: A very %%%%ing serious request.
Ok.... So, i posted this yesterday while i was a bit angry with other stuff and my emotions got the better of me... I apologize for this post. I wasn't thinking straight..
: Dude, you can't argue with rito logic. This is the same as their reply with leavers and trolls:" Learn to be good and carry the game 4v5", so with that logic you can just jerk around, troll and you'll be carried... as expected by rito.
Carry in a game where they say we want it to be an actual team game? Now that's funny. It's as if they like cocky overloaded champions.....
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xNeoSeoul (EUW)
: 2 weeks ✓ 100+ games played ✓ Chat not used ✓ A single Honor checkpoint X
Where exactly on your profile is that icon even? Thanks for telling me. lel
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi a NauGhty MoOn, There is only one pass (the Master Pass), which decreases in price each week as you'll have less missions to work with. This pass will be sufficient, and unlock all the missions for the durations of worlds.
Thank you very much for your responce. It was really helpfull.
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i3IackCat (EUW)
: More enjoyable games. No punishments. Free Skins and Icons. Hextech Loot. Honor. Quite a lot of things for just acting like a decent, human being and treating others like that.
Yeah. Indeed. I wrote this while being a bit upset. But i calmed down. I wasn't asking for anything. I already have those things that you say and i am gratefull. I am not a greedy person trying to juice up more stuffs. This is the common logic. Be nice to people but expect nothing in return. Because being polite if the human thing to do. What i am simply asking is for people to show the same gratitude and care i show. Not show me a bad side when i try my hardest. Not just for me but for everyone.
Magneset (EUW)
: The game itself is very good and addicting. Its just the community that toxic. Nothing that Riot changes about the game itself will ever fix it. Riot are just too soft on punishments because they rely on this "reform" method that very obviously isnt working.
I wonder for how much longer will they be keeping themselfs blindfolded with that thing. Like legit, it's obviously nor friggen working. But yet we stay with this imperfected thing. It's not much asking for somebody when he sees that no matter how hard he gives he's all, it'll never matter. I'm not asking much... Just for the players of this frigging awesome game to give a damn. That's just it. Just like how i do with my heart. Jeez....
Magneset (EUW)
: You shouldnt get anything for being sportsmanslike. If you are unhappy with the game feel free to uninstall. Its an online game and as long as you rely on other people to win things like this will always happen. No matter what changes Riot makes it will always be the same.
You know.. I just honestly hoped that the game would be able to be better after all these seasons that it is out. I am not asking for much. All i ask is for people to actually start giving a damn. Not just ruin your experience with their attitude. It seems like people like to mess around with your nerves more then try and play...
: What does one get for being "sportsmanlike"
Like, you'll your all to this game and there will be people that just, like legit legit, wont give a single %%%%ing care about anything and just go around %%%%ing everyone's psychology. MAN, right now i wish i could redo that survey that i did last night. Change a few %%%%ing things. You give your all, performance and attitude and people are just being %%%%s towards you. Well guys, screw you !!!!!!!!
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: You had to play at least two games with the duo, not only one, if I recall correctly. Either way, if you ended your second game before the deadline, you should receive it in a few days. If not, contact Support via ticket. :)
Well, thanks for the heads up. I lost the icon. God dammit, i didn't read it right. All week i had lags and couldn't play. I still managed to gather the ip through bot matches but i couldn't find anyone that owned Rakan. I had Xayah and i needed to play just with somebody that had Rakan. And now i learn that it had to be two matches and not just one. I'm the most unlucky idiot there is. :( Thank you anyways. Well, i hope the fella i played with got it at least. Dammit man, and i worked so hard for it. Unlucky.
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Fidda (EUNE)
: Check the region! http://i.imgur.com/ZF3inza.jpg[/img]
I am so blind !!!!! Hahahaha. Thank you mate! Gosh, i looked like a bafoon..
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: I am really very uspet and frustrated.
Does anybody know for how long i can't earn loot? Can somebody assist me on this at least? It would be good to know..
