wissou (EUW)
: can you do a favour for me Riot
zeuSSrbin (EUNE)
: hey i just got banned by someone else false
Send a ticket to riot supp We normal players on boards can't do anything
Mmyh (EUW)
: SSG Gnar
It'll be available during worlds
: Riot is encouraging cyberbullying
: New Skin petition
{{item:3070}} {{champion:516}}
BgADong (EUW)
: is this something u get perma banned for?
Have you had a 14 day ban?` If yes, then yeas that's perma bannable 'cause just like it says in the 14 day ban report card, the next offence will lead to a permanent ban after a 14 day ban
: Pool Party's GONE
I mean, we didn't get project skins last year And the year before that we didn't get pool party skins
: Reworking Pantheon is way more important - his kit is completely outdated.
What's the point of your comment? The pantheon rework is going to be released soon probably, and after that rework the next rework is fiddle's I don't really see your point in the whole ''more important'' matter 'cause pantheon is literally the one being reworked rn
: rework or tweak fiddlesticks
Fiddlesticks is literally getting reworked after Pantheon {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Pyke gets 3 skins a year?
I mean, still better than what kai'sa has gotten
osevń (EUW)
: Logs only show what i type, not what the other guy is typing :)
Welp you got banned for what you typed, not what the other guy typed :) So, logs or didn't happen
osevń (EUW)
: Permabanned for commenting on trolls throwing the game
: You should still take this with a grain of salt, again while it’s compelling evidence it’s a leak... so it should be treated as fake until it comes true
There went your grain of salt It's Project Akali, Irelia, Jinx and Pyke
duxdujedux (EUNE)
: I would appreciate really, if you can unban my permabanned account
Nope, riot doesn't unban anyone PERMANENT ban And Tyler never got his accounts back, he got unbanned from the ID ban but he still had to play on a new account
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Is that confirmed ?
The pyke and jinx are pretty much confirmed They were leaked on a spanish streamer's stream (He's a member of the LPP) The streamer accidentally showed a discord discussion about project jinx and project pyke
: The new Project skins are .. **Project Jinx** - **Project Draven** - the third one is surprise
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Maybe Ahri skin or MF skin, who knows ?
You're right Ahri and Mf have been without skins for too long Let's just give skins to all of them And prestige editions to each one
: Again I’d still take that with a grain of salt... even if there’s people saying that a rioter confirmed it that can still be fake, especially as rioters can get into serious trouble doing that and if they posted on their own account they are pretty much screwed... it’d be weird for a rioter to take that risk. So best wait until after the reveal
No rioter has posted anything about this The leak was caught on a Spanish streamer's stream He's a part of the LPP and he accidentally showed a discord conversation where they were talking about Project pyke and jinx with a rioter So i wouldn't say it's fake (sadly)
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Another Kai'Sa/Yasuo skin is seeking...
Probably another Lux skin or Ezreal skin too
Petiare (EUW)
: Skin rotation
Most of the stuff is always available in the store But then there's skins etc that are tied to events (for example halloween, worlds, winter etc) and those skins are only available during those events Few times a year there's this thing called BE emporium where you can buy chromas, icons and other cool stuff with BE Your shop is a special shop that comes around few times a year, it's not available most of the time
Pakushy (EUW)
As a Lulu main, this animation is the best thing ever
: Bought Bewitching Janna in My Shop, still don't own the skin.
F0x1ne (EUW)
: Can a rioter investegate my perma ban?
leyz40 (EUNE)
: riot makes skins for the most played champions not for the oldest riot wont cear about taliah or ivern they cear about yasuo zed riven lee sin . . .
That's understandable But at least they could make good skins 'cause those new arcade/battle boss skins are HORRIBLE
: Implying that most people don't just use 1-3 champs to climb...
But you need 20 champs (i think) to even be able to play ranked And beginners aren't going to have that
: Is there a way for me to be unbanned? Please read this Riot.
Nope You just admitted to account sharing Which is bannable
: What is wrong with people who first time champs in ranked?
I once had a 1st time Ornn in Ranked And he was playing jungle ornn
: My apologies
Should've thought about that after your 14 day ban It CLEARLY said on the reform card that the next offence would lead to a permanent ban So..... Not gonna happen
Liwiro (EUW)
: Can I Play with this program???
I mean, you CAN play with it But riot might ban you for it 'cause they don't support any 3rd party programs, even if you aren't using them for anything bad
: Unsportsman behaviour
Delete the picture from this thread Naming and shaming isn't allowed on boards
: Searching for BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) Club Tags
: Nice discount OMEGALUL
The champion's RP price is included in the skin prize if you don't own the champion It literally says that at the bottom of the screen
VocaCosmo (EUW)
: Cosmo&Wanda-Theme
Cosmo and Wanda aren't elves..... They are Fairies.......... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} (Assuming that you mean Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents) And they can't really make any of that 'cause of copyright
SuperJunk (EUW)
: nerf :/ i don't think it is nerf, maybe shield is reduced and R cooldown reset is removed, but now R has less cooldown and 100% ap ratio
They HAVE to nerf her damage Her damage is so dumb If you get hit by her Q, you're basically dead
tαehyung (EUNE)
: Prestige Skins
Chrysies (EUW)
: Well there you go, then it's been altered.
Like. If you don't believe this yourself and want to live in your delusions Go ask riot support yourself You will get the same answer as us
Chrysies (EUW)
: Yes, cause not getting a season 8 champ + ward skin is just breaking the game for me since it's just tooooo good... A support article with so much nonsense about people going from honor 0 to lvl 2 inside of 1 month or someone using an entire season not going from 0 to lvl 2.. Also, Riot is known for providing information about their systems... Go write a ticket instead of wasting my time.
