VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Wouldn't that remove the whole point of the honor system, if you know you'll get an honor?
I know it messes the honor system, But I thought it would maybe lower the lvl of toxicity among players since nothing really helped
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: as stahl pointed out, it refers to mordekaiser...altough...given the fanart you can find online...yeah LeBlanc COULD have an extra staff hidden somewhere...
We should lock this thread before it turns into something WRONG or right iykwim ;) :D
Bebeli (EUNE)
: LeBlanc is a man - typo or for real
Yeah guys I figured out later I read wrong :D didn't want to delete thread :D It would be a plot twist tho :D As MirirPaladin said, "extra staff hidden somewhere" :D
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