WWWarden (EUNE)
: Legal or Illegal?
You should be fine as long as you don't monetize it. Go through the ToU and talk with someone from Riot.
Nhirè (EUW)
: Got my first 10 games chat restrist for saying go next
: Is wooxy bannable?
I used it for map skins. Didn't get banned. That was 2-3 years ago thou.
: > [{quoted}](name=BesniStakor,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=X2yiNEs0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-22T19:50:59.491+0000) > > Contact [support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en). > There is a chance you might not get your account back. > Per ToS it is your responsibility to keep your password secure. > You breached that. > Good luck. Hi This is not my report on the top choices I have about 3 or 2 years I had an account called cadman2002 because I had just started playing I didn't know I had to Confirm Gmail Account Someone came and verified Gmail and stole your account I just found out that it can be reported And now I'm done maybe you think I'm lying At that time I was in love with Hiro Warwick for that is where I was I bought Hiro warwick for the amount of RP you give players And inside that box was level 5. I got the warwick skin please follow up And this is my email for communication mrhasantiam@gmail.com
I'm not affiliated with riot. I'm just a fellow player that read the ToU. You have to go through support on this issue.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Patronizing me just goes to show who you really are. I’m glad you used ad hominem. You lost the fight with your first response.
You're the one that's wrong. You resort to insults to prove your point. I just presented the facts. You didn't like them and twisted them so it serves your point. You think you're right, that's respectful. But not listening to anyone's opinion and plainly ignoring every counter argument is insane. Ad hominem doesn't win the argument. If you want to talk facts, go back and read what I said. If you want to keep insulting, you're just proving yourself wrong. This is a public forum, so try to be respectful.
JustClone (EUNE)
: If you do not know some of the words I am using, you can ask for clarification. There is no point of responding, if you do not understand the meaning of the statement at first place...
Patronizing me just goes to show who you really are. I’m glad you used ad hominem. You lost the fight with your first response.
JustClone (EUNE)
: What rising the bar? What fault? What urgency about comming back? You did not understand a single word. Not a single word... Am I not speaking the language correctly?
>Am I not speaking the language correctly? Apparently.
: Can i get that ARAM buff too?
We should complaint to Rito about the local roach problems next...
: Riot Games Devs use are useless!
10 years going strong. I guess your opinion somehow trumps that. Not only are you wrong, but you are ill informed. Give it a break. You incels always have something to waste breath on.
LeSkunk (EUNE)
: This banning system is trash!!!!!
I'm guessing you didn't defend yourself with well articulated sentences and good wishes. Someone else flaming doesn't mean you're allowed to fire back. Post your chatlogs.
dino0 (EUW)
: hahahahahah they never punish the inter troller
Yes they do. I get a feedback notification from inters at least once a month.
JustClone (EUNE)
: The numbers are publicly available as statistical data, region by region. After 1 second of using our brains and writing "afk stats lol" in google as keywords, we get the following link as first result: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/afk-stats As you can see, people in your elo (Bronze) Have the highest AFK rate in all the leagues. This is why I found it logical, that people in your league, before all other people, will want to fix their AFK problem. Assuming, that people are smart, want fair and balanced games, and want their rank to reflect more accurately their skill level.
If you don't reconnect in time, it's an issue on your part, not riots... How is that not clear enough. Raising the bar won't help anyone. People will just be more relaxed about being AFK. I think the sense of urgency about coming back into the game is more important than loosing lp. You can push your opinion to oblivion, you're still wrong.
Shrekler (EUW)
: Can we make Illaoi attractive?
Liberals are gonna have a field day here...
JustClone (EUNE)
: Still not getting it , no matter how basic I try to explain it. You are getting wronged 16 times every 100 games. (This is the average AFK rate at Bronze EUNE Server) The idea of the OP is that from all those 16 people who get disconnected and never return, some may start trying to, if there is any point in doing so. If anything, people in your elo see afk in 1 of 5 games...You need to insist for the change. I'm fine where I am... I see 1 in 20... (this means, losing 1 of 40 because afk in my team... that's nothing...)
