Hòang Vu (EUW)
: get banned/acc locked for no reason?
What did you get banned for?
: Champion select proposal
If you're not the 1st pick of the game and i don't want to play against your champion if it's broken etc, i'll ban it
: theres so many arabic players about 300 - 400K in EUW & EUNE so y not
There are many players with different nationalities but that doesn't mean we need all languages from the world to be in the game imo we only need English in Eu and NA and then asian servers have their own languages
: new language ?
KFCBubble (EUNE)
: Hi my account was banned becouse i had bad result.
: Just a chat restriction
Ok so you'll get your rewards by 25th of February it's not that hard to google
: I want my rewards for last season because i was honor level 1 as the end of the season. There was a post from an Admin of Riot that if I hit Honor lvl 2 before the 14.02. I still will obtain my rewards from last Season. But I didnt get them yet and i want them now because I deserve it.
Were you banned last season+ or did you have a chat restriction? And they said that the rewards should be given before 25.2. Why yall always so impatient *cough* you don't really deserve them if you've been toxic enough to get restricted
: can u fuse 3 skinshards (red)(eternum nocturne) to 1 permanent?
You can forge 3 skinshard together and make a premanent skin BUT it's a random permanent
: Ranked Rewards S8
: Everybody who also have 100 Lunar Revel tokens (from red envelopes only)
VrmnQ (EUW)
: Ban worthy?
Report calling is bannable and you said something that censored so yes, it' ban worthy I know you just repeated what the other player said with the censored word but the ban bot can't know if it's you saying it or just repeating it
: No I'm serious... I need this account, daddy checks it every Sunday after church and if it's banned he puts pee pee on my poo hole :(
: Oi how come I got perma'd
This is a joke, right?
: Get another person, how can you not get 5 players and then when u decide to go for a game with 4, spam in chat and with pings then get surprised when that 1 player who just wants to play the %%%%ing game gets angry.
: Add ability to be matched with solo players ONLY if you're not with any premade.
OK but how would 4 man premades play if they can't be matched with solo players If you don't like 4 man premades, go play flex or something
: Looking for pyjama guardian soraka. Will give you dark star thresh or pulsefire caitlyn
: Is this for 14 day suspension?
Should've gone straight to perma ban yikes
Tiltana (EUW)
: Which champs would u date and why?
: Who else feels the urge to keep creating new accounts?
: Is this a real event or a joke? I have just come to EUW and I don't understand your joke.
What joke? Nowadays in skin releases there might be a chroma, ward, summoner icon or an emote that you can only get by winning a giveaway code from youtubers/streamers
: Main/Secondary Role
It's probably because adc is more popular role than top
: Just got permanently banned because a player griefed and trolled me
deserved Report calling is considered bannable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aquasit55 (EUW)
: Did i accidentally spend more than i should have?
I think you lost 'bit on the discount because the higher the RP amount is, the higher the discount amount is
: ''All members must select their roles before entering queue''.
Lmao the game is mocking you for not having any friends to play with
: Perma ban
logs or didn't happen
Laburista (EUNE)
: Isnt Riot Support supposed to help u and reply to ur emails?
Sending multiple tickets just makes your wait time longer Lmao
hexanimal (EUW)
: ban my account
Just don't play the game boom
: Can't get sivir blood moon green chromas
Because it's one of those youtuber giveaway things again
MerloJohn (EUW)
Mid is the most popular role What do you expect?
Joell (EUNE)
: Why is every game a coinflip dumpster
I lost 8 out of 10 games in my placements because i had a feeder etc in my team Fun
: A short problem
Perfect joke!
Lari (EUNE)
: when is the rework of morgana live?
It'll be live when it'll be live
: possibly but the username is more...how should i say it..."feminine sounding"? anyway, i still don't believe a word in the OP's post, it's too stupid of a request
I don't really see it as more feminine but fair enough
: he uses the term husband
Ever heard of this thing called *being gay* They could be a she or a he nobody knows
: No mastery 7 token
You need S or S+ not S-
: i'm telling you, this guy is a troll (pretty sure she is not even a she but a 15 year old kid with nothing better to do)
Where did you even get that they're a she? Could be a he (or did they mention it somewhere and i'm just blind)
: People With Special Needs
There's 9 other people playing Pauses etc would just give people another way to troll ''there should be teams that include them or a separate championship league for them'' If they were good enough players, they would be accepted into teams but most people aren't good enough. It's not discrimination, lmao. It's facts And the last fact is: If you don't know if you can fully play the game, don't play and ruin other people's games
lSoIrene (EUW)
: it’s two completely different things but kk
Technically not because when you buy an account the seller shares their login information with you and then you may change it if you don't get scammed So that's classified as account sharing
lSoIrene (EUW)
: I know you are not allowed... but who the f*ck cares... this rule is so stupid... i understand punishing toxicity and flame, i understand punishing cheating/hacking, i understand punishing afk and negative attitudes, i understand punishing boosting, but buying accounts that are lvl 30 so that u dont waste ur life levelling to lvl 30 a stupid acc should be allowed...
Riot cares because it's account sharing which is bannable
: 14 day suspension, but hear me out
MarciamB (EUW)
: New lvl 30 accounts
You aren't allowed to buy accounts {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
TheForb1den (EUNE)
: yeah i know but, when this **** happens, it tilts u af..and then u got a heimerdinger who starts insulting u for no reason at all...the tilt level goes over 900000...
You were still toxic so you deserve the ban
TheForb1den (EUNE)
No, you got banned for toxicity or inting
: One last chance
It's a permanent ban permanent bans won't be lifted you had your last chance after the 14 day ban
radetari (EUNE)
: Yeah but i was thinking about all the skins and stuff the person had
You don't own the skins You pay to rent the skins from riot You agree to that in ToS Of course people lose all of their skins etc when they get perma banned. That's the punishment
radetari (EUNE)
: but how do these other people that got banned show riot that they've changed though? they cant just tell a touching story on boards right? just asking cuz i saw some people post stuff like that on the boards but dont remember if they ever got unbanned though
They can show it by making a new account and showing on that account that they aren't toxic I don't really understand your point because i'm pretty sure almost nobody has gotten ID banned so they can easily just make a new account
: what does the lunar revel pass cost??
: Have you even watched his streams? He is insulting everyone a lot more, he didnt get back for being "reformed2? (flaming isnt a bad thing anyways so how would you get reformed from it?)
I never watch his streams because i hate his constant screaming and shouting
: Being bad is literally the only way to get banned. Riot obviously doesnt care about flaming, there is a reason tyler got back in full glory and does everything he wants
You can't get banned for being bad. Lmao If you go to scroll the boards, every day there's so many posts about people getting banned for flaming Tyler got back into the game because he showed riot that he isn't as toxic anymore. And all of his accounts will remain banned
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