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Debîru (EUW)
: I had the same yesterday playing shen, chasing vlad 1 hit from death (i was two hits from death) and i kept targeting him whit Q to attack, even tho he was almost ontop of me the attack whouldn`t go, that game was horrible whit bugs like that. What i have most issues whit is summoner spells not working at all, i can spam flash, exhaust or ignite and nothing happends. I usualy have over 200 FPS and max 60 ping at the most, but still i get lags and i see minions teleporting, a day where the it was drophacks or just ghostgams, playing as varus and arhi, i had massive problems using skill shots becouse i "saw" a opponet in front of me, and i ifre, then they get jerked litle sideways, i dont sspect hacks honestly just a buggy game. This game is suposed to be competative, but simple stuff as this gets by over and over again, i suck enough as it is, i prefer to not have the game also working against me.
I totally agree with you man and thanks for mentioning the bugs with the summoner spells because i forgot to write about it.
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