person (EUW)
: I only got S for going 30 - 3
Some otp Wukong tryhard normal games and cry about S rank :D If smurf with my main, believe me - I will get better scores than 30/3/3 and 184 farm over 30 min :D I pick up more farm when I play in the jungle btw :D
person (EUW)
: >you need to show the best possible performance Again, im THIRTY TO THREE. the enemy literally said I need to get a life. how much greater of an performance could one give?
Yes you need to get a life because I only see how complain about your S rank. If you get S, that mean some players got better scores or same scores with better other stats. Only 5% of players or something get S+ so stop whine like a little baby.
person (EUW)
: I only got S for going 30 - 3
I think thats because your farm suck :)
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Zakanos (EUW)
: Playing ranked at the start of a season is pretty dumb tbh, all the challenger players get put in diamond, and everyone else trickles below that. Silver elo has diamond and plat players in at the start. Maybe just leave ranked for a while?
What are you talking about? There was mission with 2500xp reward - this is the only reason I play ranked. Wont play till the very end of the season.
Shrav (EUW)
: Hey dude. As someone who frequently plays in the jungle, I understand what you mean about being flamed. If it upsets you in future, just mute. About the ranked climb: If you don't make the effort to climb into a higher division, you cannot complain about being placed lower (just like every other player in the game). I was Bronze 5 in 2016. I placed into B5 again last year and climbed out to Silver 5. This year i lost 7 games in my placements and was placed in B3. I have already climbed out of Bronze again. I made this effort. I aim for Gold this season and I will get it. And when next season comes and i place in silver, then I will climb some more. The system will always drop you a bit but if you don't do anything to climb, then it is on you, unfortunately. On another note, sometimes you get bad teams and you will just have to deal with your losing streaks. It feels horrible, but it also feels amazing when you go onto a winning streak. The game is just balancing your winrate. Try your hardest and if you lose, accept it and move on. Don't cry over spilt milk. And FINALLY, your normal games are not influenced by your ranked games. They have separate MMRs. Try not to stress too much. In the end, it IS just a game.
I don't care about where I am placed, I'm just pissed off I win 3 and lose 7 games playing in gold elo when I was plat before. Yeah it is just a game and it is very "fun" when you win ducking 4 of your 21 games.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: This isn't a sad story this is just you %%%%%ing at the match making system. Get good at the game until you can solo carry, simple
Are you ducking 12? Carry solo? You know how stupid this sounds?
Arnoter (EUW)
: Do you know what every game you have lost have in common ? Its _**You**_.
Yeah its all my fault, you are right bro ;)
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: Edit: removed the invalid names. "ReportMyTeemo" "Urg0t Hentai" "0" replacing "o" "FeedMePIease" with big "i" replacing small "l" "FF at l5" small "l" replacing "1"
1.With space=without space 2.You cant use symbols in your nickname
: An Answer to How Crit Can be Replaced
I hope they will keep crit :/
: Spoiler: Victorious skin teased?!
Still better than Victorious Sivir
TeknoTel (EUW)
: Junglers who on the first camp wait til the minion has 50 hp to use smite.
Maybe because of gromp passive? If you fast enough you still can have it on red.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Normal Howling Abyss
No, because that would be even more unbalanced than ARAM and not fun at all.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You wont get banned by just AFK'ing. The most harmful punishment an AFK can recieve is low priority Queue. If you got banned, you must've been toxic or violated the rules in some other way.
"5x20 minutes" sounds like lower priority queue to me.
Encrux (EUW)
: To be honest, why would you want the chests if you only played one champion? I'm assuming you already have one or two skins for morgana, so the chances of you getting another morgana skin would be like < 1%. Since they're the only skins you'd be using, the chances of you getting a skin you're actually using are way lower. Doesn't seem like a big loss to me honestly.
MorbiusV (EUNE)
: Weird Matchmaking(Silver-Platinum)
: Very funny riot
: Why S- lol
Well, its always farm. With 120 CS at 30min. you can't get S even if you are jungler :D
: No ganks to losing lane junglers
Jungler gank lanes where he can collect kills assists or at least burn some flashes or send enemy back to base. If you see you can't do shit in that lane you don't gank. If your team lost all the lanes, you, as a jungler can't do shit. Just gg wp and ff20. If you can't play safe and give kills early pls don't blame jungler.