Wex0r (EUW)
: use the legacy client to avoid it.
I am not ranting. I just wanna express how upset i am because i am a responsible person and when i play i respect other people's time.. That's why i made this post. I've got punished with a harsh punishment.. I can't practically almost not play league at all today with having to wait 20 minutes between each match let alone the fact that some matches i wont be able to enter a match and will have to search even more..
: Leaverbuster isn't given for 1 game only. And 5 x 20 minutes is not the first punishment. You could've known this was coming.
I dont understand how i could have known this was comming... Because i didn't even load into the match and it was remaked i got automatically assigned the punishment i explain at my post.. Do you know maybe for how long i can't get any loot?
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Ritmann (EUW)
: I didn't read all of it. But I got the essence of what you wrote I think, and I could not agree more than I do. I miss the "Good old days", where you could make a team comp of 5 random champions with your friends, and actually still have a chance to win, because these weird comps would somehow work. I also miss it back in the days, where you didn't have to pick the "Meta" in order to have a chance to win. Nowadays you have 20 champions to choose between, if you want a serious chance of winning. And that's of 150+ champions in the game. And also people seem a lot more toxic and intolerant nowadays. Back then, when you could screw up in early game, die in lvl 1, and people would just write "Lol", and not start flaming you and asking for a surrender vote at 3 minutes in-game. And back in the days where the entire game wasn't based on getting 3 CS ahead and then kill the enemy, to almost close out the game already there...
Man, at the older days they wouldn't force it by the way they were tranforming the game. Now, they literaly force us to play the way they wish us to play. Seriously, by the way the season is like you cannot play whatever you wish and still win. Oh, and yes. About being limited to a few bunch of champions. Tankko, fizz tank, akali tank. Talking about champ diversity, aye?
: Season 3 reminds me of that disgusting assassin season. Also when supports were nothing but warding slaves with nothing in ther inventories just pinks and greens.
Now, now. I remember as well that assasins thrived that particular season but it was also much better then the current one. This season is a complete mayhem. Man. Way too many things happening way too soon and way too fast in the game. May i just say one thing: Merculiar Scimiar.
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: Servers are getting rekt
http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#eune Yeap. It happened. No more LoL for today. Seriously now.. Riot should have been expecting this thing. That the server's would become overcrowded and should have taken their measures to rest assured that this wouldn't happen. I mean, it was really really obvious, that there would be a mayhem of login's and the server's would go "wild", both technologically and crowdly, and that problem's would oocur. I understand that these kind of problem's aren't possible to foresee but, they should have at least taken some consideration from previous similar occurrences, (if shown of course, which have, and especcialy on URF mode). Now, we cannot play for two hours and that was Riot's last update announcement. Just the way i wanted to end my day after a good day's work. Uffff, at least i hope we wont be having any issues tommorow.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Side effects may include: insanely long games and rise of every AD hyper carry known to man. Not to mention the increase in Dragon importance and the Baron buff.
http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/state-season-coming-mid-season Well, i hope this clarifies things about Riot's plans. xD In case you've missed it girll(s)? Lel. 👌
: So we finally learned that Armor counters AD and its suddenly called meta and people try it.