>You are getting wronged 16 times every 100 games. (This is the average AFK rate at Bronze EUNE Server) Not for me. I don't know where those numbers come from. >The idea of the OP is that from all those 16 people who get disconnected and never return, some may start trying to, if there is any point in doing so. Yeah you can try now. You have a decent amount of time to reconnect. >If anything, people in your elo see afk in 1 of 5 games...You need to insist for the change. Why should you be the one to tell me what I should insist on? The system seems fair to me. Just because you disagree doesn't make it right or wrong. It's a discussion.
: League's chatban system is Ridiculous
How about punishing both? That's what they do anyway.
GGEazzy (EUW)
: "First time champ xxx" is not an excuse anymore
If you're talking about ranked games, I agree with you to some extent. If you're talking about normals...That's what normals are for... You can play training or bots to oblivion, and it won't be the same as playing against real people. You have to try the champ in a real game in order to really know what they are capable of.
xarisboss (EUW)
: Why riot doesnot give our money back after permaban?
Read the ToU. It's all there. No one here is willing to interpret it to people 20 times a day.
: Got a Chat restriction after whole team reported me for being "annoying"
First of all, you're naming and shaming by posting the link, which is against the rules. Quantity of reports means nothing. 1 report=9 reports. If they really broke the rules it's likely they also got punished, there is no way for you to know if they did or didn't. Keep your head cool and don't give in to bashing the keyboard.
: The point is that you're punished in the same way if you come back or not, it's pretty simple.
Not really. If you come back in a couple of minutes, all is well. They have to make a cut somewhere. If it were 10 minutes people would still complain. It's a good system and I've only been wronged once when my power went out ( not Riots fault either ).
xarisboss (EUW)
: I am an offender just because I told a guy that died 16 times on purpose that he is a bad player? I did not insulted him I did not told him to screw himself I just told he is a bad player....
xarisboss (EUW)
: Of course I will I just feel sad for my wasted time and money also I am not toxic telling somebody "you are a bad player because you are feeding on purpose" does not make me toxic my friend
xarisboss (EUW)
: ban appeal...rejection
You are clearly a repeated offender if it's how you describe it. Either way, post your chatlogs.
JustClone (EUNE)
: No one said anything about rewards.
: Why Riot doesn't encourage afk/leavers to come back into the game?
Staying in the game is the bare minimum you have to accomplish. Rewarding that would be like rewarding someone for a barely passing grade.
deIaVu (EUW)
: Exactly, could be...but it's not. that's how it looks in low league, people die a lot trying to do some plays. Anyways, not helpfull comment or any helpfull answers for my quiestions. Thank you though.
>Exactly, could be...but it's not. If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, and walks like a duck....it's a duck...
: connection between suicide and league of legends
Actual cases have nothing to do with LoL toxicity. They are people with unrelated health and/or mental issues. And searching on google for a correlation will always bring up a result. Just google 404 and kaplan college.
: New Internet today and massive lag spikes
If it's a new provider, that can be an issue. Some providers have crazy bad routing. Go to [Lag Report](https://lagreport.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and check your ISP score.
deIaVu (EUW)
: It's not even this account so, you probably haven't seen the match...it's not the point though.
Your last match with twitch seemed like the culprit. As for it was a different account...You should give that info. Your match history is riddled with matches that can be interpreted as inting.
deIaVu (EUW)
: Complaint about player support specialists
I looked at the match... dude... Kill map says it all.
MkdPro123 (EUNE)
: Till when do we have to reach honor level 2?
Riot will post the date, and if you get punished after that date, there is no chance to get your honor up. They post them every year on boards.
theo974 (EUW)
: League of legend always crashes
Contact support. Send them your logs.
Jopatraka (EUNE)
: encountering cheater
Crnja 3 (EUW)
: how is this a 14 day ban
Zasluzeno burazeru.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: Don't you mean "Mooo-own"?
They removed my post... It was a joke ffs... What is wrong with mods...
IamRed (EUNE)
: It always did ? Excuse me but what launcher it had before ?
The one where you log in...
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Serious Neeko bugs
For me it was Neeko at 130 hp and energy instead of mana. Thought it was a new cheat of some kind. Dude was knowingly exploiting it.
