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Nanas (EUNE)
: I had the same poblem. Had Mafia Jinx, but it turned to Artic Ops Varus. Also 70% off. I really wanted that Jinx skin, so I'm kinda sad.. Asked few of my friends on eune, they have the same problem.
You play ADC ?^^
: Had Dragonblade Riven 70% off - bought it... Had Battle Regalia Poppy 20% off (yuck... too small) Changed to Blood Moon Kalista 70% off - bought it... and Scarlet Poppy 20% off (ffs I already had Noxus and Ragdoll from earlier better discounts) Both bought skins are still there.
haha ^-^ Glad it turned out so well for u !
Gaufrus (EUW)
: Dark Crystal Ryze changed into Rugged Garen here (both -40%). I'm not into toplaners anyway but why this change ? Snowdown shop had the same offers its entire duration.
Like Fasterfire said "This isn't a bug ,anyone who got any skins that's in the February sale will get changed ."
Kospel (EUW)
: I also have this problem :/ I had Hired Gun {{champion:236}} (-60%) (And I want to buy it! TT.TT), but now i have Sorceress {{champion:99}} (-60%) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
haha xD Hired Gun Luc will be on sale soon anyway so u'll be able to get it !
fasterfive (EUNE)
: This isn't a bug ,anyone who got any skins that's in the February sale will get changed .
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi guys, As Fasterfive mentioned, this isn't a bug but an unfortunate configuration error in the first place. > The skins that are being replaced in your Lunar Revel Shop are scheduled to go on sale either in January or February. We don't want you to get a Lunar Revel sale only to see it in a regular sale over the next few days, so we have replaced those sales in the Lunar Revel Shop with different offers. These skins shouldn't have been visible as either the champion or skin will be in sale over the next while, and this causes the Lunar Revel store to error out (as they should not be discounted in two places).
Thanks so much for clarifying ! Though I did get a discount on Celestine Soraka, which was on sale not too long ago..
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