Player 00 (EUW)
: Or, or. You just don't type. With practice, you can make it. You can do it ! If you are about to type something offensive, and then you get to the point where you actually typed something in chat, just hold backspace and then press enter. Simple. I am super toxic too. I mean, if I typed in chat I'd have Riot police knocking at my door demanding an execution. I just rage in my head or mumble to myself "F*cking ret*rded piece of Bronze sh*t..." or something in those lines, but I never actually type that in chat. If I do, I just take a deep breath, delete everything and close the chat. It's not worth getting your account banned because some one on your team is playing like they don't have fingers and you think you just have to be the one to yell at them. Trust me bud, you can do it !
But why? When there could be option to stop that,when riot could actually help you? Why tortue yourself with stuff like that when riot could help you? Woudlnt be this helpfull for you to? Just imagine before game you have option to turn on something that doesent let you type more than 10 messages in game?Why is everoyne trying to make look like we have to adapt when riot is one who should be doing it cuz of their community? We all know that big % of community is toxic and why not add somtething to help them and not perma ban
Hansiman (EUW)
: When permanent chat restrictions were attempted, players often found other ways to ruin the game when they got angry in order to vent their frustration, such as intentionally feeding. It's your responsibility to control your emotions.
How do i control my emotions when there is 3-4 people trying to piss me off on prupose and troll me??I have right to be angry just like you and every other person in this game.And by the way i said i have a problem and i accept it but why not help people who have a problem and invent something like toxic mode that youcan turn on and off before you start a game which would work same as chat restrict? Or just chat restricts? LIke people who think they need it they would get it and it would prevent them from being toxic,of course if they would do something else then ban them.But it would work 100% and help this community.
karolmo (EUW)
: Have you tried doing something as simple as taking the "enter" key off your keyboard when playing? No joke i've done that with a script that made windows ignore the "enter" key if lol was open in the past and it works. You want to flame but you just can't.
My point is not that,my point is irony of riot games and people who are against this.They are all against toxic people and flamers but they are against the option who would prevent those people?Do you see the irony there? :)
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