: Nah, you don't. You'll realise that it's a game, and perhaps change your attitude a bit and come back. It's not like you can't reach chall 1500 LP from an unranked 0 skin account.
TBH some people with mental issues take stuff seriously sometimes. Even a game.
IamRed (EUNE)
: Sorry then. But why does the client need launcher ?
It always did. Besides logging in, you can change your client settings and repair it if needed.
IamRed (EUNE)
: 2 Launchers
>I'm just asking but why League now have 2 Launchers ? It doesn't. >One that let you stay logged it and they you need to press play That's a launcher. >and then launch the old launcher Not a launcher. It's a client. Launcher lets you log in. Client lets you play. They just reworked the launcher and added the ability to remember your log-in info. It's actually a long requested feature they finally implemented.
: Never asked that, but they could atleast add a little compression to the way they are currently overbuffing champions to a point where some champions are not even worth picking any longer right?
>I Riot every going to be capable of applying proper champion nerfs and buffs? mmmmmmokay...
: lvl up reward capsule missing
Close LoL. Log back in. It should be there.
: I Riot every going to be capable of applying proper champion nerfs and buffs?
They try and balance everything, but it's impossible in most competitive games. People will always take advantage of even the smallest of buffs given how many hero/item/rune synergies there are.
: Game 1 In-Game ``` GaMMaThEpRos: ty GaMMaThEpRos: stop pinging GaMMaThEpRos: %%%%ing GaMMaThEpRos: stop GaMMaThEpRos: report me for what GaMMaThEpRos: lmao GaMMaThEpRos: not intentionaly GaMMaThEpRos: :p GaMMaThEpRos: so u cant report me GaMMaThEpRos: nope GaMMaThEpRos: im trying to help him GaMMaThEpRos: go cry more GaMMaThEpRos: im listening GaMMaThEpRos: i love your tears GaMMaThEpRos: i love your tears GaMMaThEpRos: cry more GaMMaThEpRos: rep ryze GaMMaThEpRos: toxic GaMMaThEpRos: ty GaMMaThEpRos: lol top lost GaMMaThEpRos: so mad GaMMaThEpRos: XD GaMMaThEpRos: k GaMMaThEpRos: ye blame the jungler GaMMaThEpRos: ok and? GaMMaThEpRos: im having a bad game GaMMaThEpRos: nah GaMMaThEpRos: yep GaMMaThEpRos: And if you keep on flaming i'll go int GaMMaThEpRos: so shut up GaMMaThEpRos: nah GaMMaThEpRos: im not GaMMaThEpRos: but i will if you keep on flaming GaMMaThEpRos: you are GaMMaThEpRos: the entire time GaMMaThEpRos: like you never had a bad game GaMMaThEpRos: dont make me load up op.gg GaMMaThEpRos: he E'd GaMMaThEpRos: gg rep ryze and ashe toxic This can not be a Permaban. Only 1 game.
Any punishments before that? If you had a 14 day suspension beforehand, this is enough for a perma.
: Unfarily Suspended
Permanent bans aren't issued for one game unless you are extremely toxic and/or racist/homophobic. Post your full logs.
: How i can be banned calling my team toxic ?
Doesn't change the fact you were toxic. You earned your punishment.
: So end of season then next season rank?
Preseason games are taken into account, but as I remember they don't have a huge impact.
: why did mordekaiser got buffed again
Riot team: _"Mord ult will look awesome in spec, buff the shit out of him so they'll play him"_ On the serious note, he did need a bit of a buff to be competitive.
: Perma banned for telling the truth?
You can say the truth as long as you're not toxic. There's obviously something you're not telling us. And since it was a perma ban, I'm gonna guess you were punished for it before. Post your logs.
: Yuumi in gamemode
It's called One for all. We have no idea how her w will function since we didn't have it after her release. Also we have no idea when OFA will go live again. Judging by the updates, we are getting ARURF soon so OFA won't be on until next year.
: can not find my friend !
Re-log, repair, reinstall, clean reinstall with hextech repair tool... Go in that order until fixed.
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