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: feminists are the same as mysoginists, with the exception that their target are men and not women the groups that promote equality and love don't have any complicated names and they just share the joy of living with everyone, they don't make any "this guy has a t-shirt with naked women on it so he should be hanged or root in prison for the rest of his life" kind of actions
They target women too, who don't want their feminism saying "you're just a brainwashed sockpuppet of the patriarchy, you don't know what's good for you, you deserve to get raped" (no, seriously, they actually tell them this) Also I love how they think if they walk around topless it's "promoting personal freedom" but if a guy wears a shirt with sexy women (made and designed by a woman) it's "sexist" and "opressive"
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: Realistic females in video games discussion
It's not only overreacting but plain wrong. I'm 178cm and 63kg which is pretty average and I do have some thicker parts and still I'm WAY thinner than these "average" women and I'm not the one running, jumping and shooting stuff. It's like they want to deny the existence of fit and slim women so they feel better about themself and their cheeseburger meals.


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