radetari (EUNE)
: Impossible for me to get to Silver
It may sound stupid but for me it's easier to play my plat rankeds rather than play for my friends bronze 4 account (he asked me to help him rank up). Well, I couldn't help him because there are too much toxic and unskilled players, I would be 10-0 in first 10 minutes or so, but my teammates wouldn't help me or make decent play so It often turns very hard to carry, and It was harder for me to get thru silver to gold than from gold to plat, you rank up - player quality rises, but still even in plat there are many noobs that do bloodly stupid things in rankeds, maaany of them, really. So only thing i could suggest to you is to get a duo partner and get past silver barrier if you are good player. Also remember to ping, to make sure your teammates know what to do or expect, I think It is a core of good play, also wards, wards, wards.
Dceps (EUNE)
: We aren't able to create a lobby right now.
buddy i'm having lot of problems with league of legends fps and pings, and loggins and crashes and all the stuff all together, everything was fine, sometimes it is fine, but most of time not


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