Utanyan (EUW)
: Kawaii supp looking for a carry to reach gold in duoq
: People do not get banned for inting/feeding
If he's ACTUALLY intentionally feeding, you should send a ticket about him to riot support That's how i got this one inter banned
Boleró (EUW)
: I have been banned since 2017 last year
Make a new account problem solved
: Why Kha Zix got buffed
Gotta sell the championship skin
: How do i get from silver 3 to Gold in 20 days?
: Ezreal's Splasharts
Actually, the classic splash art was changed
: Yeah i get it but it was my 1st ever ban and i was really excited for the skin cause i was b4 last year and i managed to reach plat. And i would like a gift like that from the game i am supporting. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Yeah i get where you're coming from And i honestly thing that the impact punishments make to honor lvl are 'bit too harsh
: OK that is unfair there was no such thing last year....I struggled to get to plat but no rewards. I survived that bad ranked system and still nothing
It's not unfair, it just discourages people from getting banned etc Last year the honor system was really new so that's why it wasn't like that last year
: Do i get the victorious skin?
Victorious skin is a ranked reward You don't get ranked rewards if you're not honor lvl 2 or above you're honor lvl 1 Let's think Do you get the victorious skin?
Vulpine (EUW)
: New Player Advice
funny (not) joke
NayNays (EUW)
: End of Season Rewards?
: Why can't Jhin have a keystone?
It was a bug And bugs are meant to be fixed
: Warrings kingdom azir
It'll be available during lunar revel
NokerWise (EUW)
: Skin
You can buy the skin soon when the halloween event starts
: can an acount get unbanned?
Account sharing btw
Drunk Rat (EUW)
: LF Ardent lulu egirl
wrong server lol
: Personalized skin for beloved champion!
It would be better if you got the skin with like 1m mastery points or something
: Permabanns
PERMANENT ban What's so hard to understand?
Memøry (EUNE)
: some rioter look at this-middle east server
''i'm a master player (used to be challenger but i cant maintain it cuss of the lag)'' X doubt You're literally plat 5 now, you haven't been even close to master, last season gold and before that 2 seasons of silver Good try tho
SΔint (EUNE)
get a 5 man premade
: My account was banned
PERMANENT ban what's so hard to understand
chefff v2 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=P1RTHZxY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-03T16:44:34.547+0000) > > What rank were you last season? This is a fresh acc but i was silver 1 on my old acc
Welp then you were lucky to get placed into gold 5 usually 1st time ranked accounts get placed into low silver etc
chefff v2 (EUW)
: Elo in placements are wrong?
What rank were you last season?
: BTS Whatsapp group(and club but join the whatsappgroup too its more fun)
Vaizravana (EUNE)
: Conqueror skins
They're available during MSI That's all i know
: Now i know that 1680 RP + 975 RP = Championship ZED CHROMA GOLDEN
I mean it's pretty obvious that you need the championship skin to be able to use the chromas So you can just blame yourself
: About the new golden chroma skins
: ***
It's possible to unbind the enter key?? I've never found the option to do that
faizki (EUW)
What do you mean 'removed' ?
AmLee (EUNE)
: UnBan accounts
PREMANENT ban What's so hard to understand?
en2que (EUW)
: Aaand what do you want to say by emoting? That you want ppl to play pvp so u can win with ur norm only acc?
wtf is a ''norm only acc'' this game is build around pvp Who tf doesn't play the pvp modes
en2que (EUW)
: Why can't we finish worlds 1st win in botgames?
TehoXD (EUW)
: Kha'Zix border.
I'm pretty sure it's a bug or something
Mak3M3Happy (EUNE)
: Link to the post or it never happened never mind found the post it was made 28th lel League of Legends 2018 Season Rewards Update ISTO September 28th 2018, 9:27:05 am WAS THIS ARTICLE HELPFUL? 1048 out of 2359 found this helpful The end of season is right around the corner and we've made an update to eligibility requirements! When the 2018 Season ends, you'll get rewards based on your ranked standing. We'll have more details on what Ranked and Honor rewards to expect closer to season's end, but for now we wanted to remind you how to stay eligible. You must be Honor level 2 or above to be eligible for RANKED end-of-season rewards. (We have made Honor progression a little easier to get up to Honor 2 to help you rank up!) MMR/Elo boosting or cheating will disqualify your account from RANKED & HONOR rewards. If you have an erroneous or fraud-related ban, you'll still be eligible for rewards. Important: You'll only drop your Honor level if you receive a penalty. A chat restriction knocks your Honor level to 1, or 0 if you're already level 1. A two-week suspension will drop your level to 0, even if you were higher. In both cases, your Honor progress will be locked, making your account ineligible for Hextech Crafting rewards. Your Honor will unlock some time after your restriction as long as you're showing signs of progress. You can find more info in our Honor FAQ.
: Welcome to Fairy Tail!
Fairy tail is the best anime <3
Mak3M3Happy (EUNE)
: Honor has nothing to do with freaking end season rewards!!!! I had unhonorable at the end of last season an still got the rewards...
Yeah last year. Back then the honor system was still new But they said that this year you need to be honor lvl 2 to be able to get rewards I mean, you can always test it and be unhonorable when the season ends, let's see if you get rewards
: championship skins border
It's called ''Championship Riven 2016 golden chroma'' Hmmmmmmmmmm
: How does the World Token Trade-in work
You can buy the chroma etc, but you need the skin to be able to use the chroma
hZzWdLevi (EUW)
: LF lulu main gold+
Wrong server {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
hZzWdLevi (EUW)
: LF lulu gold +
Wrong server {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Xceedz (EUNE)
: Project borders don't show up
Uhhhh they never show up in the champ select They show up in the loading screen when you're using the specific skin
Lenks (EUNE)
NoSummsMid (EUNE)
: Missing Champions?!
Send a ticket to riot support
AlAyham (EUW)
Deserved Now what? This is why people hate yasuo players btw
: Send skins free
Not gonna happen
: A trading system? And a new idea to do with BE?
Lariatas (EUNE)
: you %%%%ed up bigtime with the oddysayy missions
Time to get a 5 man premade then No point in complaining here
two genders (EUNE)
: Ziggs loading screen border
PepsyZero (EUNE)
: RIOT issued a permanent ban(for my friend) after I tried to ease his 14 days suspension, without is
Karlo3110 (EUNE)
: Perma ban
Logs or didn't happeb
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