CJXander (EUNE)
: I don't feel any kind of compassion for banned people
I completely agree. People taking normals way too seriously. I was told to kill my own mother by the enemy laner I defeated. Funny enough when I died, I didn't care much at all. I mean sure I'd rather not have died, but it wasn't a big deal. Honestly I encounter much less flame on EUW. Even when they do flame it's kind of civilized and limited, no death threats and such. However, that could be due to my normals MMR, or luck, an EUW "native" could correct me on this, or shed some light on the attitude in soloQ.
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Grffon (EUNE)
: than i got 40kbe i bought 16 cheapest champs from 1350 (i had all 450) so i dont even needed the update, shards was giving me expensive champs. So you know i dont want be insulting, but how about thinking? :D
No I did think about it. I had 4 3150 champions that I never intended to play, which amounts to a total of 12600 BE spent for something I don't want, and then they announce that you're guaranteed to get a 4800+ champion in those Mystery Champion Shards. Note to self: when Riot makes a change, wait a good while to be goddamn sure it's not gonna be "modified" on a whim.
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: Actually if this problem can be announced by a lot of people, riot will change it up.They win tons from skins and they don't wanna lose money by losing players. So They have to do something about this. They won't leave it hanging. Hopefully this discussion or others like this one gets noticed by Riot.
You know.. I hope I'm wrong, I really do. But this sort of thing isn't something that you just wake up one morning and decide to do. Maybe if it was like a small company with you me and 4 more people, yeah. But this is a company with an annual revenue of somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 Billion. If anyone wants to sell me the idea, that they didn't have a team of people work on this, crunch the numbers(for a change BTW that's announced MONTHS in advance) and see the potential results of the change, I'm not buying it. Once again, this is one where I'd really love it if further down the line I can say "I was wrong, they're not the bunch of assholes I thought they were.", but alas it's highly doubtful.
: Bring back the reward after the game! Disappointed!
I completely agree with everything you have said. Here's the thing though. You and me and people like us, we don't spend much money on the game. For the last year I spend what .. maybe 50 euros or so, which is clearly not that much(when you look at the big scheme of things, a multibillion dollar company isn't influenced by 50 bucks). Therefore, even if we do leave(and personally, I would if DotA wasn't so complicated), it doesn't matter. Because the people who are going to leave aren't the ones who are lining Riot's pockets anyway. These people, the ones that spend the most money, they're going to stay. And they are going to keep pouring money into the system because they can afford it, or they don't like other MOBAs and are willing to make the sacrifice or whatever the f*ck. Bear in mind, there are people right now, who are being payed to get to this information and summarize it in a pretty, easy to understand chart, maybe a presentation, and present that to the people in charge. People whose **only job** is to break down the amount of money coming in from every source, what people are spending money on etc. Obviously, some people will stop playing the game because they don't have the time to invest (or don't want to) in such big of a grind. Some of them won't. But don't kid yourself that the potential losses haven't been taken into account, they have. They have been looked over and the end result of the whole thing, is - it's done. You don't get to become a multibillion dollar company by making bad decisions. Decisions that lose you money. As for the point in time you're referring to(assuming you own all of the previous champions), buying the newest champion isn't going to be that expensive. You can get a 'random' shard for 3950 BE and voila.. you will be the proud owner of the newest champion.
: IP > BE
By your definition of "should", no, you shouldn't. You shouldn't be able to get champions easy, and now it's harder than ever. The idea is, you see a new champion or an old one you really like, you are forced to make a choice. You either A: Grind for 30+ games(I'm referring to further down the line, now it's about 8-12) to get a capsule which MIGHT contain the champ shard that you want(but most likely, it won't, and so you'll have to grind another 60-70 games to get enough BE to just buy the champ straight up) or B:Pull out your parents' plastic(and that's only assuming they're loaded) and buy that champ that you really want. Now.. for a second imagine you are Riot Games and ask yourself this.. Which is the better choice for me? There's a saying I've learned, I don't really know who is the author of it, but it goes a little something like this. "Whatever people tell you, always know - It's all about the money." Personally, if DotA wasn't such a hard game and I could get to an average level with less than a year of grinding games non-stop, I'd be making the switch already. Now _that_ is a truly free to play game. You get all heroes from the get-go. The only things you can get for real money, are cosmetic.
: 7k ping on eune server
It's funny how crap like this doesn't happen nearly as often and takes twice as little time to fix on EUW or NA.. guess we weren't included in the f2p model.
Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE] Emergency Platform Restart
Could I suggest/request a rollback since I am pretty sure that I lost some league points(in the neighborhood of 20+) due to these issues. Thanks.
: Irelia Q Bug
This really needs more attention {{champion:39}}


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