: Punished for no reason!!! wtf riot!!!
You legit harassed your team the WHOLE game How is that not a reason?
: No New Chistmas skins this year?
I mean, we're getting the sugar rush skins
SayDaddy (EUW)
: if you have one wish that riot will do it for you , what it will be ?
Actually Neeko has another icon too, the winter wonder icon (I personally don't like it tho) Also technically the star guardian frog icon But yeah, the chibi icon is the BEST. I bought it the moment it was available You don't actually have to wait a whole year for it. BE Emporium will come again during mid-season, and the mystery icons will be available there
: i reported them and i didnt get the instant feedback thing
I knew you would say that. Y'all always say that Did you know that MOST of the time you won't receive an ifr if someone gets punished from your report. So you have no idea if someone got punished or nah Telling someone to end their life and racist slurs are both 0 tolerance words, meaning that they give an instant 14 day ban on the 1st offense. So they most likely got banned, you just weren't informed about it
: i clicked on' i understand'. where can i find them again? plus, i asked a question and u avoided it :D
Can't answer your question without seeing the chat logs So nope, they weren't avoiding it They were asking for your logs so that they can answer your question And how do you know that others didn't get punished?
: Yeah so if someone is basically cyberbullying you, you just shut up? because to be honest baning system doens't work, that dude said a lot of worse things and didn't got banned
1. How do you know that they didn't get punished? And 2. Yes, you shut up and report the person to people that can deal with that toxic person. What is you flaming them back etc going to do? Somehow magically shut them up? Lmao. Just because someone is breaking the rules, doesn't give you a free pass to break the rules Simple
Hansiman (EUW)
: Trigger words may work for certain phrases, but context recognition is a bit different.
True, but most of the time from what cases i've see, the context doesn't change much If someone is flaming, they're flaming Sure there are some dummy people who for example repeat 0 tolerance words "because they wanted to tell others what this person was saying" (which i still don't understand. Why do some people do that?) and then the system detects the word and bans that person (Imo they kinda deserve it because why tf would you repeat 0 tolerance words. At least they deserve the spook of getting banned) And if the punishment was placed incorrectly, there's always riot support you can send a ticket to and get it fixed So i'd say the system works pretty well for chat related offenses Gameplay related offenses are a whole another thing
: Go ahead. Explain to us how a Robot that isn't self-aware 'checks reports'. Please. We've already established "If no swear word then it's fine" is incorrect, so please, go ahead.
2 words: _Trigger words_ That's how it checks chat related offences Easy
: Region change
Check your match history and see if someone else has played on your account after you stopped playing Because your account might've gotten hacked
Çhip (EUW)
: Tilted players don't help you, run away the moment you're in trouble/doing a fight.. etc.. they have to build a system around that.
It's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to build a system like that Feel free to try The system is already having a really difficult time with detecting inters and trolls, especially soft inters. So how do you expect it to detect titled players and separate them from just bad players that don't know better And one could argue that tilted players are just playing badly because they're tilted etc. They aren't specifically trying to %%%% over the game. So they shouldn't be punished because playing badly isn't punishable If someone is intentionally trying to ruin the game for you etc, that falls under inting/griefing which is already punishable, so why would they need to make a whole new category for something that falls under the other categories?
Çhip (EUW)
: Can riot start banning tilted people.
But how is the system supposed to detect when someone is "tilted"? Playing bad isn't against the rules and it'll never be against the rules. Everyone makes mistakes So how is the system supposed to detect "tilted plays" from just accidental bad plays?
wailksa12 (EUW)
: recover my account
Account sharing btw Strictly against the rules
: What happend with this game you write something you get banned?
You broke the rules and got punished for it, simple Malphite didn't break the rules so of course he's still playing, simple
: ye but what i said i dont think is enough to get me permabanned i only called 1 guy (%%%%%%) lol and ive seen alot worse in my games and it was only once
"it was only once" isn't a valid excuse After a 14 day ban your account is on VERY thin ice. And calling someone the R word is against the rules (It's toxic af and can be considered hate speech) You were clearly informed that the next offense would lead to a permanent suspension. It doesn't matter if it's "just a small offense", it's still an offense Just because you think it's enough to get you banned, doesn't mean it isn't enough. Clearly it was enough "i have seen a lot worse" isn't a valid excuse either, other people breaking the rules doesn't give you the right to break the rules That's like saying that a war veteran is allowed to abuse someone etc because "they have seen a lot worse"
1312123 (EUW)
: is legal use lolskin in euw?
