AlrWaVe (EUW)
: Scripting AFKing.
the exact same thing happened with me last game, I picked Jax (who was our toplane's pick) and he ended up picking nunu with ghost and cleanse, followed me the entire game. I rage quit the game for 5 minutes, and then when I came back, he was in base standing, as soon as I moved he moved too. This is ridiculous. Btw, this happened in a plat 3 game (he was gold 2). I reported him, but I am sure nothing will happen cause this is riot. %%%%ing sad game
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: If everyone had this issue, then this is a Riot sided problem. Suggesting not to close the client, even if it froze, at some point it will start working again. (Unlikely that not more than 30 minutes)
Well, i waited for 20 minutes, a teammate left and the game didn't get disbanded which suggests that it's clearly not our fault, and still nothing about it, unfortunately
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Aydén (EUNE)
: Riot, i'm facing a lot of issues regarding the client which i need help in.
Not really :( it's literally the only game i played. i took a 5 min break between a game and another and then boom... client crashed, and hasn't been working since yesterday
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