: Question about account status
It is possible to make your account status better Many of my friends have been able to do that I'm not sure how it happens but 1 guess is that when you get honor lvl 3 your reputation will get better
O5cardo (EUW)
: Cus if you have friends that has a skin that you want and you have a skin he wants, you can trade. Now that I think about it, it would be better with a **TRADING** system.
a trading system would be dumb you know why? Because riot's main income are skins and what would happen if people got to trade skins? Riot would lose money Simple A dumb idea Sure it would be so nice and fun for the players But it'll never happen because riot is a business that needs money And the game is already free to play So they make money from skins etc
: Yes i did buy the pass but it only gives me when i lose not when i win
Send a ticket to riot support (a calm ticket) Screaming bloody murder ain't gonna resolve anything
Uhhhhhhh Missions don't give you tokens for wins etc They give you 15 tokens each for completing the mission Have you bought the trials pass?
O5cardo (EUW)
: Add a gifting system where you can gift skins you already have and gift skins bought with BE.
Lersubem (EUW)
: Event border
It will stay forever if you mean the borders for skins
EnboLS (EUW)
: Trial Tokens
Account sharing btw
: My account got banned for no reason...
I mean You got banned by a bot that detects zero tolerance words Sure, you didn't say it, but you still said the word So...... You can go and message riot support if you want. But dunno if your ban will get lifted It's common knowledge that you can't say those words
: 100 prestige points skins
: how is that not bannable?
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Most of the time you won't get an instant feedback report if someone gets punished from your report So they most likely got punished
ellekene (EUNE)
: Favourite song RIGHT NOW?
BTS Outro: Tear and Dionysus
: Is there another way to get trial tokens without paying?
: I think if the company didn't go for the most popular champ, jayce would of got it. But if we compared the lux community to the jayce community, lux wins in size by a landslide. Its a shame thats how this greedy company makes skins but to be fair, if i was making all the money in the world from lux skins i would make more lux skins xD.
Yeah But it's understandable that the prestige skin goes to the most popular champ 'cause money money money At least Jayce got a skin ^-^ Hopefully riot shows love to the champs that haven't gotten a skin for over 1400 days
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=JcQdA3TG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-17T21:43:53.434+0000) > I'd say Kata (Lux sucks) because she's the one who has been without a skin the longest time out of the 5 Actually kata recieved a skin in 2017, where as jayce recieved his last skin in 2016.
Oh yeah! I forgot that Jayce got a skin too I just remembered Lux, Kata, Ezreal, graves and Yuumi Jayce 100% deserved the prestige skin Show him some love plz
PsychoGO (EUNE)
: I just got banned due to skin modification, or so I think, do I have a chance to debate this?
You can try But i wouldn't have much hope Because riot has said that they don't support skin modification and you can get banned for it
0rcGa5M (EUNE)
: There's no lux skin for prestige points
I think they mean tokens 'cause you can buy the Lux skin or/and 100 prestige points with tokens
: Battle Academia Katarina Prestige Edition
3 . Neither of them deserve it But if i had to say who the prestige skin should've gone. I'd say Kata (Lux sucks) because she's the one who has been without a skin the longest time out of the 5 But there's also champs who have gone over 1400 days without a skin, and they honestly deserve some love (+ Ornn)
: Can Riot distinguish the AFK and the one that disconnected accidentally pls????????
But how would riot know if someone disconnected accidentally or on purpose?
: So what now on the next report even if it hasn't any 0 tolerance words or insults its just gonna be a perman ban? Just like that? Are they really turning full communist?
Next time you break the rules it's going to be a permanent ban Rules are rules Break the rules, get punished accordingly
: Because i got suspended in under 5 minutes while i haven't received any kind of notification about the players i reported.
Ofc you got suspended in 5 minutes That's how it works when you use a zero tolerance word And most of the time you won't get an instant feedback report when someone gets punished from your report So they most likely did get punished Anything else i need to clarify for you?
: Game 1 In-Game Frank Castlë: we lost Frank Castlë: you are reported Frank Castlë: %%%gots Frank Castlë: imagine being so pathetic and insecure that you need to state that Frank Castlë: you'll play with no hands cause we are reporting you Frank Castlë: now muted Frank Castlë: good luck with that Frank Castlë: flamers Frank Castlë: back and def Frank Castlë: best flamer eune Frank Castlë: flamers* Frank Castlë: they're 2 Frank Castlë: malph Frank Castlë: get iceborn Frank Castlë: after rabadon Frank Castlë: easyest game of my life Frank Castlë: i played with no hands Frank Castlë: so easy Frank Castlë: losers Post-Game Frank Castlë: that's what you get for flaming Frank Castlë: cry manchild Frank Castlë: cry Frank Castlë: we are better Frank Castlë: and you lost Frank Castlë: bye now You are pretty wrong. Here it is. So i guess them provoking, calling us pathetic and slaves, losers, idiots for literally no reason isn't punishable? What can i say. Great community.
Using a zero tolerance word gives you an instant 14 day ban Simple And how do you know that they didn't get punished
: What is happening over here?
Using 0 tolerance words gives you an instant 14 day ban It has nothing to do with the premades because 1 report = 4 reports etc And it doesn't matter who started it or what they said because you get punished for **your** actions We can only see the 1st 8 messages of yours, but i can guess that the rest of the logs were just as toxic This is 100% justified and fair
: Suspension and how it can make you depressed.
