Koracks (EUNE)
: Hardest LoL Champion?
Neonchan (EUW)
: racist slurs can get you banned in as much as 1 game. I'd like to see your data on people not getting banned for racism
i`ve so many chatlogs but i don`t think i can post them here.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Permabans are based on how often you do it. You are not banned on first offense but for repeated offenses. I'm sure it wasn't his first punishment ever
So if i`ll write ``ez`` after 30 games in a row i`m going to be permabanned but a guy who is a racist flamer and flames only in 3-4 games won`t..I don`t care how many times I say ``ez``,``i go afk``,``report x``.It just shouldn`t be banable.I`ve played many online games but this is the only one where things such as writing ``ez``,``i go afk``,``report x ``(which are not even racist,swear words)will result in a permanent suspension of your account.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Where is it absurd? At least "ez" and "I'm going afk" are super obvious. Saying ez or easy after a win has only the purpose of making fun of your opponents for beeing worse than you (and perhaps boosting your ego). Why is it absurd to see that a comment with the pure intention of tilting and ridicouling someone is bad? There is almost no easier case of unsporting behaviour to find. "I'm going afk" is also easy. Either you are really going afk (I doubt I need to explain why this is bad behaviour) or you are using it in a context of "if you do/keep doing <x> I will go afk"..in that case it's used to threaten other players to behave as you want using their chances of winning the game as the hostage. Reportcalling is a bit less obvious but think about what it does. Either the player was really doing something like trolling or flaming, in that case you don't need to tell anyone because it's obvious to everyone and whoever cares will report anyway. But if the player just played badly he will start to defend himself which just ends in a free for all blame everyone fight. So the reportcalling has an expected value ranging from 0 to terrible and is often just used as a way to blame someone. So it's not that absurd to punish a behaviour that almost never has positive effects but often has really negative effects
True.. but using these words shouldn`t be enough to perma-ban someone`s account.
Najns (EUW)
: You act like you're the best player in the world... Like you've never had a bad game in your life.
I really don`t want to be arrogant or smth and i consider myself not to be more than an average player.If you refer to bad game as an unlucky game or a game when you just can`t focus then yeah i had many.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Mute is to protect me from your terrible behaviour, report is to protect whoever is unlucky enough to get you as a teammate next game from your behaviour. But really nice to say "You might be soon banned without even knowing why" when it's more than obvious why your friend was banned :D
Honestly before he showed me the ticket i didn`t even know that you can get banned for saying things such as:ez game,report`` _____``,i`m going afk.It`s just absurd
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: So...all these loses in your history are because you are bad?.....So they shouldn't try hard in a normal?.....Game isn't about playing well, it's about champions the better(assassins) the higher win rate.
If you`re talking about rankeds then yes.I lost them because i was not good enough to carry and win them.It`s up to anyone if they want to tryhard in a normal game but it seems stupid to me.
: Isn't "tryharding" the excuse of people who cannot handle their loss? And you talk about others being weak?
Do you know what tryharding is?.Normal games are for fun.And that`s what i consider when i start playing them(that`s why i`m matched with people in 3, even 5 tiers lower than mine).I don`t care if it`s a lose or a win.But when someone tryhards against me and says things like :``Wow i`m silver and i just beated a diamond on lane ``,``He must be boosted``,```wow he`s diamond and he plays so bad`` in chat it seems obviously to me that i should start tryharding too to close their mouth and this ruins the fun of normal games
Najns (EUW)
: Well I consider saying "ez" and insulting people saying "you're trash" quite toxic... Your friend deserves a permaban, and if you write the sakme kind of stuff, so do you.
No i don`t because i don`t have to.The players i am playing with are decent but if i were to play with ``trash players ``ofc i would
Neonchan (EUW)
: 3 if you are tilted by beeing banned it means you're weak and you should lose your account. If you are strong you make a new account and get banned again, if you don't...you don't
The person who was banned is my friend not me.And i`m not tilted because he was banned.I`m mad because he was banned for saying those non-offensive things and meanwhile other racist players are not banned
Kageryu (EUW)
: Watch this beacon of amazingness, bask in his power: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1376928261/205085023?tab=overview
What`s wrong with that game lol?I played bad and i lost.Isn`t that what i`ve already told you?
Najns (EUW)
: You said it's pathetic how kids get offended so easily... I say it's pathetic how kids like you and your permabanned friend keep being toxic after all the warnings.
I`m not a kid and i`m not toxic at all lol.
: let me summ it up! It is ridicoules to ban people for: • beeing a dick after a won game • trying to motivate people to report someone for a bad game • stopping your team from getting a comeback • for calling other human beeings "trash" ou boy, so the mute button is there, so if you go full dick-mode, other people can mute you? AND its ridicoules that people get offended by what you say? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Tell us more how we all have to accept people like you Sincerely, The Popcorn Guy
1.There are no things such as `` bad game``.Either you`re good and you win either you`re bad and you lose. 2.What`s the problem in saying ``ez`` after a game when the enemy tryharded in a normal game? 3.If you get tilted by others words it means that you`re weak and you should lose the game.if you play well then you`ll comeback if you don`t you won`t.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: See you in your next account, bring your flaming A-game !
Like i`ve said it`s my friend`s account.You can check my match history to see by ourself that i`m not banned if you don`t belive me.
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