You do have a valid point. Boards shouldn't be spammed with rants about anything but when it comes to literally "abomination's" as tank ekko, akali and fizz, well, you should expect these kind of rants. They are hard to balance because nerfing them will, most likely, impact their other kinds of playstyles. But then again, nerfing the items from which state they do benefit, will also hurt the true "tank role" champions. So, the balance is very hard to do over right here. Also, building tanky on a role such as an ADC, i'm metioning this just because you said that you can build any squishy as a tank and just roll over the game, well you cannot. ADC's are the "supposed" damage dealer's. If we were to build a full tank team, well might as well just do that. There are item's that are great to build on ADC's such as a maw or a GA, which was always a good item for them and not just them). But i have seen some crazy builds on champions that i have never imagined i would have seen, i admit that. With the introduction's of season 5 and 6, game has shown us some very weird; stuff. I personally like to not build a single attack speed item on MF and just pick full damage with a black cleaver, (note: that item is on her recommended one's), and it also scales quite well along with her ult. Imagine it as a third item purchase on her. I just love how you can shred an entire teams armor as in the meantime you deal damage with your ult from a safe spot. You may build at least one defensive item depending on the enemy team comp that you are facing or who's fed on the enemy team. GA is a general safe item that has fallen behind just because damage has overcome safety, and the team with the most damage win, or, in this particular case, tankyness? But we do see scimitar being purchased a lot, and even with a small nerf, it still is one of the most popular items of ADC's. Which one i will choose as well over a GA on all ADC's as well.. Full tank wont work on all champion's. You cannot build a Oriana full tank and expect to win.. Or an Azir. And for that i have a sarcastic video actually... Just watch this. You can tell if he is serious or not... when he's been called challenged, which is another way to say challenger. :P Just a litle bit of fun to break this hit of rant? Ahh shit man, i dont know what i'm even typing. It's 01:11, i'm tired. I'm peacing out. That's it. Goodnight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEK89Vx5T-U
: Your wifi password and router password are both different. did you already change your password? Wich one did you change? if you have changed anything about it, you just need to save it and close the screens. There is no need to log out, it will do it automatically. After any change you made, you should restart all your devices again and enter the new password you have set
I haven't changed anything yet. But since it logs out automatically everything is good. Thank you so much for your assistance. I will check at night whether my problem's perssist and i will do the action's that i want and if the problem still perssist's well then, i have no clue about the what the next step should be. Anyways, if i still lag, i will turn router's wifi off, cable it, and enter a custom game to check. Will inform after i see. You have been sooo helpfull. I luve you :P. Hahaha xD. I honestly thank you for sticking and helping me.
: sure no problem ;) hope it will work out for you, so you can play with fun again. if you have any trouble by changing your networks password, or anything else, just let me know.
Well. If i login to my router is there a way to log out of it? I know how to log in. Via the browser. Typing the number of your router will open the pop up where the requested ID- Pass. will be required to be filled in order to enter. Changing my password and not allowing me later to enter what could i do about it? You seem to know many stuff around this subject so asking you to be sure is better then just running blind folled in there making changes and then suddendly making something that i do not know how to revert. As i have foretold, i am not that good with this kind of subject so even the smallest help is appreciated. These question's may seem foolish for other's but i cannot figure out what to do. Thank you suuuuu much for you assistance. It's really appreciated. :D
: Hey there, first of all, if u think someone is using your internet, you can always change your networks password. If nothing else has any problems, like connection problems or being slower then usual, then it's unlikely someone is using your internet. Although some machine's can also affect your connection. now about your LoL problems. Do you have any other programs running in the background? or did you have any updates on something lately?
Hi there. First off, thank you for responding to my post. Second, before patch 6.7 i could play normaly and even have my chrome and listen to music from youtube. No other program's are open as i wanna play without anything to interfere with my gameplay. No updates happened lately as well. I think i might have found out how to enter my router. If after the solution Riot is working on isn't going to work out for me imma try to disable my router's wifi and see if that fixes it by cabling it as well. Anyways, thank you for your interest and i guess we shall wait for Riot's update on the issue.
: Client using way more resources that it should use, which causes a MAJOR FPS DROP
Heyyy guys. How are you doing? So, i wanted to post this as i see i am having latency issues and not FPS, not anymore. All day long, from noon to 00:00 at midnight, at whatever time between the time i mentioned i am having lag spikes all the way from 70 ( my normal ping (ms)) all the way up 500 - rare cases of even higher ping do occur. It's unstable rising and falling, ussually never dropping below 200 and going up to 300 - 350 and rising and falling between 300 - 500. I have witnessed that after 00:00 midnight almost each night, i can play with a steady of 70 ping (ms) and i am just feeling soo weird as the all day long lags do hit me in the face. Now, i'm on a wireless connection and i AM afraid of somebody stealing my internet because most of the past nights and including this particular one that i am also typing at 15/04 01:17, i finish all matches with a steady ping. Could this be the case? My FPS were like veryyy bad with this thing that happened and drawed all this attention to this thread. After that foretold "change" happened they went being like... well, bloody perfect. The only problem i have right now is the ping... Please, some assistance! I cannot enjoy the game and i really wanna play it to it's full potential and i am unable to do so... Thank you sooo much.
