AxeyXxX (EUNE)
: Ezreal
Thanks for all replies. But, will Riot rework him? (Heard that from an old LoL gamer) If so, what's gonna change?
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Zeniv (EUW)
Hi guys! I used to always have this problem, but now sometimes after doing some steps to solve connection Issues. I have looked through many threads on LoL forums, on which I couldn't find any help; however, I found this page that has helped me a lot: . Those steps in the abovementioned link will NOT help you if you do NOT successfully do each one of them.
AxeyXxX (EUNE)
: High ping causing game lag
I even clicked on repair, the launcher scanned the files and repaired it, but still getting the high ping and lag. Today it has been worse, I'm getting now 400-500 ping, Please fix the situation cause I can't join any match any more and this will eventually place me in the lower priority queue if I join a game.
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: sometimes i have too. alt tab help, and i think its a drivers problem ;Di have latest version...
"Sometimes"? Then how does it go? what do you do to fix it?
Karfuss (EUW)
: Can you not uninstall and delete everything related to League of Legends, and then download and reinstall?
It would be very nice of you, If you can upload the "projects" file of League of legends and bring me the link. I will be so grateful!
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