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: I need a rioter to look at this please :)
Cypherous (EUW)
: Get back to me when you have some experience coding a secure fault tolerant solution to connect 11 different clusters together while also making sure you don't experience any performance issues and you correctly handle race conditions and making sure all the data is correctly transferred between all 11 clusters serving millions of players on a daily basis I'll wait
I don't think that would take 2 %%%%ing months for such a large company as riot
: So in those 3 months, you didn't think about making an account on the other server to play with your friends? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
No thank you, i'm not grinding all my levels and champions again
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Soorten (EUNE)
: So when is this gonna be up? I need to go throw some waves to EUW {{champion:267}}
Verdaloth (EUW)
: Transfer Service Update
Keep up the good work riot! Not touching League for those 5-6 weeks while having 2k600 rp in my acc is the best thing ever that can happen in this cheerful holiday season! No but seriously you better give us a %%%%ing discount after all this bullshit. I log in everyday to check if its available and every single %%%%ing day i'm met with disappointment that i cant play my favorite game with my friends who are fortunately in non-polak infested EUW. Thanks.
AuugisLTU (EUNE)
: When will the transfers be up? lmfao fam been waiting for a month to do something with my rp
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: Can't log in back
We're aware of a problem causing players to disconnect from their games, and have disabled ranked queues while we investigate.
Maluber (EUW)
: My client crashed during champ select last week. I'd just locked in when it crashed, I waited for about 5 minutes (to make sure the match had started) before restarting the client and got into the game fine. If it crashes before you lock in then there's nothing you can do but take the lp lose and wait for 5 minutes.
Yeah, I know but thing like this should bring a lot of shame to the worlds most popular game...
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: Friend list isnt working/ EUNE
When would i be able to login??
ZiinKz (EUW)
: Rotating Game Mode - Rito Please?
The jungle is f up the mid is too im sure this couldnt work because look at the drakes placement, same with baron, some teams will have a very big op/strong side other like: blue will be tottaly underpowered. this is very unbalanced
Ventom (EUNE)
: Rito please EUNE DOWN AGAIN


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