If you don't want to get suspended, don't break the rules Also, post chat logs 'cause why not
You do realize that the skins and the technical work come from 2 completely different departments Or do you want the artist with no game making experience to try and fix the game?
: I got banned
Nope You admitted that you were toxic so the ban was deserved and riot never unbans people so....... NO
: Esport skins 2019
if nothing else, during worlds 2019
itsnonor (EUW)
: Wtf this don't even happen every patch, when a champion is released! AS I SAID and I REPEAT, even the Brazilian server at twitter said that Yuumi was coming TODAY. Dude, I don't care if it is a bug or it's just takes time, it is just an observation
It's not a bug IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME SOMETHING NEW GETS RELEASED Yes Yuumi is coming TODAY She's already here in the client but she won't be available until tomorrow probably (Technically today because servers run in the american time i think) And where is Brazilia? In America So of course they'll say that she'll come today etc because in their time zone it's still 'today' when she's available most likely But there's still the delay because of last minute testing etc So yeah, not a bug And you people never learn
: Can you send me proof?
Send you proof of what?
itsnonor (EUW)
: People are getting that angry why tho? Ahaha Jesus I don't get it
Because it's annoying to see these same posts filling up boards every singe damn patch
: I'm so stupid. I basically used all of my 25 champion capsules + 4x "better champ capsules", and didn't get him. Then, I found out that he was not in the shop... Only champ spotlight is here..
*her, she And just like Cypherous said, the contents of your boxes and capsules etc are decided before you open them, meaning that it's impossible to get any new stuff from old capsules/chests
itsnonor (EUW)
: I even read one tweet of Brazilian server that she was going to be released today, that means, patch 9.10. But okay, I am playing LoL making 3 years this year and I don't remember of this happening, as I said above. Btw sorry if posting this offended you in some way :)
Then you must have a quite bad memory Because this happens with everything that get's released And boards are always filled up with ''Where's X'' etc And Yuumi got released today, she's on the client. You can see her in your collection etc But she's not available yet. She will be most likely tomorrow or the day after Just like all other champions and skins. They're never released immediately
itsnonor (EUW)
: Yuumi can't be purchased
This happens with EVERY champion that gets released This literally happens with EVERYTHING especially skins And still, people will never learn
Lifiam (EUNE)
: mission bug
Fight for your house is a repeating mission There's no new missions after it It just keeps repeating
: Reverting permabans?
Well then it wouldn't be a permanent ban would it? Most likely never gonna happen
Cypherous (EUW)
: There isn't anything to "explain" to anyone here that matters, its just a simple forum post to back up the support ticket i sent
But this doesn't back up anything at all The way this is now, this is honestly something that belongs on the rant boards not bug report
Mcnakstar (EUW)
: My last request for Riot Games
Ain't gonna happen You got banned for your own actions so you will be treated as such And you actually don't own anything you buy in game. You pay to riot to rent the skins etc And when you get perma banned, that renting period ends
Cypherous (EUW)
: Riot, Your Broke The Reset This Year
maybe actually explain what the problem is etc instead of just posting an useless post that will get you nowhere Just a suggestion ^^
: Chat being deleted after "friend" removes you
Riot has multiple times said that private messages can't get anyone punished etc because they're private and riot doesn't monitor them So it doesn't matter if they get deleted because even if you did report them nothing would happen And if that player names is the name of the one who flamed you, if i were you i'd remove it because naming and shaming is against boards rules If the player was toxic ingame and you reported then, they'll get punished
AD Teddy (EUW)
: refund
''Store Online Network Operations – Last Wednesday at 10:25 PM We have identified an error with refunds and have temporarily disabled them while we work on a fix'' Time to learn how to check service status
i mean they're working on a fix can't really do anything else
Garda23 (EUNE)
: Why do i get support after a 1 minute queue?
What were your primary and secondary roles?
: Can't refund anything ?
''Store Online Network Operations – Last Wednesday at 10:28 PM We have identified an error with refunds and have temporarily disabled them while we work on '' Time to learn how to check service status
Kryhiel (EUW)
: Since when did i say that his actions had to do with mine ? my question is on how someone being toxic basically goes unpunished while others are. Maybe actually read before going chad mode.
How do you know that they didn't get punished?
quibstab (EUW)
: 14 day suspension for asking my team players for help, ok riot you are actually smoking crack now
Kryhiel (EUW)
: Best report system evah!!!
Other people's actions have nothing to do with your ban You were toxic and got punished Simple and justified
Rena (EUW)
: PC refuses to open league?
I've had problems opening league in the past Try going to task manager and closing all League of legends from there if it looks like it's running and then try to open league normally That usually does it for me
Chrysies (EUW)
: For some reason I am starting to think autism commenting is now allowed, because none of the people I've reported for it have been banned this season. While it only amounts to 4 players, it still matters.
How do you know that they haven't been punished?
: This guy isn't punished for some reason
I mean, riot has said that private messages aren't punishable because they're private messages etc Kinda dumb but that's how it is
Leakor (EUNE)
: I got perma baned for 1 game
''What did i do to earn a perma ban in this game except flaming heca wich flamed and inted all game.'' You flamed the heca That's against the rules On your 14 day ban report card it CLEARLY said that the next offence will lead to a permanent ban. And your account is on very thin ice after a 14 day ban
xGoldenSx (EUW)
: Permanently Banned By Accident?!?
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