I wouldn't recommend using it It's a 3rd party program afterall
: ive had a 14 day ban before ye and the time between was littlerly 1 day or 1 game the game that got me banned was the first after i got banned
On your 14 day ban reform card it CLEARLY said that the next offense would lead to a permanent suspension You admitted that you "said some bad things" aka. broke the rules, so you 100% deserve the perma ban You aren't going to get your account or money back
Uhto (EUW)
: account banned 3 years ago
Nope Not gonna happen
Therealbuu (EUNE)
: Master Yi Project Border
You can't get it anymore
: Asylum/ Mental Hospital Skin Line?
I don't think that's a good idea A lot of people play video games to escape reality etc if their life isn't that good I don't think mentally ill people want to be reminded of their mental illnesses etc with skins like that
lolSsam (EUW)
: Server Change
Most likely when season starts
Critty92 (EUNE)
: When is Nexus Blitz coming back?
But why would riot release a failing game mode as a permanent game mode? Makes no sense They might bring it back some day, maybe not. Nobody knows. But they definitely aren't going to release it as a permanent mode
goncaloo1 (EUW)
: how long to get rewards after gettinig banned for 3 weeks
You won't get this year's rewards You'll get next year's rewards if you are above honor lvl 2 And 3 week bans don't exist. It's 2 week ban And if it was your 1st time, you must've been extremely toxic
: > [{quoted}](name=G2 TABB,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cX7Ltm5R,comment-id=000200000000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-11-29T14:07:25.764+0000) > > How you think banning system works now? You think someone will get banned just cause of your one report? No he won't. He'll get banned after repeatedly reports, banning system will say its OK if he is toxic in one game. > What tribunal could do? More people could report that same guy from that one game and get him banned. Yes it's outdated but I'm sure Riot could work something out and make it better than before, instead or leaving the system to a bot. I'm tired of seeing toxic people not getting the smallest punishment at least after many games. > Make League great again{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} How to make clear that you don't know anything about the sytem and you have nothing to bring.
Sennaaa (EUW)
: I know how bad people like criticism these days and how bad we cannot say everythings anymore or you directly get harassed by everyone Getting it back and making it better wouldn't be a bad idea
Except that it would be a bad idea And you can't really make it better, at least not better than the automated system Tribunal was really slow. It simply wouldn't work efficiently compared to the automates system And different people have different views on what's toxic and what's not, so the punishments wouldn't be as fair in some cases But the main downside of the tribunal is the fact that it's really really slow. Reports would stack up and soon someone is going to get punished months after they broke the rules
Sennaaa (EUW)
: Is downvoting my comment was necessary for you to reply? Yes but it doesn't mean they always get punished Go more into those kind of comments where they talk about the fact that they got banned but their friends which flame their ass even more doesn't get anything I'm pretty sure if right now I was getting into a game and flaming hard, it'll be a 50-50 ban Either I get banned, either I don't You all downvote this dude for proposing something back, before being flamy and toxic think about the game situation and maybe tell yourself "oh an idea proposed by the community which isn't a toxic comment or complains"
We downvoted this (at least i did) because it has been explained so damn many times why tribunal didn't work, why it doesn't work and why it won't come back Why shouldn't we downvote if we disagree with OP? That's what the vote is here for
Sennaaa (EUW)
: Simply because when they get punished you get a message saying that Riot took care of it Or that when you enter a game and a toxic dude starts flaming his ass off the entire game without pause, you know the dude hasn't got chat restricted
MOST of the time you won't receive an ifr if someone gets punished from your report, so nope If the dude starts flaming and you report them, they'll get punished. How is riot supposed to prevent something that hasn't even happened yet. Makes no sense
: Still I see so many toxic people not getting banned or chat restricted at least, I don't even want to start talking about griefing.
How do you know that they don't get punished?
xDu (EUW)
: im sorry, i was in a middle of a game while typing, but i get honors almost every game and never got even a report since the chat restrict
Okay but how tf do you know that you haven't gotten any reports? And just because you get honors almost every game, doesn't mean you don't show unhonorable behavior sometimes I'm not saying that you have shown unhonorable behavior. I'm just saying that it's a possibility
xDu (EUW)
: in august, since i august i couldnt get to honor 2, in 5 months?