BrudersJ (EUW)
: I still havent had an s
You have 107 cs at 26 WITH ADC and you want S?:) This is for real?
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Kush (EUNE)
: I am searching for a clan with a tag "Tits".
Hey! you are in my friend lists :D BTW tits are humans best friends ;)
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Enemy (EUW)
: Best wombo combo i've done in 4 years of playing
Thats not penta... thats not even quadra... for the god sake thats not even triple :/
Servain (EUW)
: Unlocking Legendary Hextech skin loot will get you a mystery gift
cool, but there is no such a thing as Dragonblade Tryndamere :)
: Supports starting with doran's ring, refusing to buy sighstone- reportable or not?
Thats a troll play, but its not reportable. Same as ad mid when your team got no magic damage or squishy top/jungler when you got no tank.
Aezander (EUW)
: It's not. It is just counter-effective, as you "intentionally"\* put yourself in a handicap situation agaist the opposing support, and bank on the lane getting kills early on. \* As in idiotically :P
:D Thats why you still bronze ;) I'm not a support main, not even adc main, but i know that {{item:1056}} is the worst thing you can buy with support. Why? Because you losing gold, you losing early damage and if you don't get early kill you will be piece of shit. Btw you got almost same chances getting early kills when you buy {{item:3303}}. Now about {{item:2049}} and warding: did you ever seen how high elo players play? they warding non stop and thats how they get so high. Vision can win you a game because you see all ganks, counter ganks, ambushes, objectives and other stuff. Even as jungler im buying {{item:2049}} sometimes and trying to light the map as much as i can because it helps me to win a game.
rozoulini (EUNE)
: Why game tries so hard to keep u at 50% winratio?
Did you notice you play ARAM? ARAM never was about skills so who cares.
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: What should I build for my next rune page?
Depends on what is your primary/secondary roles are. And champions you play.
Tenchev (EUW)
: How?
: Not getting a Chest with S rank ????
Maybe you already have chest with Morgana?
Tenchev (EUW)
: What should I do with my IP?
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Give us an option to turn the Draven heads off
: My computer shuts down when i play leauge of legends
Krasavits (EUNE)
: got 2 accounts one of them got diffrent keybinds anyway to change?
Press "Options" and change it? I don't get it what you want from us? P.S. You know, sharing accounts is against the rules and you can be banned?
: To Riot
Only NA can get something, since you not NA you get nothing.
: VIDEO TEASER SION MECHA ZERO ///// Holy cow that ultimate is BAD@SS
Omg, that... that... colors... almost make me puke :/
yoh120 (EUNE)
: Stuck on logging on?
Ääsfeis (EUNE)
: Whats going on?
Zikr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=IChooseUPikachu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bLEhugvB,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2016-03-21T08:48:16.275+0000) > > Wukong will miss you dude :) And I miss him already {{item:3070}}
Jk. He eat some bananas and will be k ;)
Zikr (EUW)
: I quit maining WuKong after 1.3k Wuk games
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Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Mercedes isn't a real word its a surname :)
Rintrah (EUW)
: Pretty neat. Didn't know about their match replay thing. I guess what I have is pretty similar, just a lot less info and presented in a simpler way. Thanks for the link! edit: I got something they don't, my website is mobile friendly, so you can learn new builds in the toilet (:
No problem mate :) Yes, simpler and useful if you need build very fast :)
Rintrah (EUW)
: Learn to build by seeing High Elo Builds
I use lolking. You can see build order, runes, masteries your team and enemy champs and even replay of the game :) example:
thedaki1 (EUW)
: {{item:3070}}
I hope you understand theres no such a thing as "EUW Boards"? :)
: when will urf return?
I don't know and I don't care.
2 Shadows (EUW)
: Is it possible to have less than 0 LP
I don't think so. Lost games just lower your MMR, but if you have 0 and lose a game you will be demoted or you will sit with 0 and low MMR = less LP for a win.
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