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Terravir (EUW)
: Okay, these are two very different junglers. Diana is an AP assassin style jungler, land that Crescent and blow someone up (ideally). Untill lv6 she is not very impactful as she doesn't have her Lunar Rush ult, which is her gapcloser and initiator. After 6 she can be terrifying and delete squishies. Diana also has great clear and substain thanks to her shield and passive. But towards later in the game she is a bit more squishy, and once you get engaged in a fight you really lack escape. Another big plus for Diana is that she makes a mean Midlaner. So should you want to focus a lot on playing Diana and you don't get the jungle role you could also go for a mid lane Diana. Vi is an AD Bruiser style jungler. Get in peoples face and scrap it out. She can gank from lv3 on with her Vault Breaker. Fully charged it's a good gapcloser, and if it lands on a target a minor CC and good damage ability. She can reset her auto with Excessive Force, and everything she does applies Denting Blows. Shred enemy armor, gain attackspeed and smash them for a % health dmg. Vi's early clear is also quite good, but she is a bit vulnerable to strong early-junglers like Lee Sin. So you have to be cautious of early invades. Vi can build more tanky and still pack the punch needed to drop someone quick as well as charge to the enemy backline with Assault and Battery. Her passive gives her quite a bit of durability. Big downside really is that Vi has to facecheck a lot. Plus side is she has a fair bit of mobility thanks to Vault Breaker, she can easily leap walls or dash away from enemies. Personally i love playing both of them. So it's really up to what your prefered playstyle is. AP assassin or AD bruiser.
Yep,I'm assassin so i think Diana is better for me.TY :D
: Diana cos 7/10 she shits on the enemy jungle after she gets {{item:3708}} and {{item:3115}}. The only time Vi is that effective is with Devourer.
iHeyt (EUNE)
: As Vi enthusiast I will say it once: Vi for Victory :D
: Vi bro bunch of dmg and you can't do shit about her ulti ;pp Diana is also fun to play but is squishier most of the time but can litteraly oneshot you without counterplay if she catches you out
That's what i'm thinking lel.That' why I posted this
: Why not both? Viana, The moons's enforcer
I will tnx,but who do you prefer more?
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