5 months? August is the 8th month, and we're at the end of the 11th month That's 3-4 months And it takes time to get your honor level back up again, i'm not sure how long. If you show any unhonorable behavior in your games, the honor level gain stops for a while
xDu (EUW)
: I am sorry for saying stuff that´s not right then, but still, i think i deserve the rewards, i dont have the fault that the Honor system is so faulty. I only got 1 penalty and it was a chat restrict on august.
If you deserved the rewards, you would have gotten them The honor system isn't faulty either. You got punished for your own words, which is why your honor level was below 2. It takes time and honorable behavior to get it up again It doesn't matter that it was "only 1 penalty", it's still a penalty
xDu (EUW)
: Season awards
I mean...... This "you need to have honor 2 to get ranked rewards" thing was already a thing last year _"All ranked players at Honor level 2 or above earn rewards."_ https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/end-season-rewards-2018
Ðouble B (EUW)
: Ultimate skin idea
> [{quoted}](name=Ðouble B,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=jEaVPzHb,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-28T18:23:47.178+0000) > > Also i am pretty sure that its the 4th drake that changes the map, but correct me if i am wrong. It's the 3rd one You need to kill 2 drakes and then the map changes to match the element of the 3rd drake
06MA212 (EUW)
: Season 2019 rewards
DunQ (EUW)
: Why isn't the Darius Emerald Chroma availabe?
Because the skin and the chroma were released on October The Pre-season Emporium has chromas that were released between January and July The Darius chroma will be available in the Mid-season Emporium next year And not all LPP chromas are available rn (Neeko, Leblanc, Zoe, Akali etc)
: OMG that neeko icon {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} (sry only see it now)
The Neeko icon is so cute I bought it immediately (Got it on the 1st try) {{sticker:sg-lux}}
This has been explained so many times already {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Where is true damage akali emerald chroma?
It'll be available in the next BE emporium because the True Damage skins were released between July and December, meaning that it will be in the Mid-Season Emporium
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: They are probably down voted mostly because seeing another thread (3-4 per day) gets annoying. Like, can't some people just use a search function? Necroing the one year old topic is bad, but posting 4 topics with the same question per day is even worse. About racist comments, there is no excuse for that. You should report players like that.
> [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=fhhG22Wc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-27T13:50:43.265+0000) > > They are probably down voted mostly because seeing another thread (3-4 per day) gets annoying. Like, can't some people just use a search function? Necroing the one year old topic is bad, but posting 4 topics with the same question per day is even worse. This^^
: Is Poro Kind random this year?
If it's random, i'm going to cry i have been waiting for Poro king for years
D4rksn0ww (EUW)
: Why Taliyah hasnt got any skin yet?
Tbh i'd love to see Papercraft Taliyah (And Neeko)
: New Aphelios skin might be worth 1350 RP
I mean..... it IS going to be a 1350 skin All release skins are 1350 (i think) And Soraka is going to get the legendary skin We have literally seen the splash art for Nightbringer APhelios It's all confirmed at this point
: Just had a thought.
You can't get banned for feeding because feeding isn't against the rules, having a bad game isn't and shouldn't be punishable You do get banned for inting and trolling tho The mute button is there so that i don't need to listen to your toxicity, you get banned so that others don't have to listen to it ever, it's like a bandaid
MrTeemoM (EUW)
: UK leaving EU
UK isn't leaving Europe, it's kinda impossible for them to leave Europe, it's not like their islands can just get legs and move away UK is leaving European Union, they will still be a part of Europe EUW stands for Europe West, not European Union West
Trekvlek (EUW)
: Ranked rewards
Ðestîny (EUW)
From November 25th to December 10th, 2019.
: Blue essence shop?
Probably in like 30 mins Same time as all of the schedules skin releases etc
RaZorNidza (EUNE)
: Can I unlock my rewards if i got chat restricted
Xzarathos (EUW)
: Blue essence sale
In like, 3,5h i guess
: Where is the essence emporium?
It'll probably come at 11PM EET or something, just like all of the skin releases etc Because %%%% EU players, amirite
: They said there was gonna be another reward for tft gold+ I thought maybe it would be the chroma
But why tf would you get a skin chroma from tft+ When you don't use skins in tft
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