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: just click on item and you will see in description more info about that item example,enemy has crit damage [ example adc ] and ur playing tank, take Randuin's Omen [its armour and you take 20% less dmg from basic critical attacks] {{item:3143}} enemy has attack speed? buy thornmail or frozen heart (frozen heart slows down attack speed to nearby enemies for 15%,you can find this info in description) {{item:3075}} {{item:3110}} or if they have cc (cc is crowd control which is stun,root,slow,fear etc,anything that disables ur champ in some way) then you buy qss (qss is item that removes crowd control) {{item:3139}} they have a lot of ability power? take magic resist {{item:3379}} {{item:3065}} those are just examples..i was building same build everygame even if i was playing assassin and enemy team had tanks,i didnt take armour penetration bcz i didnt know what it is,i learned by watching streamers and they're talking what they're doing and why do they take that item etc.
Ahaa i will read the descriptions now thanks alot man
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: For what to build, the best idea is too learn from your own mistakes. Using a probuild as the base of knowledge is a good idea in my opinion. But you should not just simple copy what they build. Go to each game and check their team composition and enemy. Read description of each item and try to understand why did a pro pick this one item. Was it because it counters enemy or was it because it support his own team? To know if your team is more early or late composition, you also need an experience. But, if your team has a champion that scale well (for example, his skill on lower levels do not do that much healing/damage but do more at the higher level) or has a few items power spike (most of the crit ADC are exactly in this situation, they are really weak against most of champions until they build their 2-3 items, when they become the main damage dealers) this mean that your team is more late game oriented. In the contrary, if the champion can easily kill you pre-level 6 or the moment he hit level 6, he is an early game champion.
Thanks man it helps!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Honestly, for a start, probuilds isn't bad. Most builds there are pretty general purpose builds (although I would consider crosschecking with builds on since some of the builds may only work if you're getting tons of gold really quickly like pros manage to do) and should do well in most situations. To figure out which items to buy in what situation it helps to just read all the item descriptions and consider your role. If you're a tank, you'll want defense, meaning armor, magic resist, and HP (like warmogs, frozen heart, spirit visage, etc). Of course, each of those items do different things and you should read the description to see their exact stats and effects. Once you've done that, consider the enemy team (e.g Are you playing a tank and do they have a lot of ability power champs like ahri or cassiopeia or brand? Yes? Then buy an item that gives magic resist and health, like spirit visage. Are you playing an ap champ yourself like orianna? Then buy {{item:3102}} banshee's veil.) and figure out what items would be good against the enemy team. The recommended builds tab in the shop also helps you out with finding a general direction of what you'll want to build. To figure out whether a team is strong in late game or not, you first need to figure out each champs power point individually. There are early, mid and late game champs. Early game champs usually have high base damage and strong 1v1 early, but little utility and weak scaling on their abilities (e.g. pantheon, renekton) whereas late game champs have high scaling power, but little damage early (e.g. cassiopeia, ryze). To get a starting point, you can consider this list . It's not 100% accurate but it'll give you a general idea. To understand matchups you can look up guides on mobafire for whatever champion you're currently playing. They'll usually have lists of what counters you and what doesn't.
Hey thank you very much for taking time to respond this is really helpful!
: Only through experience, you will understand, anyway, there are a few things that are easily told, for example, the enemy team has 4 magic damage dealer? Go for some magic resist, the enemy has hard CC and you are an ADC? mercurial scimitar. Are they all autoattackers? Ninja Tabi will help a lot
Thanks mate {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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