Oh would you look at that Someone else has already asked Riot support about this And what did they answer? Exactly what we're been saying to you for days {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Chrysies (EUW)
: Yes, cause not getting a season 8 champ + ward skin is just breaking the game for me since it's just tooooo good... A support article with so much nonsense about people going from honor 0 to lvl 2 inside of 1 month or someone using an entire season not going from 0 to lvl 2.. Also, Riot is known for providing information about their systems... Go write a ticket instead of wasting my time.
Still saltyy~ Still, there's proof against your claims, while you haven't provided any proof whatsoever So you know..... If you really want me to, i can go ask riot support. But they're just going to answer the same thing i've been saying for days You're wasting your time by not wanting to understand the simple truth and not wanting to admit that you're wrong
: Funnelling
Yi can 2v5 even without funneling but ok
Chrysies (EUW)
: Again, read my comment further up since it's mindnumbingly boring having the exact same convo twice in the same thread.
Ooohhh so that's why you're salty about rewards You didn't get them yourself But the thing is, it's your solo experience (with no proof of it happening except your word) vs a League support article AND proof of other people's honor not being reset to lvl 2
: Lunar Guardian Warwick chromas
You can get the chromas during Lunar revel
: Logged on a different pc?
I recommend you to change your account's password and see if you still get the message
yasuodonut (EUNE)
: dude the second game yes but what would you do if whole team would flame you whole time for every little thing tell me
I would report them at the end of the game and not get banned myself That's what
: Chromas for Lunar Guardian Warwick
You can unlock the chromas during Lunar Revel
yasuodonut (EUNE)
: ban ? srsly
Your whole chat log is filled with toxicity i wonder why you got banned
: Let's see together what other laners do that supports do ok? poke the enemy - check ward the lane - check roam - check protect the adc - front line champions kind of soak up damage for their teammates don't they? - check Now let's see what supports do that other roles do csing - nope getting kills? - nope an equal chance with other roles to carry the game (bcs of equal gold/items)? - nope oh! well look at that. It seems everyone can do those things support do, but it just happens that supports do less. Hey, I am not appreciating supports? Yes, I appreciate people doing the dirty work, yea. But idk, is it fun doing it? It is a game, and games should be fun for everyone. And it's kind of hard to be fun when it's not fair. I appreciate support role in the pro scene, because, idk, they are pros? it's their job? They have to do it because we see something different and they get something in return for doing that? But how exciting is it for players, who will queue to serve 4 other unknown people with questionable skill level? Do you know what high elo players do to climb fast af in low elo? They beg to play Soraka. NO THEY DON'T! They get Trynda and split push like there's no tomorrow! They get Aatrox and tower dive the shit out of you. Because they know if you want to win, you have to do it on your own. You don't expect a stranger to beat a fed Zed for you. You have to do it yourself. Oh, how many people love to play support. I can't count the times people fight over the support role in my champion select screens. Even Riot knows this! Why do you think that the support is **the only role**, that when you pick it while you have autofill on, it counts as having fulfilled your duty to autofill? It has nothing to do with how "noble" and "gallant" supports are. I am saying this role is unfair in solo queue and it sucks.
I actually enjoy playing support and dislike playing other roles And i've had multiple times where someone else asks if they can support when i got the support role et Just 'cause you don't like it doesn't mean nobody does Sure it's really unfair that you can't carry as supports in SoloQ and if you get a bad team, you can't do anything about it (That's the reason why i don't play ranked) But support is still a fun and important role
Chrysies (EUW)
: Read my comment further up, cba wasting life on something that's been explains a trillion times on the boards.
You said ''When the season ends honor is restored to lvl 2 and unlocked, since you are starting a fresh season. The only thing about honor at season ending, is not getting inflated overrated rewards if you are below honor level 2.'' Which is incorrect If your honor lvl is over honor lvl 2, it will be reset to honor lvl 2 (checkpoints 1-3) But if your honor lvl is below honor lvl 2, it will stay as it is Locked honor will stay locked, honor lvl 1 will stay as honor lvl 1 etc (The links i provided will prove that) And i still don't understand what you meant with ''No it isn't..'' in your 1st comment
: While everyone farms and actually plays the game, support players should get a minigame to kill some time, while they wait to play an actual role on their next queue. Lately, it starts to become clear about what Riot tries to do with that role {{champion:350}}, maybe being able to play a few rounds of TFT waiting for the ~~suffering~~ game to end, would be kind of ok. Hey top laner - farm get kills carry hey mid laner - farm get kills carry hey bot laner - farm get kills carry hey jungler - farm get kills carry Oh, hey you support player. Wait right there, no - no, you can't farm... no, don't take kills... hey you know what? take this {{item:2055}} and "stick it...somewhere safe". Nice!
While everyone else is farming Supports poke the enemy, ward the lane, protect the adc etc And they continue to do that for the whole game People like you are the problem, people who brush off supports and don't appreciate anything they do
: "Unless you were below Honor level 2 before the new season, everyone starts between Honor levels 2 and 3." if your honour is under Honour 2, it will remain at that level when the new season starts. how..hard is that to understand?
The OP can understand it perfectly well, probably But this one champ here can't understand it at all
Chrysies (EUW)
: Yes, exactly what I said, good job reading.
You didn't say that but ok ''No it isn't..'' I still want an answer. Wtf does this mean?? And your honor lvl doesn't reset if it's under lvl 2 Here's literal proof of honor lvl under 2 not resetting to honor lvl 2 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/g2GjrFhG-so-honor-level-0-still-didnt-reset https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/ajcua4/when_s9_arrived_my_honor_level_went_from_honor_0/ {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Good job doing research
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