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: So my birthday is this tuesday...
Happy birthday in advance fellow random stranger, may you catch all {{champion:119}} axes
: Feeling generous (Free skin!)
The main thing i like about League is the fact that is brings up 5 random, unknown people from around a quite large area in order to somehow find the synergy to cooperate for a common purpose, despite the cultural and age discrepancies. I'll probably won't win this (never did won a raffle), but I'd choose Wild Card Shaco. Anyhow, i hope that you guys will read and remember that League is more than an excuse to annonimously troll and enjoy your 45 minutes of playing with your fellow summoners. Cheers to the OP for this initiative, may all your {{champion:4}} cards be 6g.
: what did the lesbian vampire say to the other lesbian vampire? same time next month?
**FIXED** what did ~~the lesbian vampire~~ {{champion:8}} say to ~~the other lesbian vampire~~ {{champion:44}} ? same time next month?
: Well One Problem The Harrowing Skins are for {{champion:80}} ,{{champion:222}} and{{champion:20}} which are just Zombie Slayers (And a Zombie) Instead off anything Different We could Have some Zombie Pirate Skins like Before Or some Based Off Shadow Isles or Bilgewater (For Harrowing)
Personally, i'm really not into the zombie stuff this year (I absolutely loved the skins last year and the year beforehand), but I think we should consider to appreciate Riot for one thing, and that is **diversity**. The creation guys really make it happen, making sure everyone finds smth cool in the shop.
: which date exactly will this happend? wasnt it 28th last year? Hmm
I believe after the patch is live (29th if i'm not mistaken)
: I love Halloween/Harrowing! This year is gonna be especially awesome because I'll be attending Worlds Finals. Yay...
pics or it didn't happen
: Ok. {{champion:33}}
{{champion:33}} mmh.
CrySumPT (EUW)
: This is my first Harrowing xD And from what i've been hearing it seems it's gonna be awsome. #HarrowingHypeTrain
Lore-wise, i believe it could easily be considered the best event
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