: Are you a good adc ? I am playing supp I am thresh main And i can play with blitz and pyke Rank silver 3 Last season silver iv I reaches silver 1 in the pre season Win rate with thresh 57 % More than 150 matches
I can play vayne/ashe(good/very good) Varus OK-Good and Lucian jhin Tristana Decent
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Agidyne (EUW)
: The trick is abusing your shroud to farm safely early on and your passive to sustain poke. Against ranged champions, you can sit near your caster minions and when the enemy walks forward to lasthit one of them, walk forward, press Q, mini-dash to them with your Shroud, auto attack, E, and return to your shroud to avoid any harassment. It chunks somewhat hard. You can start bullying ranged champions at 6, except for maybe Kennen since all he does is press R and stunlock you to death, but no one really plays him anymore. Some melee champions may give you trouble if they play it properly, and there is really nothing you can do to them except for last hitting ranged creeps with Q and abusing your shroud to farm melee creeps.
Wen294 (EUW)
: https://i.makeagif.com/media/5-28-2015/MTW9aP.gif And hope they don't have hard CC.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} HEHE
Luniya (EUNE)
: Most common rank for most/all servers should be Silver 5, Silver & Bronze are the most common ranks, and anything above is above average, therefore - good. high silver is better than average, Gold is good, Plat is better, etc. With the difference in population and biased / unbiased opinions, people usually say that EUW is harder - and therefore - better than EUNE, I don't really agree on that aspect, but to every their own. If you're S2 and your friends have higher rank but lower MMR, they should get less LP from winning and lose more LP from losing than you, don't care about their comments about your rank, they don't matter, just keep playing and become better, show them how good you are It's hard to climb in bronze/silver when you play flex because flex and solo/duo ranked is different, you could fight totally different MMR players on flex than Solo/duo, as they are different ranked queues. If you're bronze on flex but silver 2 on solo/duo, you'll prob be fighting bronzes at flex, and those bronzes may be gold or something on solo/duo, therefore better/harder on you than at solo/duo. This can make your enemies harder, and your allies r still bronze/Silver, therefore it can be harder to climb. I'd focus on getting better than climbing, the season just started, it won't run off anywhere, practice instead of climbing, there's no reason to climb yet. I hope I answered all your questions, good luck on the Rift {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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