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: I have a question.If i do a PBE acc now and links with my main (EUNE)
both, of course it won't affect your live server account whatsoever
: _certain_ parts about the upper body could have been more in focus, as the champ is basically mostly focused arround these 2 special parts Shoulders are too big compared to the neck, or vice versa, neck is too small compared to the shoulders, and does not connect well Headshape is a bit... off? The right side (from eves view) , you don't know if the bone structure goes upwards or more to the left due to poorly detailing it, when puting the hair over the face be sure to detail the lines more complex so you can imagine easily how the headshape continues without the hair infront of it, might also just be my own imagination because she leans her head a bit to the side torso shape really does not fit to the shoulders, or... at all, way too slender and not well detailed, this looks like the kind of torso shapes i drew when i just started drawing humanoid figures, and the contrast of the belly button does not fit to the rest of the picture Else looks ok. Sorry for the hard criticism but i just f#cked up the best Isaac run in a long time and i need to blow off some steam {{summoner:14}} Also, for the future i'd suggest looking or studying alot into women/men .... JESUS it lies on my thongue but i can't find the word, it's the kind of very detailed pictures of a human body showing every little detail from bones version till skin versions, thats how i improved realisticly drawing
Thanks for your comment, this is what I need. This was actually my very first attempt at a humanoid figure, just like you mentioned :D Understandable critism, I relied heavily on reference pictures but even with them I couldn't make her face look any better neither her proportions. I know it can't be an excuse that I just started drawing so I'll keep trying to learn, thanks for your honesty. I"ll put some effort into it just like you did while writing down your thoughts, appreciated. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: I was able to login and check my eligibility in this link, but after checking it says "Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again." and never works :') {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yeah, same here. Just keep pressing the button I guess, they are actively working on the issue:
: about the PBE singups
As of now EU players can't even apply with any account because the signup site does not work properly :( Please let me know if it works for you, I've been trying to get it done but still no success... (Regarding your question, whatever works for you, you can get both in a matter of time.)
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