: > [{quoted}](name=a NauGhty MoOn,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=cLg3foJt,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-16T20:38:58.864+0000) > > Nevermind.. Anyways it still does not ciew it. I dont know what to do. When u are in match history on website, try typing your name in search. It happens sometimes if u changed realms or something.
Never changed a realm. And you should have readed my post a bit more carefull. Nevermind though. The search bar does not even pop up when i press "Mach History" where my login button should normaly have been or "View my Match History" from my boards profile".
: > [{quoted}](name=a NauGhty MoOn,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=cLg3foJt,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-16T20:29:29.483+0000) > > Thank you for the kind comment. Ladies and gentlemen, a summoner that likes to make fun out of other people. Have your self a cookie. Here:{{item:2054}} !!! Sorry :(. Go to client and click on some game and View on Web. Maybe it fixes it.
Nevermind.. Anyways it still does not ciew it. I dont know what to do.
: I wait for my own match history to load and it simply does not.
I also go there through my boards profile when i press view match history wich is below it and it again does not show it! Please help me!! :/ {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Its ashamed of itself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thank you for the kind comment. Ladies and gentlemen, a summoner that likes to make fun out of other people. Have your self a cookie. Here:{{item:2054}} !!!
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: It has happened: Thunderlord's now officially overrated and overused
: You can check the name validity and availability right in the client for yourself. Also according to a quick search, the limit for length is 16 characters.
Thanks a lot my friend. That was really helpfull. Have your self a good night my friend. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Agidyne (EUW)
: If you want something that sounds funny. Luna Lewis. If you want something that simply sounds good and isn't taken yet. Moon Prophet.
Well, i think i might have come up with a name. Moonlights Touch. I think t sounds really cool. Thanks a lot for the advice though. :D Have your self a wonderfull night my dear friend.
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: ***
> [{quoted}](name=rEvEnGe v8,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hUpOXUA3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-26T12:47:27.933+0000) > > Yes, sure my friend, you are going solo, you gotta proove what you're worth and then you will be able to climb. Yes. But when you play serious and you would to give the best out of you even and at normal games and not have the tension of a ranked match as this bring and responsibilities, you still say damn dude, i would like to have a shot at winning this game and this guys just go in and gift the enemy team the game. About ranked games, yes, i agree with you, you need to be a "man" and "show off" your strenght. How about people or "player's" that reduce your perfomance to the game by making worthless things? I am making some and i regret it. But i always try my best. When i make those worthless things as well i have reached my desperation part. Tell me what can i do as when i will treat people like they are me, 1st. i will get reported and punished, 2nd. i will not achieve anything as flaming someone pieces him off and will eventually end up at you losing any hope about that game, 3rd. the people i get seem to be every day more and more mean and bad. What is there to do when people just do not want to understand? And another, i dont like to flame but my behavior especially the last few days has fallen to their level of behavior because my desperation has overcome it's self of breaking. I am tired.... and psychologically and physically. I do not know what else i can give. I have tried so hard that someone could say that i have just nothing more to give. Older i would take the strings of a whole team and even fight with another one that has already done that. Those were challengefull games because not only i had the enemy team to think but also and mine. And it was a heck of a challenge. I was really enjoying games even if i was losing becuase people were soooo good. I started playing from season 3, somewhere at the midle of it, and i really miss those days. The game was so nice. People at higher division's or elo's, call it as you like, seem to still be so respectfull and kind, but i seem to not be able to climb out of the current division i am right now. Could you give me some advices about what can I do to at lest try and give a shot to my team at victory? Well, that's it. (Another wall of text. Please raport. :P Hahahaha).
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