patch 8.6
Infernape (EUW)
: Katarina is still has the same underlying kit. The difference is that instead of QWRERWEQQWER facerolling for a penta, you actually have to think about what you're doing before you do it, otherwise you die. Current Katarina is much more healthier for the game than pre-rework Katarina. When a champion's kit is too toxic to fix with buffs/nerfs, and/or is outdated alongside their visuals (in the case of VGUs), they get a rework. Galio got reworked because his visuals were outdated and his kit was actually toxic and frustrating to play against, Poppy, Swain and Sion got reworked for the exact same reasons. If anything I feel like current Swain is a failure. His kit feels far too unreliable to do anything with.
what does VGUs mean ? , and what does "his visuals were outdated" mean too ? and if only if swain is so frustrating to play against why they decided to rework him after 7 yearsr of playing , which is not he had powerspikes too and easy to counter only few items and timing could kill him so easly , and if he was so frustrating to play against again they could stop his ult when using Zhonya's Hourglass
Xr1pper (EUW)
: if you spent millions hours mastering one single champ is not their problem. they do that to bring new players to that old champion.
i didn't mean i spent millions of hour i meant millions of hour of league players playing
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Maluber (EUW)
: >**Is One for All ever coming back?** >We want One For All to come back. We like One For All. Unfortunately, the custom voting mechanism in champ select that let’s you vote on the champs—and effectively facilitates the whole mode—needs to be re-built by hand to work in the new client. We haven’t been able to get to this yet, due to the other things we’ve been working on (Star Guardian Invasion, yay!). >And honestly, it sucks. : ( I want to play One For All with the new champs (Xayah FEATHER STORM!!). Hexakill is in the same boat (we need to rework multiple UI’s to squeeze in the 6th player). We want both of these modes back, but don’t have a satisfying answer for when they’ll be back yet. I’m pretty confident they won’t appear by the end of 2017, so I’m hoping we can get to them next year! <3
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MrJournal (EUW)
: i don't have that problem, maybe it is something with your client? or computer? i hope they will fix it for you mate!
i tried using client repair and nothing happened so i don't think it's something in my computer , ty anyway
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